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Many have asked when will we have our next RPOC cruise similar to what we did did in 2019. Well folks it's here. IPA Region 43 has teamed up with Region 11 (Broward) and the RPOC to co-sponsor The Thin Blue Line Sails The Deep Blue Sea, April 2-9, 2023! Please read the attached flyer for details and contact Joanne Telfer at (607) 376-1883 or imatravelgeek@yahoo.com for further information or questions.

Service Spotlight

REMINDER: "When Liberty Burns"

The cable TV channel "Free Speech TV" (FSTV ch 348 Direct TV) has a new 2 hour documentary on the McDuffie riots. Future viewings are Oct. 13 8PM EST and Oct 15 AM 4AM EST. Among those interviewed are Lonnie Lawrence and Marshall Frank. Features news clips from the beginning of the event to the end.

Interesting to those of us who were present and remember.



RPOC NEWS – October/December 2022

By: John Fraley, President, RPOC



You do not have to be an RPOC member to attend the reunion if you are an ACTIVE law


The RPOC board is pleased to announce that we have scheduled the next monthly lunch at the Miami Springs Country Club 650 Curtiss Parkway Miami Springs FL. (Just North of NW 36 St and Red Road). There will be a social gathering at 11:00 am with lunch to follow at 11:30 am. The date will be November 9th, 2022.

Lunches will consist of selected items from their menu, priced 10 and 12 dollars and drinks are available at the bar.

Please text me if you are attending so that I can give the club a number for planning the lunches.

The last lunch was a great success.

Looking forward to seeing the usual old faces and hoping to see new retirees. 

John Fraley, President

Retired Police Officers Council

Phone: 954-651-0451

Email: jfraley885@bellsouth.netenforcement or corrections officer!


During this up and coming Holiday Season, your Board members would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season regardless of ones religion, ethnicity or culture. With our diverse membership, we realize that many celebrate holidays at different times and different ways and we recognize and celebrate with each and everyone.

PLEASE RESPOND RPOC POLL BELOW: [A separate survey will follow in a short while]

Is the RPOC content/programing relevant to you?

“Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular.”

Roy T. Bennett

“Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today”




Greetings Law Enforcement Partner,

Please share the below offer from the Florida Panthers with your department and organization members:

The NHL Florida Panthers and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) are teaming up on Sunday December 11, 2022 at 6:00pm for the annual First Responders Day as the Florida Panthers take on the Seattle Kraken. Join us as we celebrate and honor the commitment of law enforcement, first responders and public safety personnel who keep our Florida communities safe. This offer is available to all law enforcement personnel, first responders, public safety, corrections, friends, family and the general public.


ORDER TICKETS ONLINE TODAY: https://fevo.me/firstresponder22 or http://www.nleomf.org/events

If you have any questions or need a group order of 10+, please contact Florida Panthers Representative Brendan Bolduc bolducb@floridapanthers.com or 954-835-8895.

Thank you,



Brent Clark | Law Enforcement Sporting Events Manager

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

444 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

Office: 202-737-3400



www.rocpba.org or www.rpocpba.org

When you go to the website to join, renew or update personal info., look for the text or yellow box on the front page and click in the appropriate section.


Covid-19 FEMA Funeral Expense Assistance


Order your FREE Covid kits NOW:



Occasionally, we received requests regarding employment for retired police officers. When we do, we try very hard to vet these requests as best we can. If you find something of interest to you, we strong suggest that you check them out to your own satisfaction.


1. Part time positions

2. Shifts: 6am to 1pm and 1pm to 7pm

3. Pay: $25 per hour

4. Duties: Patrol in marked company truck on interstate highways

5. Drive to a location convenient to your location in your POV to pick up a company vehicle

6. If full time position opens, it is offered to senior employees first

The Severe Incident Response Vehicle (SIRV) Team was created to manage and mitigate major

lane blocking events on the Interstate Highways in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The Team

is comprised of retired / former Police and Fire Rescue Professionals, and we respond with FHP

and Fire Rescue to crashes and other events that negatively impact traffic. We function as the

FDOT Incident Commander on the scene, supervise and assist the Road Rangers, provide

updates to the Transportation Management Center (TMC), and direct additional resources as

needed. We establish a safe work zone for all responders and others on the scene, while

facilitating the re-direction of motorists around the site. When it is safe to do so, we coordinate

the removal of vehicles and debris from the lanes and restore the normal flow of traffic to all lanes.

We are currently looking for retired / former Police Officers and Fire Fighters who are still

interested in making a difference. The requirements are:

~ Must have Police or Fire Rescue experience ~

~ Must live in Broward or Palm Beach County ~

~ Must have a current Florida Driver’s License ~

~ Must be able to lift & carry 50 lbs. ~

Starting salary is $25.00/hour with annual increases and bonuses. AutoBase, Inc. offers benefits

such as a 401k, Health Insurance, and paid time off.

If interested in learning more, please contact


Tom Mangan at:                                         Ignacio Vila at:

(954) 847-1992 Office                               (954) 529-0538 Office

(305) 606-7716 Cell                                   (954) 632-4551 Cell

tom@autobasecorp.com                          igiv@autobasecorp.com

thomas.mangan@dot.state.fl.us             ignacio.vila@dot.state.fl.us


****Would you like to be paid $50 per hour for driving someone around Miami****

Position: Security Driver (Armed)

Date: Coverage will be ongoing commencing November 2021

Day/Time of Coverage: Daily from 6pm-2am (8) Hours per day

Duties: Agent will be tasked with driving the client upon his request, vehicle will be provided

Compensation: $50/hr

Agent Requirement(s):

  • Active or Retired Law Enforcement
  • Must possess all necessary credentials and applicable licenses
  • Strong knowledge of the geographical area
  • Good communication skills
  • Non Disclosure Agreement as well as Non Compete Clause conditional to employment

Based on the demand of (56) hours per week, we are looking for at least (2) Agents, possibly (3). We anticipate a fair amount of downtime at the residence as well as cancellations from time to time. Agent will be compensated with a minimum of hours when cancellations exceed the agreed upon window.

