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October 2016 Newsletter
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Are you in need of a market for HO-4 - Tenant/ Homeowner Package risks?

Do you have a client with loss history, bad dog/s, or other issues that may make them ineligible for your standard markets?
HO-6 Condo risks can also be hard to place.  But regardless of whether the condo is Primary, Seasonal (including short term rental), Tenant Occupied, Vacant, located outside the applicant's resident state, or Corporately owned, we can consider all of these situations.

Give us the opportunity to help you write all of these (and more) types of Personal Lines accounts!    

Send all of your Personal Lines submissions to 
personallines@ciusgf.com today!
Residential, Commercial AND Industrial Manufacturers (AND Contractors); oh my!!
Target classes include:
-Firearms/Ammunition MFG
-Tobacco Products MFG
-Auto, Bus, Truck, Motorcycle, RV, Trailer & Boat parts MFG (including critical parts)
-Aircraft and Ground Handling equipment MFG
-Body Armor MFG
-Military/Police Gear MFG
-Motors, Pumps, Pipes & Values MFG
-Machinery MFG (including conveyor systems, recycling, and waste treatment processing equipment) 
-Custom Home Building Contractors
-Remodeling Contractors
-Specific Trade/Artisan Contractors (including EIFS)
-Contractors Equipment Rental (with, and/or without, operators)
-Fabrication Contractors
-Real Estate Developers
-Infrastructure Work
-Site Prep/Grading/Excavation

Available coverages include:
-Occurrence or Claims Made forms available
-Deductible or SIR structures available
-Med Pay (limits up to $10k) is available
-Cyber Liability (coverage for 1st and 3rd parties is available)

So what are you waiting for?

Send us all of your MANUFACTURING and CONTRACTING risks TODAY!!

 Our website is ever-changing!  
If you have not "stopped by" to take a look lately, you should!  
You can find all of our contact info, holiday closures, applications, and more!  
Check us out at www.ciusgf.com 
today;  and every day!
Did you know CIU can consider a broad range of Social Services risks?

Target classes include: 
-Group Homes for the mentally disabled
-Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers
- Adult Day Care Centers
-Adoption Agency and Foster Placement
- Counseling Centers
-Crisis Training Programs

Coverage highlights include:
-Defense costs inside or outside (can be unlimited)
-Evacuation coverage
-Privacy coverage (1st party and 3rd party)
-Third-party theft
-Legal media expense coverage
-Hired/non-owned auto 
-Sexual abuse and molestation (up to policy limits in most cases)
-Stop-gap liability
-Employee benefits liability

Send us your Social Service risks today!!
October is National Cyber Security 
Awareness Month!

(NCSAM), which is celebrated every October, was created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance to increase awareness about cyber threats and security measures.

The Federal Trade Commission recently called ransomware an "epidemic." If you have ever needed a reason to talk to your clients about cyber insurance, now is the time, and we're here to help! 

Make sure your clients beat the cyber attack "epidemic" with risk awareness and easily implemented risk management solutions.  

Contact us about data breach and/or cyber liability coverage today!  

Call  800-241-9759 
or send your 
inquiries to