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Don't Forget Senator Rhett!
District 33

Senator Rhett's Monthly Broadcast

Senator "Doc" Rhett
Cobb County Democratic Legislator of the year!
Cobb County Commissioner Lisa Cupid
Cobb Association of Educators Chair Connie Jackson

Ben Meyers IBEW & Councilman Doug Stoner

Reading to Pre-K students in the community

Lt. Governor Health Care Reform Task Force 
in Marietta, GA
Health Care Reform Task Force Works to Combat Opioid Crisis
MARIETTA, GA Sept. 25, 2017 - Today, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, along with Sens. Renee Unterman, Dean Burke, Chuck Hufstetler, Ben Watson, Kay Kirkpatrick, Jack Hill and Doc Rhett, held the fourth meeting of Georgia's Health Care Reform Task Force. Members discussed solutions to address the opioid crisis in our state while elevating Georgia as a leader in advancing patient-centered approaches to treating addiction. Hosted at WellStar Health System's Development Center in Marietta, medical professionals and treatment experts presented findings on local, state and national responses to combat threats of opioid epidemic.

Cobb Democrats at the North Georgia State Fair

She will do anything to register him as a democrat!

Pastor Dow's Installation at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Governor Barnes Doc Rhett Chairman Boyce Councilwoman Doris

Doc Rhett Pastor Dow Chairman Boyce Governor Barnes

Hosley Chapel Men's Day
Pastor Hammond Doc Rhett Pastor Purvis

Councilman Coleman

Pastor Mason Union Chapel Men's Day

Deanne Bonner Cobb NAACP Chair
Thank you for your many years of service

doctor hospital health stethoscope_dr_pad.jpg
Health Fair in the community

Cobb County School Adult Education Literacy Day

Saturday, October 28, 2017
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Turner Chapel AME
492 North Marietta Parkway
Marietta, GA 30060





  1. The first step is to apply for an absentee ballot.
    • Click here to download the application.

    • Military and Overseas Citizens  click here to download the application.

  2. Fill out the application completely. Be sure you fill out all appropriate fields and physically sign the application.
  3. Send in the application:
    • FAX to (770) 528-2458 or (770) 528-2519
    • MAIL to Cobb Elections, 
    • P.O. Box 649, 
    • Marietta, GA 30061-0649
    • DELIVER in PERSON to Cobb Elections, 736 Whitlock Ave., Suite 400, Marietta, GA 30064
    • SCAN and EMAIL to 

  4. Your application will be reviewed and an absentee ballot will be mailed to your address.
  5. The voter must sign or make a mark on the application (first black arrow), unless:
  6. A relative may apply on behalf of a voter who is out of town or disabled (second black arrow).
  7. When you have voted the ballot, it may either be delivered in person or mailed to:
Cobb Elections
P.O.Box 649
Marietta GA 30061-0649
(In person: 736 Whitlock Ave., Suite 400)

Some say Georgia is the most Gerrymandered State
in the nation.
Is this true?
How does this impact elections?

Join Cobb Democratic Women
Gerrymandering Explained

Guest Speakers:

Sen. Elena Parent (D) District 42
Sponsor of  Senate Resolution (6) calling for an
Independent Redistricting Commission

Rep. David Wilkerson (D) District 38
Discusses gerrymandering
Cobb, and a recent voter fight

Thursday, October 12th
Golden Corral
Austell, GA 30008
Dinner/Social 6 p.m.  Meeting 7 p.m.

Powder Springs lures business with free rent

To attract new businesses to the city, Powder Springs officials have spent about $840,000 to purchase property downtown and plan to offer incentives including free rent for a year to companies that might lease the space and open up shop.
A contract is in the works with Atlanta-based architecture and design firm TSW for plans aimed at revitalizing the city's downtown district, and an open house is planned Oct. 26 to showcase potential commercial sites acquired by the Powder Springs Downtown Development Authority to get the area booming.
The city's development authority recently purchased five buildings downtown in the hopes of landing a restaurant and a brewery that could serve as anchors to help support surrounding businesses, said Stephanie Aylworth, the city's economic development director.
The properties cost the development authority nearly $840,000, and Aylworth said the group's "Anchor Incentive Package" offers one year of free rent and a renovation grant for businesses looking to set up shop downtown.
"We're trying to go the traditional route of finding a good anchor and creating that walkable traffic that makes us more of a destination," she said.
Mayor Al Thurman said revitalizing downtown Powder Springs was one of the city's priorities when he first joined the council about 15 years ago.
"This has been on the drawing board a long time," he said. "We've done study after study - this is something we've needed to do but nobody's really pulled the trigger."


