Squannacook Greenways signs contract for construction of first 1/3 of rail trail!
Squannacook Greenways would like to announce that we have signed a contract with local contractor Shepherd's of Townsend to build the first section of the Squannacook River Rail Trail, 1.1 miles from Depot St to Old Meetinghouse Road. In addition, we have signed a separate contract with JMG Trading of Vermont to remove the rails from the entire rail trail. Work will occur from November 2020 until March 2021.

How is construction being funded?
The Squannacook River Rail Trail is being built by the non-profit 501(c), Squannacook Greenways.  Our largest source of funding for this years' construction is a MassTrails grant we received this year for $100,000.

In addition, we have also received major grants from two other charity organizations, the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts, and the Bruce J. Anderson Foundation.

Another major source of funding has been our generous supporters, whether you donated at the granite bench level, the granite pillar level, the engraved brick level, or helped in some other way.  When you see construction going on this fall, you can all take pride in helping making this rail trail possible!
What is being built this year?
Shepherd's will be building the first 1/3rd of the stone dust rail trail, from Depot St to Old Meetinghouse Road in Townsend, a distance of 1.1 miles.

This fall and winter we will be building the first 1/3rd of the Squannacook River Rail Trail, from Depot Street in Townsend center, to Old Meetinghouse Road.  The rails and ties will be removed, and a stone dust surface suitable for all bicycles will be applied.  In addition, a 12 vehicle gravel parking area will be installed at Depot St/Center St in Townsend center.  

JMG Trading will also be removing the steel rails from this section and the rest of the rail trail this fall, in preparation for construction the following years.
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