Workshops @ Community Boards
Practices to Support Yourself and Your Mediation Participants
With Vanessa Alfaro
Online Via Zoom | October 26, 5:30-7:30 pm PDT
What happens to you when a mediation, conversation, or interaction begins to escalate? Do you freeze, shut down, get scared? At this clinic, we'll discuss how to notice what comes up for you.

Whether you're starting a meeting, mediation or coaching session, feeling ungrounded, or in an escalation, Vanessa's clinic will give you tools to help you get grounded in your body, emotions, and mind. You'll learn and practice easy-to-remember exercises to take care of yourself.

You'll leave with an ability to respond to these situations with clarity and confidence and can invite other people to do the same. As a mediator, you will be able to assist yourself and the mediation participants in how to de-escalate through centering and breathing.
Vanessa Alfaro
Vanessa Alfaro – The Empowered Communicator is an anger and communication coach. Vanessa grew up in a hostile, violent family and suffered from repressed rage and severe depression as a child and young adult. Miraculously, at the age of 8-years-old, she realized there was more to life. She has spent her life healing and understanding the intricate landscape of her inner world. During her journey, it became clear that for her to be truly free, she needed to release the repressed generational rage that she’d been carrying for years. So, she created a powerful tool, The Anger Algorithm, and has made it her mission and purpose to help others do the same. She believes without question that anger’s wisdom guides you to look deeply into your soul and face your demons so you can heal your relentless wounding and step into the highest expression of who you are and how you show up in relation to others and the world.

Vanessa is trained in Nonviolent Communication, Somatic Awareness Communication, the Co-Active Coaching Model, Zen and Vipassana Meditation, and the Universal Laws for Mindset/Paradigm Transformation. She holds two mediation certifications from Community Boards of San Francisco and SEEDS Community Resolution Center in Berkeley and has successfully resolved numerous conflicts for the San Francisco community in collaboration with Community Boards. Vanessa also has a 21-year yoga practice and a lifetime of dance that has developed her deep understanding of embodiment and somatic awareness that she integrates into her work. She received her B.A. from Mills College and her M.S. from Claremont Graduate University.

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  • Date: October 26, Tuesday
  • Time: 5:30-7:30pm PDT
  • Cost: CB Members, $25 | Public, $45
  • Location: Online via Zoom