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In November, we salute all of our veterans.

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Be happy, have fun, stay safe!
Compliments of: MIAMI-DADE POLICE DEPARTMENT & IGNITUS WORLDWIDE & International Police Association, Region 43, Southern Florida
1.              Keep costumes simple. Long and fancy ones could cause children to trip. Costumes should also be fireproof if possible. 
2.              Costumes should be made of white or light colored materials to be easily seen at night. Reflective patches or strips can also be added to the costume for more visibility when it is dark.
3.              Instead of wearing masks, paint faces with makeup. This will give a clear field of vision to see at night.
4.              Props, such as guns or swords should be made of Styrofoam or cardboard.
5.              Children should beware of pets, animals may react negatively to costumes.
6.              Have child’s name and address written on the inside of the costume and on the trick or treat bag!

1.              Obey all traffic rules. Watch for cars.
2.              Walk; do not run while going trick or treating.
3.              Cross only at corners. Never cross the street between parked cars or in the middle of the block.
4.              Walk on the sidewalk. Do not walk in the street.
5.              If there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic.
6.              Drivers should be especially observant and should drive slowly through areas where children are trick or treating.
7.              At least one person in each group should carry a flashlight and cellphone.
1.              Never eat anything until after an adult inspects the treats.
2.              Only give/accept wrapped or packaged candy.
3.              Notify the police if harmful items are found.

1.              Discuss with your children a pre-planned, well-lighted route to follow and make sure you know the area.
2.              Try to trick or treat when it is still light outside and be home by 9:00 p.m. at the latest.
3.              Know exactly what route your children are taking.
4.              Know which friends your children will be with.
5.              A responsible adult or teen should accompany each group.
6.              Have the children stay in your own neighborhood and only go to houses which have porch lights turned on.
7.              Leave your porch light on, so children will know it is okay to visit your home.
8.              Be suspicious of older children who come to your home more than once because they may be “casing” it for a burglary.
9.              Give your children small Halloween bags – these will be filled quickly and the kids will return home early.
10.           Attend safe Halloween parties at homes, schools, churches, or community centers.
11.           Report all criminal activities such as criminal mischief, rowdy groups of kids, speeding cars, etc.
Upcoming Events
Miccosukee luncheons are canceled but we would appreciate any suggestions for locations that we can use in the future.

April 21 -24, 2022 - Lake Mary, FL at Lake Mary Marriott, 1501 International Parkway, Lake Mary, FL 32746; PH: 1-800-380-7724 - Mark calendars now; More information to follow.
Service Spotlight
South Florida PBA Domino Tournament to benefit the Love Fund..FOOD, BEVERAGES & CIGARS & OF COURSE THE BEST DOMINO PLAYERS IN THE SOUTH!

Also, the IPA will be doing the drawing on their annual TRIP TO ANYWHERE (For Two) raffle. Although you don't have to be present to win, it would be nice to hear your name announced in person as the winner for this trip to anywhere in the world.

RPOC NEWS – October/November 2021
By: Dennis Bambach, President, RPOC


Just when we thought it was getting better, we hit another bump with Covid. I hope you and your family stayed safe through the summer. Unfortunately, my family was hit with it but have all recovered. A return to normalcy seems to be taking longer than we had all hoped for but I am optimistic that we will once again be able to gather in groups big or small to enjoy getting together with old friends. To that point, please remember to start planning for next year’s reunion which will return to the Marriott Lake Mary, April 21st thru April 25th. 
We have been lucky so far not to have been affected in South and Central Florida by the hurricanes and floods that have hit so much of the country but should stay aware of how fickle the weather is and be prepared. Our thoughts are with any members that were in the areas impacted by these storms. Please stay safe!

John Fraley, Vice President/Scholarship Chairman - We, as the RPOC board are proud to announce that we updated the scholarship award process to cover four years of undergraduate studies. The new award system will not be retroactive and will go into effect in January 2022.

Upon submission of an updated application that should include, grades and essay that reinforces your goals and achievements in college.

Year one will continue to be a $1000.00 scholarship.
Year two will also be a $1000.00 scholarship based on grades and their essay.
Years three and four will be $500.00 scholarships based on grades and their essay as well.

The scholarship program has been very successful, and the board is looking for dedicated students with initiative and goals. John S. Fraley

Reba Miller, Chaplain - " May the Lord grant you always. A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you. Laughter to cheer you. Faithful friends near you. And whenever you pray, Heaven hear you." ... An Irish Blessing

It is with heartfelt regret and remembrance that we honor the passing of our following members.

1. Robert C. (Redman) Duncan ... August 2021
2. Bailey C. Green...August 2021
3. Robert "Bob" James...September 2021
4. Joe Quick...October 2021

We also share special wishes and condolences for RPOC member, Patti Garrison Marriott, and her family for the loss of their best friend and sister, Maureen S. McDowell.

