#CleanWaterFast raises nearly $28,000

Last month, 32 individuals joined Engineers in Action for a 36 hour challenge: abstain from all food and drink except water as a pledge of solidarity with the many EIA communities impacted by water poverty. 
More than $28,000 was raised, exceeding the campaign goal of $25,000 and providing support to two villages for an entire year. Hundreds of men, women and children will have relief from the burden of unreliable, inconsistent water access that often results in consumption of unsafe water. 
"This annual event is more than just a fundraiser," said Rod Beadle, executive director of EIA. "It's a powerful practice of self-restraint that really connects you to Engineers in Action's work. For 36 hours, the fast participants realize how precious our unrestricted access to clean, safe drinking water really is. And, a greater appreciation for the other elements of our lives water access impacts as well - from an abundance of nourishing food choices to the ability to bathe as often as we'd like - water really, truly is life."
Click here to take a short survey about the Clean Water Fast. The survey is open to anyone who's interested in helping us improve, not just Fast donors and participants.
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Rotary orgs save program site

Engineers in Action is lucky to have the support of a number of Rotary clubs across the nation who provide funding for projects and communities as part of their pledge: service above self. Most recently, a network of Rotary organizations in Oklahoma stepped up to answer an urgent call. 

"We unexpectedly lost a significant donation under circumstances outside of our control," said Rod Beadle, executive director of Engineers in Action. "We sent out an appeal to help us fill that funding gap as soon as possible so as n ot to halt progress on our program in Komucala, and were lucky enough to have Tom Cooper, a long time supporter of EIA, immediately respond. Tom helped connect u s to four new Rotary partners, and we are so grateful for that."

Thanks to donations from  Norman Rotary, Norman Cross Timbers, Altus Rotary and Sooner Rotary, work continues in Komucala, a beautiful community high in the Andean mountains and home to many families with young children.

"Without these organizations coming to our aid, we would've been forced to reconsider our capabilities in a really wonderful community," Beadle said. "We are so thankful to these clubs, and Tom Cooper, for their support!"

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EIA Executive Director volunteers for disaster relief

Executive Director Rod Beadle recently took a short leave of absence from Engineers in Action to volunteer his expertise on the hurricane-ravaged island of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea. 

Of the island's 75,000 inhabitants, at least 50,000 are displaced while 26 people lost their lives and 31 are still missing following Category 5 Hurricane Maria last month. Nearly 90 percent of the buildings and homes on the island were severely damaged by 165 mph winds, flash floods and storm surges, and all of the water systems on the island were ruined. 

Beadle and his team have installed water treatment systems to provide fresh, clean, safe water to as many people as possible.

"Right now we've got four systems installed on the west coast," Beadle said. "Those systems are providing 110,000 liters of safe water to about 11,000 people. Next, we're headed to the east coast, which was hit hardest and has been harder to get resources to."

Once there, Beadle hopes to install two more systems to provide 55,000 litres to 5,500 people. 

For more updates and to see a selection of pictures from Rod's work, click here.