The EPN Consulting Newsletter - 086rev - October 2017
Dear Colleague,

We are in Autumn and as it happens every year the same problems occur: polluted cities, poor air quality, paper and web media arguing on whether traffic or heating are the main causes of pollution, municipalities forced to reduce private traffic, public transport not able to cope with unexpected peaks of demand...same old stories.

Before electricity was discovered traffic was made of horses and wagons driven by oxes/horses whilst heating was generated by burning wood and coal.
Then electricity was exploited and produced on large scale by burning wood, coal (thermo-power) and in some cases by using water (hydro-power). The former was pumping a lot of dirty smokes in the air, the latter needed huge reservoirs that often were made by building dams in valleys between mountains. Villages unluckily positioned in those areas were evacuated.
Traffic was made of vehicles burning oil derivatives emitting polluting particles in the air and heating was generated by burning wood, coal and also oil derivatives.

In the middle of 20th century a new solution appeared: generating electricity with nuclear power stations, but the tragic event occurred in Chernobyl in 1986 showed this could not be the best choice.
In the meantime traffic was made of vehicles equipped with similar engines as before whilst a new source of heating appeared: methane.

Towards the end of 20th century vehicles were equipped with a bit cleaner engines but heating was still produced more or less in the same way: coal was less used in the Western part of the world but very much used in Eastern/Far Eastern countries, therefore the overall balance of the planet could not improve much.

Finally, we celebrated the beginning of the 21st century where concepts of clean energy and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) started being discussed. Solar energy is great but then wide areas of flat lands and meadows were covered with solar/PV panels reducing the space for agriculture; wind energy is another kind of RES then windmills were installed in different areas of the globe spoiling landscapes, etc.

With regard to vehicles all are now excited about FEVs (Fully Electric Vehicles), but then new arguments come out such as where and how the electricity to charge vehicles is produced, how the material for batteries is found and - at the end of batteries life cycle - disposed, etc.

I could continue for pages describing that every time human beings believe to have found a good solutions (pros) for pollution reduction immediately consequent problems (cons) come out. It seems we are always running behind schedule and our planet cannot wait any longer.

EPN Consulting Ltd.
Founder, CEO

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Horizon 2020 & other calls close to deadline

24 Oct 2017  -  Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-IMI2-2017-11-01 call  (Exploitation of IMI project results)

07 Nov 2017 Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020 SME Instrument - Phase 1 - 4th cut-off date (instead of 08 Nov 2017 as written in yesterday's issue)

14 Nov 2017 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the ERC-2018-SyG call (ERC Synergy Grant)

Be prepared: the new Horizon 2020 calls for 2018 are going to be published soon. More info in this space.

The London Study Visit of S.T.R.E.E.T. project was a success!

25 Sept 2017 -  During the 18-22 Sept week EPN Consulting hosted in London 20 EU students enrolled in the S.T.R.E.E.T. project to become Mobility Managers for Sustainable Mobility & Tourism.

The London Study Visit was the first of four study visits designed to show students different situations where sustainable mobility solutions are crucial to allow tourism grow without impacting on the environment.

The five days were organised allocating the first 1.5 days to classroom lessons given by Dr Ing Stefano Mainero (EPN Consulting CEO) enriched by three engaging lectures given by Dr Maria Kamargianni (UCL, London), Mr Giles Bailey (Stratageeb, London) and Dr Margherita Mascia (EPN Consulting associate).

The remaining three days where dedicated to visit outstanding London multi-modal transport hubs - including 6 main railway stations - and all mass transport modes such as the Underground/Tube, Hydrogen-powered bus, Overground, Docklands Light Railway/DLR, Emirates Air Line Cable car and the Thames Clipper ferry.

Ticketing solutions and techniques of informing travellers (residents and tourists) were also analysed.

A selection of pictures and videos is available to see different activities carried out.

Your smartphone could be hiding a dark secret   

28 Sept 2017 -  You have probably heard about "conflict diamonds", from news coverage or even from the Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster Blood Diamond, which delves into the violent origins of the precious stones.

Around the world, consumers are increasingly taking steps to ensure they're not purchasing a blood diamond when shopping for an engagement ring. Few of us take the same precaution with our electronics.

