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Next NSENG Meeting is Mon Oct 28th
6:15-8:30pm, Glenview Library (1930 Glenview Rd)
Award-winning speaker on "How to Stay Motivated & Productive During Your Job Search " plus a round networking
Almost every job search is accompanied by many ups and downs that can certainly take a toll on your attitude and motivation. And invariably, the disappointments can have a huge negative impact on your ability to rebound and stay productive. This aspect of the job search is often the single biggest contributor to success and during this meeting motivational speaker and humorist, Conor Cunneen, will provide you with a unique view into how to stay on top of your game. During his presentation, Conor will cover topics such as:
  • Structure: How to create structure & accountability each day, each week
  • Help: How to help others while helping yourself
  • Environment: How your environment can impact your productivity
  • Improve: How to improve yourself deliberately & intentionally
  • Family/Friends: How you relate to them.
  • Goals: How daily micro-goals build momentum & personal brand
  • Attitude: How to keep it positive during the toughest times
  • Behavior: How your behavior creates your brand

Here's a bit of background about Conor
Conor Cunneen is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, author and award-winning humorist. He has a deep and contagious passion to help those individuals in a job search. He is the recipient of the President's Gold Medal for Volunteer Service due to the work he does with job seekers. Conor has also been awarded the Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year. His job search presentations provide down to earth practical advice while also delivering plenty of laughs. Click here to get a quick video glimpse at his sense of humor and purpose, and visit Conor's website at .
Here are a few additional upcoming events:
-- Mon Oct 21st, 9:15am-1:00pm WORKSHOP @ Glenview Library: Marty Gilbert presents on "Creating & Implementing an Effective Job Search Plan" Click HERE to view details and register.
-- Tue Nov 5th, 9:15am-1:00pm WORKSHOP @ Glenview Library: Marty Gilbert presents on "The What the Hell Approach to Job Search". Click HERE to view details and register.
-- Mon Nov 11th, 6:15-8:30pm MEETING @ Glenview Library, Wayne Breitbarth (LinkedIn author) conducts a 1hr & 45min workshop on "Creating a Winning LinkedIn Job Search Game Plan".

FREE Training Opportunity:
Click HERE to get information on MicroTrain's training programs and how you may qualify for free government funding. Some of their classes include: project management, Lean Six Sigma, Project Management... Business Analysis... Business Process Improvement... Agile Scrum Master.

Over the past 14 days,  16 NSENG members have landed new jobs . Congratulations to:
-- Dave McKeon, Managing Director at Executive Coaching Connections LLC
-- Tony Astorga, Contracts Mgr at Freeport-McMoRan
-- Bill Gottis, Sr Director Business Solutions at Blue Cross Blue Shield
-- Patrick Bourke, Consultant MRO at Gerson Lehrman Group
-- Alex Lapson, Sr Project Mgr at Blue Cross Blue Shield
-- Matt Cassidy, Consultant at React Consulting
-- Thomas Schmidt, Network Sales Engineer at MetroNet Inc
-- Kim Jursa, Brand & Innovation Strategist at Chi-Town Collective
-- Susan Werdell, Quoting Specialist at CDW
-- Jeff Horvath, Director Software Development at Joint Commission Resources
-- Denise Ruda, Sr Financial Analyst at Brilliant
-- David Do, Hearing Instrument Specialist at William Demant
-- John O’Brien, CEO & CFO at Auchinachie Services
-- Shubhendu Das, VP-Supply Chain position at PLZ Aerosciences
-- Pat Peplowski, VP of Sales at National MetalWares
-- Bob Drew, Sr Marketing Mgr at QAD Corp (DynaSys Div) at QAD Corp (DynaSys Div)

Over the past 14 days,  40 new members have joined NSENG . Please feel free to reach out to them in an effort to help expand one another's networks:
Elaine Kemna-Irish… Jim Majernik… Richard Aievoli… Colin Schneid… Robert Hess… Rebecca Fanning… Kurt Hardy… Rachel Garcia… Karleen Mussman… Dawn Iacullo…. Ingrid Klein… Brian Reilly… Katie Richmond… Ben Ordonez… Tamas Ban… Thomas Nolde… Kent Alexander… April Stevens… Mark Grippando… Jake Paschen… Bonnie Hernandez… Marianne Miller… Jeffrey Brown… India Simpson… Thomas Caputo… Ahmed Dhedhi… Marcus Velasco… Brad Torf… Christopher Beard… Alessandro D’Algaro… Diana Quinn… Denice Tegethoff… Alana Abbott… David Lindwasser… Timothy Somers… Ray Sharma… Mark Howenstine… Jeffrey Hoffman… Chris Ordway… Marina Sabol

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And if you're an NSENG member who has already landed, you're always welcome to come back to any meeting. Lastly, don't forget to check out the Glenview library's underground parking if the above ground lot is full-- and parking on the side streets and at the Metra station are always an option. Hamburger Univ has plenty of parking.

Marty Gilbert
NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach

Here are a few Chicago area opportunities that may be of interest to you:
Apex Systems | Chicago IL
Ringside Talent Acquisition Partners | Chicago IL
Horizon Therapeutics | Lake Forest IL
Aon | Chicago IL
AbbVie | North Chicago IL
Relativity | Chicago IL
CDK | Hoffman Estates IL
MarketsandMarkets | Chicago IL
DSC Logistics, Inc. | Carol Stream IL
Marty Gilbert
NSENG Founder/CEO & Job Search Coach
NSENG is an independent organization & not affiliated with any other networking groups. There are over 5,000 members & 10 members landing a new job each week.