Get Well wishes are extended to members, Ron Sorenson(Heart Surgery), Keith DeGenova( Injuries resulting from a fall and John Striegel, (Stroke).

Special congratulations to our very long-time friend and colleague, RPOC member Donald Rhindress. He is the recipient of the AMVET OF THE YEAR SILVER HELMET AWARD 2020-2022.

We would like to give special thanks to our Armed Services Members, current and past, throughout the world who stand for our freedoms and sacrifices daily.

We send special prayers to our Jewish friends and family during this time of Rosh Hashanah," We wish you a happy L'SHANA TOVAH. May your year be filled with health, happiness, and peace. Blessings to all.

Jerry Rudoff, Sgt. At Arms/Information Officer: We are happy to report that we are currently achieving about 60% readership of our eNewsletter which is considerably above the average of groups similar to ours. We realize that we our members are spread out around the US and as we’ve mentioned before we would be pleased to receive pictures and news items that you’d like to see published in your eNews. Also, on any number of occasions, we receive information about our fellow members who are either ill or who have passed well after the fact and if you know of anyone that fits either category, we’d very much appreciate a contact so we can reach out to them and their family. To do this easily, you can either call, email us directly or go to our website at www.rocpba.org or www.rpocpba.org where you can click on the CONTACT US tab and send the information or click on JOIN EMAIL where you can update your profile information. Lastly, we continue to make adjustments to our website in order to make it as user friendly as possible. You will now notice that on our NEWSLETTER tab, we list the links to all our past eNewsletters so that you can read and catch up on any information you might have missed. You can also read the latest news by our president Dennis via these links. Relative to our Facebook page, you all are to be congratulated as we have not received any negative notices from the highly controlled Facebook organization regarding any posts that do not comply with THEIR community standards. The reason being is that we realize our members have a wide variety of political and social views and we and you primarily stick to that information that concerns US ALL rather than any one group. We thank you all very much for that as it minimized our communication directly with Facebook management. Stay well and in charge! Jerry 
We would like to welcome New Member: Luis Valdes, FDLE

On behalf of myself and all the board we thank you for your support. Dennis

“Never give up. There is no such thing as an ending. Just a new beginning.”

“Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular.”
Roy T. Bennett
“Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today”

STAY HEALTHY ---- STAY CALM -- STAY INCHARGE                       

~~Congratulations ~~

DONALD "Don" P. RHINDRESS recipient of the AMVET of The Year Silver Helmet, August 2021, Don served as a Reserve Police Officer for the Miami Dade Police Department as well as being a long time member of the Retired Police Officers Council and International Police Association. It has been an honor to have worked with him.

Thanks for your service Don.
www.rocpba.org or www.rpocpba.org
When you go to the website to join, renew or update personal info., look for the yellow box on the front page and click in the appropriate section. W
We feel confident that one of the legacy's you wish to leave those who came after you is a healthy and functional Retired Police Officers Council (RPOC). It is rather obvious that none of us are getting any younger and to this end we need our younger members to assume leadership roles in YOUR organization. With the RPOC elections for board members coming up in the not too distant future, we are looking for folks who are desirous of assuming a board position. Current board members will mentor all persons and in all positions. Please feel free to respond to this post via clicking on the below button and indicate your desires.. Thanks..
Occasionally, we received requests regarding employment for retired police officers. When we do, we try very hard to vet these requests as best we can. If you find something of interest to you, we strong suggest that you check them out to your own satisfaction.

****Would you like to be paid $50 per hour for driving someone around Miami****
Position: Security Driver (Armed)
Date: Coverage will be ongoing commencing November 2021
Day/Time of Coverage: Daily from 6pm-2am (8) Hours per day
Duties: Agent will be tasked with driving the client upon his request, vehicle will be provided
Compensation: $50/hr

Agent Requirement(s):
  • Active or Retired Law Enforcement
  • Must possess all necessary credentials and applicable licenses
  • Strong knowledge of the geographical area
  • Good communication skills
  • Non Disclosure Agreement as well as Non Compete Clause conditional to employment
Based on the demand of (56) hours per week, we are looking for at least (2) Agents, possibly (3). We anticipate a fair amount of downtime at the residence as well as cancellations from time to time. Agent will be compensated with a minimum of hours when cancellations exceed the agreed upon window.
Your thoughts and recommendations would be greatly appreciated and please don’t hesitate if more information is needed.
For more information, contact:
Robert J. Schumacher
President |  TAK Protective Group
e tan e epi tas
w: 631.899.6779 
m: 631.375.9560 