MIC HOA Network

Giving Homeowner Associations (HOAs) in South Cobb a resource to collaborate, advocate, and share valuable information relevant to our communities.

To make sure your HOA is included, email Ray Thomas.

Pebblebrook High School Student Wins Pageant Title

Congratulations to Pebblebrook freshman, Arjaye Johnson! Arjaye won this year's Junior Miss title at the North Georgia State Fair. 

The Junior Miss title is awarded to middle schoolers and high schoolers between 13 and 15 years old. ( MDJ)

South Cobb
Award for the South Cobb Toastmasters!

Congratulations to South Cobb Toastmasters on achieving President's Distinguished status for the eleventh year. Toastmasters International established the Distinguished Club Program as a general measure of club success. Each year the program recognizes club achievements in education, membership growth, club leadership and club communication.  Through the creation of a Club Success Plan and a clearly defined mission the achievement of nine of the ten goals has qualified South Cobb Toastmasters as a President's Distinguished Club. 

Click here for more information about the South Cobb Toastmasters.

Source MDJ News
The rate of Marietta High School seniors who walked across the stage this spring was up from last year, while the graduation rate for Cobb students held steady at 83 percent, according to data released by the school districts Wednesday.
Marietta High's graduation rate for the 2016-17 school year was 78.5 percent, up from 75.1 percent in 2015-16, data shows. The district has graduated a greater percentage of students in each of the last seven years, and while Marietta trails the state average of 80.6 percent, district officials say they are optimistic that rates continue to climb.
"Every single child matters here in our district, and we have a duty to make sure every student graduates, with skills, on time," Marietta Superintendent Grant Rivera said, noting that it's important to have teachers and counselors in place who can meet a student's individual needs and keep them on track to graduate.
In 2011, data shows Marietta's graduation rate was less than 60 percent. Rates have improved each year since, in part because the district is working to better track students who move to other districts, said John Floresta, Marietta's strategy and innovation director. When enrolled students withdraw and move to another district without first notifying their school, they are frequently counted as a "dropouts," which brings graduation statistics down, he said.
"When a student walks onto our campus for just one day, we become responsible for tracking them and identifying where they go. But when you (only) factor in the students who are on campus all four years, our graduation rate is more than 90 percent," Floresta said. "The other half of the convers
centered on instructional support and what we can do to get these students the credits they need to graduate on time."
Cobb schools face similar challenges with tracking transient students who leave a school without first notifying the district, Superintendent Chris Ragsdale said Wednesday.
While six Cobb schools boasted graduation rates higher than 90 percent, two high schools, Pebblebrook and Osborne, had rates of less than 70 percent.
"We have to look at what counts for and against these graduation rates," Ragsdale said. "When you have a student that leaves the school and you can't show where that student is enrolled or if they're enrolled, they count as a dropout. It's really not logical, and it's really not fair to schools who have zero control over the transient rate."

Source MDJ News

In the reading and writing section, Cobb averaged 554 points, beating the state average of 535 and national average of 533. Cobb's average score on the reading section last year was 514. Cobb's average math score of 534 also beat the state (515) and national (527) averages, as well as the average score in 2016 (513).
Four students across the district received perfect scores - one student from Campbell High and three students from Walton.
Walton once again led all 16 of the district's high schools on the SAT, averaging a total score of 1242, 92 points higher than the state average and 82 points higher than the national average, data shows. With the latest round of tests, Cobb's top-performing school had some of Georgia's highest scores.
Walton received the district's highest ACT scores earlier this month with a composite score of 27.0, six points higher than the national average. The high school had five students achieve perfect scores on the ACT, and a participation rate of 75 percent - the highest in the district.
"It's always great news when we can say we exceeded the state and national average," Superintendent Chris Ragsdale said. "And we're super proud of Walton."
Ragsdale said Cobb is working to increase the number of students who take the SAT and ACT each year, but that it's encouraging to see students' scores continue to increase as well.
"I'm proud of all of our high schools," he said. "Our students continue to work really hard, and like I've said before, the teachers just knock it out of the park."
Marietta's high-schoolers scored higher than the state and national averages on the reading and writing portion of the revamped SATs, but fell behind most of the nation's high schoolers on the math portion of the exam by an average score of eight points, data shows.
In the reading and writing sections, students averaged a score of 541, six points higher than the state average and eight points above the national average. Last year's reading score for Marietta was 489.
In the math section, Marietta students averaged a score of 519, which beat the state average of 515 but not the national average of 527. Last year's average score on the math section was 476.

