October 2018
October Music Notes
Welcome to Temecula Music Teacher newsletter. This is our monthly communication of the exciting things happening at our music education center. In it you will meet teachers, fellow students and learn more about the instruments we teach. Also we will have updates and upcoming events. So stay tuned in to our exciting Music Notes.

October 20th all studio Hoedown party at the home of Vicki Hinrichs.

This is a fall festival for all ages, complete with English Style "called" dancing...no experience necessary, and a good excuse to get to know our Music Families better. SO MUCH FUN!!!

Potluck-style party with fun, music, and dancing. Bring your grandparents, friends and neighbors out for a great time.

Please RSVP to the office if you would like to attend...we will also be sending the map out in an email over the next few days.

We would LOVE to have a large turnout!

 Music Master Incentive Program
Keep working hard at getting your practice times completed and logged. If you haven't started, it's not too late! Our students have received prizes to....

Bahama Bucks
Yogurt Factory
Shakey's Pizza
Urbane Cafe
and more!!

We will be entering all signed off practices into a drawing the week of our December recitals for some great prizes!!
Welcome Baby Gabriel Kilian!

Oct 3rd, 10:04pm 8 pounds 2 oz, 21inches

Miss Ashley and family are doing well, and were so appreciative of our "Baby Basket" gifts! Thank you for supporting Ashley's new addition. She will be back soon!
New Classes: Theatrical Arts
We are so excited to offer these classes to our middle school through high school students!!

Theatrical Voice : instruction in the blending of acting and singing; work on singing scenes, costume and prop integration; individual and troupe recital performances; exercises developing acting and voice
Private lesson : $110/month, half hour lesson
Group : $100/child for 8 weeks 1 hour classes Oct 19-until recital Dec 7

Audition Prep Classes :  class on presentation, poise, projection, memorization  -private $110/month

Beginning Group Guitar:

Sign up THIS WEEK!!! This group guitar class provides all guitars, and will be a no-obligation way for our beginner guitar players to try out a new instrument.

Classes start this Thursday, October 18th.
Beginning Group Ukulele:

Sign up THIS WEEK!!! This group ukulele class provides all Ukuleles, and will be a no-obligation way for our beginner Uke players to try out a new instrument.

Classes start this Thursday, October 18th.

"Night at the Theater"

We are proud to support one of our vocal talents Maggie Toth in her performance with CYT (Christian Youth Theater) this November 17th at 5pm . YEA!!!!
 She will be part of the cast for “Seussical”. We will have a night for our studio to go and show our support. Maggie will be selling a discounted price for those at our studio.
Let’s don our theater attire and enter the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss!

Our studio price for tickets is $14 and can be purchased directly through Maggie Toth. Please leave an envelope in the office with the following information: your name, phone number, # of tickets, Nov. 17th 5pm ….along with a check written out to “Monica Toth” for the appropriate amount. ($14 x #of tickets).
We will pick out the best seats available and bring your tickets to your child’s next music lesson for pick-up. Thank you so much for supporting Maggie and all our talented local kids!

**Parents: if your child is doing any performances we would LOVE to show our support as a studio. Let the office know of any special events.
Musician Spotlight
This month's Musician Spotlight is on two of our new Theatrical Voice students... Callie Voorhies and Sophia Reichert. We are so excited to have these students launch our new program. Both are new to our studio and we appreciate their adventurous hearts in starting us off with these new classes.

Sophia Reichert is a 7th grader that has been drawn to music since she was young. She comes from a musical family so it was natural for her to start piano at 6 years old. When Sophia was in 3rd grade her Grandma noticed her aptitude toward singing and encouraged her to pursue it. Since then she has also explored musical theater and has discovered the joy and fun of combining singing with acting. At our studio she has also added ukulele to her repertoire as well as taking Theatrical Voice lessons with Shantelle.

To Sophia, music has a way of making you feel better on days when things just don't seem to go right. For her, music theater is an avenue for her to express herself. Her favorite song to sing right now is "City of Stars" from the movie "La La Land". Sophia's goal is to act and sing in musical theater. We know with her determination and hard work we will see her (and hear her) on stage someday.

Our other Theatrical Voice student is another one of our middle schoolers Callie Voorhies. She also comes from a musical home and started singing before she could really talk! Everyone in her family loves music but it has been her aunts that have been nurturing her singing by introducing her to the joys of song at such a young age. Callie's "singing aunts" encouraged her to try the stage, so Callie did when she was just in second grade for the school talent show. That experience opened a new world to her.
Callie LOVES to be on stage performing. She loves to be challenged with roles that are difficult and outside her comfort zone and personality. When she finds a character like herself she finds it fun to shine through it and enhance the role. Music theater has become an avenue that she can enjoy doing her 2 favorite things...singing and acting.

Music to Callie is a way that a person can express their feelings without having conversation...without the struggle to put them into words. Through music you can express any emotion you are feeling... hurt and happiness. Right now Callie's favorite songs are "So Big/So Small" and "Waving Through the Window" from the musical "Dear Evan Hansen". She loves both and is working on mastering "So Big/So Small".
With Callie's love of singing and theater she plans on going to a college with a strong theater department to improve her knowledge of theater and music. We are so happy she has joined our studio to hone in and develop her theatrical voice and presentation.

