The Bay Area Community Council is the leading organization in engaging community leaders in understanding and shaping the future of the greater Green Bay area.
President's Message,
Dave Wegge

The critical importance of voter participation.

We will soon observe our November 3rd Election Day. This election is being cast as one of the most important national elections in our history; this is probably quite accurate. Our nation is facing a number of challenges including the following: COVID 19; unrest in some of our cities; polarization of our nation; incivility of our political discourse; concerns over racial inequities; significant future demographic shifts; loss of trust in our leaders and institutions; and economic challenges. How these challenges are addressed by our leaders will shape the future of the United State for years to come. 

Given these challenges and the way our current leaders on both sides of the political aisle are addressing them, it would be easy to throw up our hands and sit out this election. But that is exactly what we must not do. Voting in an election signifies what we want for the future of our community, state, and nation. As we all know, and have seen, elections do have consequences. Voting in an election is also more than simply deciding who will control the reins of power in our political systems. Voting confirms our support for our democratic system of governance and confers legitimacy on our leaders. Both the individual and institutional aspects of the voting are critical to the foundation and success of our political system. I encourage all to cast their votes for the future they want and to confirm support for our democratic way of life.


The BACC Board met on September 10. We acknowledged the conclusion of ten years of Board service by Michael Lukens and received updates on application of the $7,500 capacity building grant from Greater Green Bay Community Foundation and 100 match by anonymous donors. The dollars have begun to be applied toward BACC discovery and rebranding efforts.

The BACC Branding Task Force updated the Board on the result of its extensive survey of community leaders on community needs and leaders' perceptions of the BACC. The group also suggested a new name, mission, value statement, and positioning statement for the BACC.

The Board received a thorough description of the September 18- November 20 foresight analysis workshop. The training will be led by Garry Golden, an internationally futurist; registrants are leaders from nine leading Brown County companies, nonprofits, and educational institutions.

The Resource Development Committee reported that the BACC is well on its way to meeting its 2020 fund raising goal. Directors were acknowledged for their near 100 percent participation in the fund raising campaign.

BACC Director John Katers is recognized for regional efforts in science and sustainability

BACC Director John Katers, Dean of University of Wisconsin Green Bay College of Science, Engineering, and Technology, was recognized by two major organizations this fall for his dedication to science, engineering, and sustainability. In addition to his "day time job" at UWGB, Katers currently chairs the Brown County Solid Waste Board and has done extensive research on solid waste management and recycling, agricultural waste management and treatment, and pollution control and waste minimization.


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