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October 2019
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This Month's Article: I Ink , Therefore I Am by Dillon Hoang

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Calendar of Events
Fri. Sept 27 - Sat. Sept 28: Dallas Pen Show

Fri. Oct 11- Sat. Oct 13: Colorado Pen Show

Sat. Oct 26: Pilot Event and Brad Dowdy (The Pen Addict) visit!

Fri. Nov 1: Fountain Pen Day! Free personalization on Leuchtturm products.
Past Events
The 2019 Houston Pelikan Hub was hosted at Dromgoole's, and it was a huge success! We had about 50 people show, which was more than we were expecting, and much more than we had last year!
We all had a great time showing off our collections, writing with one another's inks and pens, and enjoying the company of like-minded people from all over Texas. Thanks so much to everyone who came out. It wouldn't have been the same without you! See y'all next year!
We also had a visit earlier this week from Sailor President Yasushi Hisa, Export Director Masayuki Mori, and Export Manager Shin Fujisawa, as well as Itoya President Don Takemura and North American Operations Director Larry Kiok. Thank you all for visiting!
We loved showing them around our store, sharing each other's cultures, and telling them all about what makes Dromgoole's special--which is you! All of our customers make Dromgoole's what it is. We provide the pens, the building, and the passion, and y'all bring your enthusiasm, kindness, and friendship to our doors. We loved sharing stories with our guests about how y'all make this such a wonderful place. Thank you.
New Products
Available Now!
It's back.

Sheen Machine has been restocked,
but we guarantee you it won't be here for long!
The Mnemosyne A5 and B5 notebooks are now available in dot grid!
The LAMY Studio Special Edition Lx Black and LAMY Studio Special Edition Aquamarine are the newest colors available for this sleek model.
Restocked! Refillable Felt-Tip Pen from Yookers
The Metis and Yooth felt-tip pens from Yookers are refillable with fountain pen ink, either from an international short cartridge or a universal converter. Now you can write in any of our over 950 bottled ink colors with felt tips from 0.8mm to 1.4mm!
Montblanc Flex Nibs
We could talk your ear off about the beauty of these pens, the gold foil decoration, the 18k gold nib...

But honestly, all we gotta do is hear our in-house calligraphy expert Dillon say, "These write very nicely!" We're sold.
Pilot Ishime Maki-e
Available in Navy, Hunter Green, Burgundy, and Black, this hand-lacquered pen is decorated with a pattern representing a stone path, drawn into the lacquer while it's still wet.
Montblanc's Blues set showcases three new colorful and unique blue shades in a slick box set.
Coming Soon!
Below you can see the products that will be released in the next month.

If you're interested in any of these, keep your eyes peeled for our email blasts so you don't miss out!
Be sure to visit dromgooles.com tomorrow at 10 am for the reveal!
Brown and black stripes adorn Pelikan's newest M800 Fountain Pen (also available in the K800 Ballpoint!). This is the perfect soft, understated color scheme for fall.
The Pelikan Souveran Stresemann M1005 is inspired by the Streseman-style suit (grey striped pants and a solid lounge jacket). This pen will be available very soon and is extremely limited. Make sure you call to get yours!
Feature Article
Each Monthly Newsletter will be accompanied by an article examining the fountain pen community and industry.
I Ink , Therefore I Am
Dillon Hoang
Dillon is widely known as the world's premier (and only) Ink Sommelier. From nib-tuning and calligraphy to inks and sealing wax, Dillon is your go-to inkspert at Dromgoole's.
Ink is like a fine wine; I hate keeping it bottled up. 

My name is Dillon and if you’ve ever found yourself in Dromgoole’s, you’ve probably seen me firmly planted at the Ink Bar. My journey to become an Ink Sommelier all began only 3 years ago, when I bought my first Pilot Iroshizuku ink, Murasaki Shikibu, which I used to fill my Stealth Black Vanishing Point. I was in love. The purple was so vibrant and crisp and vivid, and it sparked my enthusiasm for beautiful inks. 

A year later, I began working at Dromgoole’s. When I started, the Ink Bar was only about 150 to 200 inks, consisting mainly of Noodler’s, Diamine, and Private Reserve. Since then, the collection has grown to well over 1000 inks, with the addition of some amazing brands such as KWZ, Colorverse, Akkerman, 3 Oysters, and my personal favorite, Sailor.
My first duty as Dromgoole’s “Ink Sommelier” was to memorize almost every ink on the wall. I made two swatch books, one organized by brand and one organized by color, the latter of which is incredibly satisfying to look at. I’ve done extensive testing on all the inks, from pH to surface tension to dry times; I love finding out as much about all the inks that I can. 
There are plenty of inks that possess more than one of these properties, such as Emerald of Chivor, which famously is a shading, sheening, AND shimmering ink! My current favorite ink is definitely Sailor Ink Studio #123, which is a high shading and sheening ink. 

I love inks so much that one time, during a particularly busy event, I accidentally drank a sip of KWZ Thief’s Red. I also love a challenge; a game I like to play is “Guess That Ink!”, where customers have a filled pen and I only have three guesses to figure out which color it is, so feel free to challenge me the next time you’re in!
Dillon will be contributing to the newsletter regularly with a feature called "Dillon's Corner," where he'll give endorsements for his favorite inks of the moment, recommendations for pairing inks and pens, and special tips you'll only find here! Stay tuned.
2515 Rice Boulevard
Houston, TX 77005