Cobb S C L C

transportation bus

Harrah Casino Something for Everyone to Do!
Turning Point Enterprises Inc. is sponsoring a fun trip to Harrah's Casino, located in Cherokee, North Carolina, on Saturday, November 11th, 2017!

Transportation Cost 1-Day Trip: $50.00 $20.00 reimbursed November 11, 2017 
(Tentative Itinerary)

· Board bus 9:00 a.m. at Mansour Center 995 Roswell Street Marietta GA 30060

· Arrive at Harrah's Casino around Noon.

· Leave Harrah's Casino at 7:00 p.m.

· Return 10:00 p.m. to Mansour Center A final itinerary will be provided to you! Payment Methods and Deadlines Payment made by check or cash to: Turning Point Enterprises Inc. Mansour Center, 995 Roswell Street Suite 100 Marietta, GA 30060 (770) 528-6262

 Payment due by October 10, 2017. No checks accepted after 10/ 10/17, cash only. (Payments are non- refundable) *All passengers must be 21 or over and present a valid (unexpired) government issued photo ID 

Contact Turning Point Enterprises Inc. to reserve your seat on the bus!

Meets every 1st Monday at the South Cobb Recreation Center in Austell

Powder Springs Task Force
Meets every 4th Monday at the Ron Anderson Recreation Center in Powder Springs

CDW Millennials' Brunch!

Mix, Mingle, and Mimosas !
Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017, 11 a.m.

Cobb Democrats 
Cobb Democrats

naacp logo 

Good morning NAACP leaders, volunteers, and supporters,

As you have seen, much of the news has focused on President Trump's comments/tweets calling for players who protest to be fired, and the subsequent NFL protests.  

Last night, President/CEO Derrick Johnson taped an interview for Good Morning America, which aired earlier today. 

Watch:  History of Social Activism Through Sports . We've posted on social media regarding the protests and working on a few other interviews and appearances. We  will  also engage  our friends and partners in the NFL and NBA.

Here are few points developed by our Communications Office in case you get calls: 

Trump Calls for NFL Owners to Fire Players Who Protest During Playing of National Anthem
  • During a campaign rally for U.S. Senator Luther Strange in Huntsville, Alabama, on Friday, President Donald Trump spoke extensively about television viewership of NFL games.  Trump tied to tie the reports of NFL lower ratings to players hitting each other too hard and the act of taking a knee to protest issues like police brutality. He said "Trump asked the crowd, "you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, say: 'Get that son of a b---- off the field right now. Out. He's fired. He's FIRED!" Trump opined that the first owner to "fire" such a player would become "the most popular person in this country."

Big Values
  • This is about the ability of Americans to utilize their constitutional rights without punitive actions from their employers.
  • It's really about Freedom - If we are unable to exercise our rights guaranteed by the Constitution, are we free?
  • During segregation, the ability of athletes and entertainers from our community from Muhammad Ali, to Jackie Robinson and the recently passed comedian Dick Gregory, to use their platform and visibility to bring attention to the suffering and discrimination of communities of color, played a major role in the elimination of Jim Crow.
  • Today, athletes continue to use their platforms to bring attention to issues including police brutality, which is what Colin Kaepernick did last year and many including NFL players like Marshawn Lynch, Chris Long and Michael Bennett.
Why important to us
  • The issue of police brutality - aided in part by policies of this administration, particularly our Department of Justice led by Jeff Sessions, who have pulled back on strategies that rein in police conduct including consent decrees. The DOJ under Trump and Sessions has also attempted to reimpose mandatory minimum sentences for low level offenders a strategy that pushed our prison population to the highest in the world and over 2 million.
  • It's doesn't matter what your racial identify or background, we need all Americans who value black lives to speak out peacefully against police brutality. This is our issue.

Athletes of Color Cannot Detached themselves from the issues of their communities
  • Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks was threatened at gun point he says by the Las Vegas police. LeBron James has had the N word sprayed on his California home. And on social media many athletes including Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant are speaking out against the divisive rhetoric coming from the White House. They spoke up on the killing of Trayvon Martin, why would anyone expect them to be silent on Police Brutality when they must worry about it every day or worry about their children each time they leave the house.

Protecting the Vote remains an issue that this administration must show it is earnest in protecting.  Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day
  • It is important that we reinstate the full Voting Rights Act and protect against voter suppression, where millions of people are being denied their constitutional right to vote. The courts have documented voter suppression numerous times and shown how partisan gerrymandering can create voting districts that dilute the vote of communities of color. This is a real issue we call upon Trump to address as opposed to promoting the mythological idea of voter fraud.

Thank you for all that you do, 

Peace & Power...

Kevin Myles | Regional Director
Southeast Region 5
Field Operations Division
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People



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