"Give Them Roots and Create Wings"

October - 2018 Special News Update
EPH Garden Abundance

Karen Kegel planned the first “EPH garden” in May 2015. Since then, Karen and her team have harvested over 3,500 pounds of fresh produce! This year over 1,000 pounds (1/2 ton!) have been harvested!

A member of our communications team sat down with Karen to get the full scoop! She is a member of Resurrection Catholic Church and also a Unit Coordinator for the Ruth home. 

Thank You Note From
A Family Recipient

"Thank you for all the wonderful veggies from
your garden.! We love and appreciate them very much!"

Volunteer Opportunities

  • After four years of dedicated garden service, Karen is looking to step into a supportive role. If you are interested in planning and leading the garden efforts in 2019, please-mail ephmanager1@gmail.com 
  • Someone to help mow open homes or homes in transition.
  • Small engine repair expert to maintain our mowers and snow blowers on a seasonal basis.
  • We can always used experienced painters! 

Wish List

  • Working gas only lawnmowers.
  • Electric stoves and dryers.
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