Volume 45 | October 31st, 2016
News & Updates: October 2016
Happy Halloween!
We hope your October has been positively SPOOKtacular. It's thrilling to be right in the midst of one of our most favorite times of the year, as we gear up for the big Winter Concert on Sunday, December 4th - which means the beloved RAFFLE is in full effect (and practicing is at it's highest, hopefullyt). Please read on for all of the important announcements that you do not want to miss!
Winter Concert - December 4th
 Music Time's 2016 Winter Recital will be held Dec. 4th at the Bothwell Arts Center at 12:15pm. Be sure to sign up through the front office. We can't wait to hear you perform!

  Win 6 months of free lessons along with other cool prizes all through the month of November leading up to the Winter Recital on Dec. 4th! We want everyone to be giving 100% towards their recital pieces and to be having fun doing it! So all during November things like  showing up to your lesson on time and keeping a signed and dated practice log will earn you raffle tickets. At the Winter Recital we will pull a few of those tickets from the jar. You could even end up winning an iPad Mini by Apple!

Click here for more info and all the ways to win raffle tickets!
Student of the Month
Instrument:  Guitar
Teacher:  Kevin
Age:  7
Grade:  1st
School:  JM Amado Elementary School
Hobbies (besides practicing):  Karate
RaghuVeer Reddy Marada
Congrats to RaghuVeer Reddy Marada! RaghuVeer will receive not only priceless glory & endless bragging rights, but also gift certificates to Music Time Academy & Livermore Cinemas.

At only 7 years old, RaghuVeer has shown impressive passion for music and dedication to his instrument. His parents were cautious of starting him on guitar at such a young age, but RaghuVeer has since proved that he is entirely capable of both practicing and progressing on his own - just as he said he could!

RaghuVeer's instructor, Kevin, nominated RaghuVeer for this honor because of his enthusiasm and excellent practice habits, which (not surprisingly) result in great improvements every week.
Teacher Feature
Swen Hendrickson

Swen, leader of the beloved Ukulele club, and an instructor of guitar, bass, piano, drums, and (of course) ukulele here at Music Time Academy is our featured instructor for this month. As you may or may not know, Swen has recently returned from anextended absence. Where could he have been for so long, you ask? China! Because his brother resides there, Swen took the opportunity to visit the country on a musical mission to both play and listen to all that the local scene had to offer. We got the chance to sit down with Swen to ask him a few questions about his time there.

Was there any culture shock when you arrived in China?

If you count language as part of culture. It was definitely a shock. There was minimal English speaking. I have traveled a fair amount of countries, a lot foreign language-speaking countries and it was the least I had ever come across. Literally the first airport I landed in, even the people in the international airport didn’t speak English. I was in Quin Ming, which was still big by our standards, but was less of an international city. I landed in the airport and couldn’t talk to anyone around me about what I needed. I had to point at food in order to eat.

What is the main difference playing over there or the main difference in the music scene?

I was part of an ex-pat scene or an American scene. It was basically Europeans and Americans that get hired to play western pop music and classics. There is a fascination with western culture so you get hired to play pop music, both modern and the oldies. The stuff that we would consider a little bit cheesy is super in-demand over there.

Did you have a favorite city or spot?

I actually only went to two cities in China. I spent a month and a half in Quin Ming, which I especially enjoyed. I think people have an image of China as being super crowded and super polluted which it is in certain places, but Quin Ming is really a gem of a city, it has clean air, there isn’t a ton of factories around, so the air is very good. The weather is good too, it isn’t hot or humid. It’s kind of high up in the mountains, so it’s a bit cooler.  I would definitely recommend visiting that city if you are interested in China, it is  a hidden gem.

Did you discover a favorite food? 

Oh Yeah... There is thing called Squirrel fish. It was just fish, but the way that they cut it up. They would keep it all in one piece but they would cube it. You know, how some people cut mangoes? So it’s in these cubes and deep fried. It comes with this really sweet red sauce. So you pull the cubes off of it and dip it in the read sauce. 

Were there any customs that took you by surprise or that you for exceptional?

There is cool tradition where when you are drinking with other people at a table, you never pour your own glass. You pour each other glasses and you usually never even take a drink alone, not even a sip. People find different things to  cheers about throughout the meal. So you just call out to one person you want to cheers with or everyone will cheers about something over and over.

Was there any reverse culture shock coming back?

It was super weird, just weird being around Americans again. Being over there and being in the minority, you can feel that you are different, in a different population. Then you come back and you are just normal, everything is just normal. You are coming back to the familiar. When you travel everything is new and fresh and then you come back to the old and the familiar.

And one thing very specific to America, there is a lot of tension in America right now with the violence that has been going on and the election coming up. So I came back and could definitely sense that,. China has its issues but generally things were a little bit more relaxed and peaceful. People were just focused on living a simple life and focusing on spending time with loved ones and working their jobs. There is a lot on people’s minds over here.

Anything else you want to say?

Traveling is one of my favorite things and it has always been a good experience, even when stuff goes kinda wrong, it’s fun and stretches you in new ways. I really like that feeling and would recommend simply traveling in general to everyone.

Go See Live Music!

The New Mastersounds formed in Leeds UK in 1999 and cut their teeth as the resident live band at a hip dance club, playing every Friday and Saturday night for nearly two years.

A rough 8-track recording of an early rehearsal got into the hands of some London DJs, and was released soon after on two limited-edition 7" singles. Invitations to play club gigs in London soon followed, and before long the band had established a reputation around UK and Europe as forerunners of the deep funk revival scene. Fast-forward to 2004: having experimented with various line-ups and recorded 2 albums, the original 4-piece band was invited to Chicago to open for the Greyboy All Stars at the House of Blues. This gig kicked off a prolific live career in USA which continues to the present day, backed up by more studio records, live albums, a remix album and 2 compilations. Their quirky, catchy instrumental ditties have been used on TV and film soundtracks, and the band is the subject of an award-winning feature-length documentary: "Coals to Newcastle: The New Mastersounds – from Leeds to New Orleans".

Cant' Make the Show? Consider this recommended listening:
Friday, November 4TH:
Muncie (Anna & Mike) at Drake's Barrel House in San Leandro

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Lost Dog Found (Adam and Art) at Creep Craig's Halloween Party in Santa Rosa

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Brett Hunter Band (Tim M) at the Ivy Room

Saturday, November 5TH:
Goddess Movement (Anna) at Penrose in Oakland

Saturday, November 5th:  
The UnOriginals (Tim G) at Meenars in Danville.

Thursday, November 10th:
Timmy G at Tiki Toms in Walnut Creeek

Friday, November 11th:
Fast and Vengefully (Tim G) at Johnny Foleys in San Francisco

Saturday, November 12th:
Goddess Movement (Anna) at Penrose in Oakland

Saturday, November 12th:
The UnOriginals (Tim G) at Johnny Foleys in San Francisco.

Thursday, November 17th:
Timmy G at Tiki Toms in Walnut Creek.

Friday, November 18th:
Timmy G at Maria Maria in Danville

Saturday November 19th:
Goddess Movement (Anna) at Penrose in Oakland

Saturday, November 19th:
Muncie (Anna) at Off the Grid in Alameda

Saturday, November 19th:
Professor Jones (Mike and Anna) at the Boom Boom Room in SF

Friday, November 25th:
West Grand Boulevard (Anna and Adam) at Boom Boom Room in San Francisco

Saturday, November 26th:
Goddess Movement (Anna) at Penrose in Oakland

Saturday, November 26th:
Timmy G at the Vine at the Bridges

Closing Quote
Peace, Love & Music,
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