Bidwell Advisors
October 29, 2018
To neighbors and friends, Ward 2 and elsewhere,

I want you to be aware of a special community meeting tomorrow, October 30, to hear resident questions and comments about a State Department of Transportation proposal for a traffic light at the intersection of State Street and Finn St. This special meeting of the City Council will take place tomorrow, October 30, at 5:30 pm, in City Council Chambers.
The meeting will begin with presentations about the process that produced this recommendation, and a review of the proposal itself. There has been considerable objection to both the proposal and to the relative lack of public input in developing the proposal. This meeting will be the opportunity for any and all questions to be asked, and for alternative traffic control solutions to be proposed.

Also, please vote on November 6! Ward 2 voters - both Precinct 2A and Precinct 2B - vote at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School, 80 Locust Street. The polls will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Here, again, is a sample ballot

Please vote to send State Senate candidate Jo Comerford and State Representative candidate Lindsay Sabadosa (both now running unopposed) off to the State House with a big showing of support, while also supporting Elizabeth Warren's reelection bid for U.S. Senate, Jim McGovern for Congress, Jay Gonzalez for Governor, Quentin Palfrey for Lieutenant Governor, Maureen Healey for Attorney General, and other excellent Democrats on the ballot.

I am encouraging a No Vote on Question One - the Nurse Staffing Ratio ballot initiative (more below), and Yes Votes on Questions Two and Three, and Yes Votes on the non-binding ballot Questions Four and Five.

More on Voting No on Question One

I expressed strong opposition to Question One in my October 18 newsletter. This triggered many comments, both supportive of my views and in disagreement with my analysis. I appreciate that the ongoing conversation within the progressive community over this heated topic has been largely respectful and civil.

I am more convinced than ever that we have a major nurse staffing issue in many of our hospitals, and I have become more convinced than ever that the blunt instrument, one-size-fits-all solution proposed by Question One is the Wrong Solution.

I encourage a close reading of the Boston Globe's carefully-reasoned October 22 Editorial in opposition to Question One. 

I also recommend a careful analysis in CommonWealth Magazine by John McDonough (long time member of the State Legislator with impeccable labor and progressive credentials, Professor at Harvard School of Public Health, and former executive director of Health Care for All) and Paul Hattis, where they methodically take apart the Yes arguments. 

Please be in touch with suggestions, comments and questions.
Dennis Bidwell 
Dennis Bidwell City Council Ward 2
  413-584-2732 |
19 Forbes Avenue
Northampton, MA 01060