Weekend Lineup
There's An Oktoberfest Near You!
Fredericksburg...La Grange...San Antonio...Southlake (Dallas)...Austin...Paris (Texas). If you're not at an Oktoberfest this weekend, that's just not right!
Church Picnic Alert: Dujka Brothers & Al Sulak & The Country Sounds at Holy Cross (Riverside Hall), East Bernard...Rusty Steins at Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory (Victoria Community Center), Victoria...Jerry Haisler & Melody 5 at Church of the Visitation, Westphalia...Incredible Music Makers at Sts. Cyril & Methodius, Cistern (rescheduled from Aug. 27).
More Weekend Fun: On Saturday - Charlie Prause Big Band is at Lodge 88 in Houston...Texas Sound Check is at Haaktober Wurst Ever Winery Fest @ Haak Winery in Santa Fe...Texas Legacy Czech Band is at Prairie Days in El Campo. On Sunday - Charles & the Fab 4 are at Sweet Home...Country Jim & the Allstars are at VFW in north Houston...Praha Brothers are at Brazos Valley Czech Heritage Society dance in Bryan...Central Texas Sounds is at Lodge 18 in Elgin.

Chicken Dance On, Y'all!

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Coming in October: Find out how the accordion became Terry Cavanagh's instrument of choice. Oktoberfest season means Chicken Dance season. Read our salute to this famous dance, including history, photos, and musician comments, and meet Franzie the Chicken. Gary tells us about Bobby Jones, and how he and the Bobby Jones Czech Band will be the subject of the Muziky Muziky tribute at Texas Czech Heritage & Cultural Center in La Grange. Justin reviews The Moravians new CD, and wishes his grandfather, Anton Vrazel, a happy 90th b-day. Of course, we have your listings of dances, festivals, and church picnics.
Photo Gallery
Hostyn Fall Picnic
Can you tell the balloon artist was in Hostyn Sunday? Images by Gary E. McKee and Julie Matus

Brewery OFest
Ennis Czech Boys squeezed out the polka tunes in San Antonio. Images by Gary E. McKee  
Methodist Dance
Red Ravens played the annual Methodist Church dance in Shiner. Images by Karen Williams

Sweet Home Sunday
Glen Collins & The Alibis charmed the crowd. Images by Gary E. McKee
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More Photos/Videos
THMDC Fall Dance. John Roberts captured the crowd dancing to Charles/Fab 4, and having fun at the Texas Heritage Music & Dance Club fall dance.
Watch the video by Theresa Parker of the Ennis Czech Boys at Twin Sisters Dance Hall.
Watch the video by Julie Matus of The Telstars at Lodge 88.

Watch the videos by Walt Harfmann of Dujka Brothers, Mark Halata/Texavia, and Red Ravens at Hallettsville Kolache Festival
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Submitted by Shane Lala
Texas Polka News