Here's a dirty secret, though: your smartphone is made with conflict minerals. So is your computer, iPad, Fitbit and any number of other electronics. As with conflict diamonds, many of the minerals in these devices come from war-torn regions rife with human rights abuses and unsafe working conditions.

This is a different point of view when talking about mobile technology...

New Horizon 2020 calls pre-published and Info Days

October 2017 - Horizon 2020 has reached its second half of its life and new work programmes covering 2018-2020 have been pre-published.

In parallel Info Days in Brussels are going to be held from now to Dec 2017:

- Secure, Clean and Efficiency Energy (SC3) - 23-25 Oct 2017
- Smart Green and Integrated Transport (SC4) - 13 Dec 2017

Each EU country will also organise events at national level on different  Societal Challenges (SCs). 

The EPN Consulting Team has decades of experience in helping companies, local authorities and universities preparing & managing European projects. Get in touch for a free consultation.

Practical guide to building future proof Open Data Portals

20 Oct 2017 - The EU Member States are making visible progress with regard to their Open Data transformation journey, with many Open Data initiatives as well as portals being launched each year.

However in order to ensure such data infrastructures remain relevant over time, a series of aspects should be considered and embedded in the design stages of any Open Data portal.

Portals play an essential role in the promotion of Open Data practices across within each country and region, as they represent central points to publish and access data sets.

Read more
EU Council (Art. 50) Conclusions (on Brexit negotiation)

20 Oct 2017 - The European Council (Art. 50) on 20 October 2017 adopted conclusions on the state of the Brexit negotiations. According to what heard not much progress was achieved and it is  expected the meeting in December 2017 will bring more results on the table.

The document (PDF) can be found here.

Read more
EPN Consulting Limited

EPN Consulting News  

Last 26 Sept 2017 in London #EPNconsulting CEO Stefano Mainero took part in the 2nd 
#TravelSpirit Conference with focus on Openness and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). 

An entire day with selected quality speakers in the morning and several workshops in the afternoon gave the audience an excellent opportunity to learn about MaaS and the benefits of having and using open data in Transport. 

#EPNconsulting attended a number of workshops in Brussels on 10-11 Oct 2017 during the European Week of Regions and Cities

A very good view on experiences carried out by several regions and cities of Europe helped understand the state of the art of technology and policy in several fields ranging from Transport, Environment, to ICT.
This is one of the best and effective dissemination events.

Upcoming Professional Events in Europe

24-25 Oct 2017 - Madrid (ES) -  ICT  -  TELCO DATA ANALYTICS EUROPE
24-26 Oct 2017 - Bremen (DE) -  BIZ+ICT -  SPACE TECH EXPO EUROPE
26-27 Oct 2017 - Brussels (BE) -  BIZ+EUP -  H2020 CITIES OF THE FUTURE 2017
30 Oct - 01 Nov 2017 - Glasgow (UK) -  ICT -  IEEE SENSORS 2017 
30 Oct - 03 Nov 2017 - Amsterdam (NL) -  ENV -  AIWW 2017 - Amsterdam International Water Week
31 Oct 2017 - London (UK) -  ITS+TRA -  INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT
01-02 Nov 2017 - Edinburgh (UK) -  TRA -  ROAD EXPO SCOTLAND
06 Nov 2017 - Edinburgh (UK) -  ENV+EUP -  EEB (European Environmental Bureau) Annual Conference 2017
06-09 Nov 2017 - Lisbon (PT) -  BIZ+ICT -  WEB SUMMIT 2017

The Website of the Month:  COP23
At the UN Climate Change Conference this year (COP23, from 6 to 17 November 2017) nations of the world will meet to advance the aims and ambitions of the Paris Agreement and achieve progress on its implementation guidelines.

The conference, officially referred as COP 23/ CMP 13/ CMA 1-2, will take place in Bonn, Germany, hosted by the secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and presided over by Fiji.

The UNFCCC secretariat and the Government of Fiji are closely working with the Government of Germany, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the City of Bonn to ensure a dynamic and successful Conference.

Watch the explanatory video on COP23.

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