Your thoughts and recommendations would be greatly appreciated and please don’t hesitate if more information is needed.



For more information, contact:

Robert J. Schumacher

President |  TAK Protective Group

e tan e epi tas


w: 631.899.6779 

m: 631.375.9560 

e: Rob@TAKProtectiveGroup.com




Sent our way by John Butchko:

MSA Security, a nationwide security company, has proposed an offer to any retired officer for a security job in Miami. The details: One of their major clients is opening a site on Brickell Avenue, in Miami. MSA has their contract and wants to hire retired officers from the Miami area to guard the outside of the building. They will pay $35.00 per hour. The position is armed and prior LE background is preferred but you MUST have a B & a G State of Florida carry license that is mandatory. This is a non uniform position and dress is appropriate to the weather and environment. Company benefits available after you've been with them three months. It is a fulltime permanent but will become a 24/7 position in September. MSA is a large company all over the world and they are involved in many large contracts like the Port of NY, etc. if interested contact Director MICHAEL MULLADY, Director Protective Services at phone: office- 212-509-1336 Ext: 223, or his cell number 917-834-9044. Email: mmullady@msasecurity.net. Mr. Mullady stands ready to answer all of your question.


Jerry, great catching up with you the other night. Below is specific info:                       

Outdoor Network owned by a retired Miami Dade County police officer is looking for a part time Sprinter Limo driver to take occasional trips to Tampa and Albany Georgia transporting company employees. The pay is $25 per hour. Since this is part time the driver can pick the trips that best meet his/her schedule. 

If interested please text Tom D’Azevedo: 954-295-7305

Tom D’Azevedo, C.O.B.

Outdoor Network LLC


We have personally contacted Dave Edmonds and he assures us that there are no hidden agenda's other than finding LEO's wishing to write articles and/or just improve their writing style. If you have any questions, please direct them to Mr. Edmonds.

Name: Dave Edmonds

Email: apb.dave@360armor.org

Phone: 707-490-9010

Subject: American Police Beat magazine, interested in our officers writing for us

Message: Hello, I’m a retired LEO and manager/editor for American Police Beat magazine. We’re looking for new LEO writers and I’m hoping you can put the below or something similar in your next newsletter to your members. My phone number is 707-490-9010 if you’d like to discuss.


Dave Edmonds

“‘Have you ever thought about publishing a law enforcement article? Here’s your chance. My name is Dave Edmonds and I’m a retired 34-year Deputy Sheriff from Sonoma County, California. I work for American Police Beat magazine, and we're looking for a cadre of new LEO writers.

I know that many LEOs have interesting and useful insights to share but don't know how to get started. When I first started writing for law enforcement magazines back in 2010, I know I wasted a lot of time and was pretty lost. So if you’ve ever thought about trying to publish an article this is a great opportunity. Also, if you’re a subject-matter expert who might want some help writing the article(s), one of our professional writers can be assigned to you. Please contact me at apb.dave@360armor.org.


Thank you for your reply. I have answered your anticipated questions below. I am available anytime if you or anyone else has additional questions. Justin Brighty, Security Detection, Central Division

Please see the following:

  • Our Security Detection Central Division headquarters is at 6626 Monroe Street, Sylvania OH. I am the point of contact, my cell phone number is 419-351-7074. Security Detection is broken up into East, Central, and West territories. I am one of the owners in the Central division.
  • Our website is www.securitydetection.com We are working directly with Garrett Metal Detectors and their website is www.garrett.com Product details on the Garrett website can be found under the security and thermal pages.  
  • This sales position is for selling Garrett walk through metal detectors that range in price from $2750.00 to $3495.00 along with the SmartScan thermal solution upgrade which sells for a price range of $7995.00 to $8995.00. Garrett also has a wide range of accessories.
  • This is an independent sales contractor position. The salary is $42,000.00 a year plus a commission of 30% of the profit of sales.
  • Once more COVID-19 restrictions are removed we will have training at the factory in Garland Texas. Until then Garrett has a training simulator that can be completed online.
  • As an independent sales contractor, the salesperson would be responsible for the vehicle, food, and hotel expenses if needed. The travel and lodging for training at the factory would be covered by Security Detection & Garrett Metal Detectors.
  • The region that this sales position will cover is Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County. The only travel would consist of these 3 counties. After a solid presence of Security Detection / Garrett Metal Detectors is established in these counties we would expand into other Florida counties.
  • This salesperson would receive factory leads. We would expect this salesperson to make sales visits to courthouses, police departments, shipping ports, cruise ports, etc. to market Garrett Metal Detectors.  

The rep would be a 1099 contractor. The sales representative would receive referrals however this person would be required to make cold calls to public buildings and other locations, this is also something that the salesperson could schedule prior. The only computer-related requirements would be for quoting equipment and communication. Learning how metal detectors work and features would be the only technical requirements. We do have technicians based out of Orlando that are able to handle service work and installations if needed.

Thank You,

Justin Brighty

Security Detection, Central Division

Email jbrighty@securitydetection.com

Cell 419-351-7074



For ANY information contact:

Meagan Barrow

Marshal’s Office Administrative Assistant

Third District Court of Appeal

2001 S.W 117th Ave

Miami, Florida 33175

(305)-229-3200 Ext. 3202

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph”

Thanks for your support,

John Fraley

RPOC President

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