Sent our way by John Butchko:
MSA Security, a nationwide security company, has proposed an offer to any retired officer for a security job in Miami. The details: One of their major clients is opening a site on Brickell Avenue, in Miami. MSA has their contract and wants to hire retired officers from the Miami area to guard the outside of the building. They will pay $35.00 per hour. The position is armed and prior LE background is preferred but you MUST have a B & a G State of Florida carry license that is mandatory. This is a non uniform position and dress is appropriate to the weather and environment. Company benefits available after you've been with them three months. It is a fulltime permanent but will become a 24/7 position in September. MSA is a large company all over the world and they are involved in many large contracts like the Port of NY, etc. if interested contact Director MICHAEL MULLADY, Director Protective Services at phone: office- 212-509-1336 Ext: 223, or his cell number 917-834-9044. Email: mmullady@msasecurity.net. Mr. Mullady stands ready to answer all of your question.

Jerry, great catching up with you the other night. Below is specific info:                       
Outdoor Network owned by a retired Miami Dade County police officer is looking for a part time Sprinter Limo driver to take occasional trips to Tampa and Albany Georgia transporting company employees. The pay is $25 per hour. Since this is part time the driver can pick the trips that best meet his/her schedule. 
If interested please text Tom D’Azevedo: 954-295-7305
Tom D’Azevedo, C.O.B.
Outdoor Network LLC

We have personally contacted Dave Edmonds and he assures us that there are no hidden agenda's other than finding LEO's wishing to write articles and/or just improve their writing style. If you have any questions, please direct them to Mr. Edmonds.
Name: Dave Edmonds
Phone: 707-490-9010
Subject: American Police Beat magazine, interested in our officers writing for us
Message: Hello, I’m a retired LEO and manager/editor for American Police Beat magazine. We’re looking for new LEO writers and I’m hoping you can put the below or something similar in your next newsletter to your members. My phone number is 707-490-9010 if you’d like to discuss.
Dave Edmonds
“‘Have you ever thought about publishing a law enforcement article? Here’s your chance. My name is Dave Edmonds and I’m a retired 34-year Deputy Sheriff from Sonoma County, California. I work for American Police Beat magazine, and we're looking for a cadre of new LEO writers.
I know that many LEOs have interesting and useful insights to share but don't know how to get started. When I first started writing for law enforcement magazines back in 2010, I know I wasted a lot of time and was pretty lost. So if you’ve ever thought about trying to publish an article this is a great opportunity. Also, if you’re a subject-matter expert who might want some help writing the article(s), one of our professional writers can be assigned to you. Please contact me at apb.dave@360armor.org.

Thank you for your reply. I have answered your anticipated questions below. I am available anytime if you or anyone else has additional questions. Justin Brighty, Security Detection, Central Division
Please see the following:
  • Our Security Detection Central Division headquarters is at 6626 Monroe Street, Sylvania OH. I am the point of contact, my cell phone number is 419-351-7074. Security Detection is broken up into East, Central, and West territories. I am one of the owners in the Central division.
  • Our website is www.securitydetection.com We are working directly with Garrett Metal Detectors and their website is www.garrett.com Product details on the Garrett website can be found under the security and thermal pages.  
  • This sales position is for selling Garrett walk through metal detectors that range in price from $2750.00 to $3495.00 along with the SmartScan thermal solution upgrade which sells for a price range of $7995.00 to $8995.00. Garrett also has a wide range of accessories.
  • This is an independent sales contractor position. The salary is $42,000.00 a year plus a commission of 30% of the profit of sales.
  • Once more COVID-19 restrictions are removed we will have training at the factory in Garland Texas. Until then Garrett has a training simulator that can be completed online.
  • As an independent sales contractor, the salesperson would be responsible for the vehicle, food, and hotel expenses if needed. The travel and lodging for training at the factory would be covered by Security Detection & Garrett Metal Detectors.
  • The region that this sales position will cover is Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County. The only travel would consist of these 3 counties. After a solid presence of Security Detection / Garrett Metal Detectors is established in these counties we would expand into other Florida counties.
  • This salesperson would receive factory leads. We would expect this salesperson to make sales visits to courthouses, police departments, shipping ports, cruise ports, etc. to market Garrett Metal Detectors.  
The rep would be a 1099 contractor. The sales representative would receive referrals however this person would be required to make cold calls to public buildings and other locations, this is also something that the salesperson could schedule prior. The only computer-related requirements would be for quoting equipment and communication. Learning how metal detectors work and features would be the only technical requirements. We do have technicians based out of Orlando that are able to handle service work and installations if needed.
Thank You,
Justin Brighty
Security Detection, Central Division
Cell 419-351-7074

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph”
Thanks for your support,

Dennis Bambach
RPOC President
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