These students are such a joy to have in our studio. We look forward to "hearing" their progress. Keep an eye open (and an ear) for you may see them on stage.
Teacher Spotlight
This month's Teacher Spotlight is Shantelle Ruppel .

Shantelle is a returning teacher that we are thrilled to have. Currently she is teaching piano and vocals. However, we are very excited to have her launch a new series of classes called " Theatrical Arts." These classes are Theatrical Voice , and Audition Prep . Shantelle has a love for theatrical singing and is incorporating it into these new classes.

Shantelle comes from a music background and training and a BA in Music Education with a piano proficiency, and a heavy emphasis on music theory and musicianship. Her education gives her a wide range of expertise for her piano students. Advance piano is another one of her passions that she loves to teach. She brings to our studio a lot of opportunity for our students to advance and grow in piano, voice and in their knowledge of music.

Shantelles's love for music was instilled by her mother. Her mother loves classical music and introduced it to Shantelle as soon as she was born. Shantelle's exposure to classical music continued throughout her childhood.

Ever since she could remember she always wanted to play the piano, and at around the age of 7 her dream came true.

Shantelle's vocal training officially began in middle school when she joined a church choir. Since she had been singing on her own since practically birth, this was a natural step for her. She continued to develop her vocal skills in high school with private vocal lessons.

Her theatrical experience started when she was put on stage at 5 years old and continued to college. That triggered a love for musical theater that she is excited to share with our studio. She hopes to nurture this love with the students in her Theatrical Arts classes.

Her piano, vocal, and music theory experience has enhanced our studio tremendously and we are so happy to have her as a teacher.
Instrument Spotlight
This month's Instrument Spotlight is the Concert Flute .

What family of instruments do you belong to?
F : I belong to the woodwind family. I do not have a reed so I am considered an "aerophone"*. The technical classification is "edge-blown aerophone" (Hornbostel-Sachs). In our family we have a variety of flutes.

Where do you come from?
F: I am proud to say...we come from EVERYWHERE! Just about every continent has a flute heritage. My lineage actually dates waaaay back to ancient times. The oldest flute found is from 43,000 years ago! It was made from a cave bear bone with 4 holes drilled in it.

What does flute mean?
F : The meaning "flute" comes from a variety of root words, but the Middle English word "flute" come from the Latin word "flare" meaning to inflate .

What are you made of?
F : My ancient relatives were usually made from bone with holes drilled in it, however most old flutes were made out of hollowed wood or large reeds. Today the flutes in symphonies and bands (concert flute) are made from nickel, silver or brass. Since I am a concert flute I am pitched in C and have 3 octaves. There are different categories of us based on our design.
  • fipple flutes
  • side blown (transverse)
  • end blown

How many air openings do you have?
F : I have An  embouchure  hole  that is positioned near the top across and into which the flutist blows. I have circular tone holes larger than the finger holes of my baroque predecessors. The size and placement of tone holes, key mechanism, and fingering system used to produce the notes in the my  range  were evolved from 1832 to 1847 by  Theobald Boehm  and greatly improved the instrument's dynamic range and intonation over its predecessors.

What are some fascinating facts about you?
F : Flutes can be played with several different air sources. Conventional flutes are blown with the mouth, although some cultures use nose flutes..with their noses.

Musician Advancement
Big SHOUT OUT to our awesome musicians!!
  • Daisy Zimmer passed to a new level
  • Justin Vaughan passed to level 1
  • Ivy Phan passed to level 1
  • Elisa Palacios passed to level 1
Studio Reminders

  • CHRISTMAS MUSIC BOOKS are here!! If you would like to purchase one for your student, email us at info@temeculamusicteacher.com OR let the office know and we will place your student in the correct level. Most books are between $7-$12, and it is a fun way for children to practice their sight-reading over the holidays.

  • Our Facebook page has a lot of announcements and fun videos/photos. Like our page, and keep up with the day-to-day announcements and educational articles we are posting. Click on the link here to take you straight to the page. Temecula Music Teacher Facebook Page

  • Our school schedule is now in full force, and makeup lessons are for illness only, or prearranged with our office more than 24 hours notice. Same day cancellations or no-shows can not be made up.

  • Students should all have recital pieces assigned. If you are planning on attending, or having your student take part in the December recitals and have not received an email from info@temeculamusicteacher.com regarding your assigned recital time, please let the office know. We do need an RSVP to the office if you are planning on having your student perform. Pieces MUST be memorized in order to perform, so start working hard!

  • We are CLOSED on Halloween....due to the number of homeschool group activities, and our after school students preparing for Trick-or-Treating or other celebrations, we close completely on Halloweeen. This is already worked into our tuition prices, along with other Monday Holidays as well as other days TVUSD takes off throughout the school year. There are not makeups for this day, as it is already calculated into our average monthly tuition. Same goes for all of our breaks, which can be seen on our calendar on student binders as well as our website.

  • Reminder: If you are not going to be at lessons, please try to remember to inform the office as it is incredibly helpful in order to offer those times up for other students to get makeup lessons in when needed. Makeups are for illness only, unless pre-planned with the office at least 24 hours before you are not going to be able to attend your regularly scheduled lesson.