"The good clinician treats the disease.  The great clinician treats the patient who has the disease. "       William Osler 

It's almost October, and that means it's our anniversary month: 9+ years of me offering yoga in town and the 7 year anniversary of Ohana being around as an entity.  The name means family in Hawaiian, but in a much deeper sense.  Ohana can include the concept of a larger family that is not necessarily connected by blood. A person's 'ohana' can include their best friends, neighbors, or anyone else who is special in their life.  The people within it are bound together by genuine compassion, culture, support, loyalty, and love for each other.   It is very meaningful to be part of this type of community and be able to go or just be around one other when needed. Just being in the group makes one feel that sense of hygge.    In today's world where we can become social media friends with everyone we meet, where genuine and deep friendships are becoming increasingly rare, the beauty and value of the family becomes even more palpable.  Within an 'ohana', you are never isolated or alone.  

We would like to celebrate as we have the past couple of years with an open house.  Details are below.  We will have a longer free class where you can see all of the instructors coming together to teach you what they do best.   

We are so lucky to have a lot of teachers that excel at different aspects of yoga and wellness.  When you pay for classes there is a give and take.  We give your our knowledge and experience in exchange for a payment.  We do not take this exchange lightly and always try to reinvest that into more trainings and education in the fields we are passionate about.   We are here to fill in the gaps of fitness and well being in your life.   

 There will be a list of everything we offer, below in the 'Class News' section.  

We hope to see you as often as you are able. 

We love you all.

Blessings to you all always,  
The Ohana Bunch

Class News!

What we offer in the group space:
All levels classes (addressing ALL levels)
Gentle Yoga
Chair Yoga
Yin Yoga (see below for benefits)
Yoga Nidra
Joyful Yoga (you really feel joyful after)
Restorative Yoga
Thai Yoga Massage & Yoga
Holistic Bellydancing
Classes that find ways to access your strength and mobility

What we offer in the treatment room*:
Sound Healing
Healthy Lifestyle coaching
Life-force Healing sessions

*More details below in the 'Bodywork & More' section

The Fall Schedule will be in swing in October!
Saturdays - All Levels Yoga w/ Music is back to 8:30am start time.
Saturdays - Prenatal Yoga is from 10am-11am.  (No class on Oct 6th)
Sundays  - Kundalini Yoga will be back at 8am. (No class on Oct 8th or 14th)
Sundays  - All Levels Yoga w/Live Music is back to a 10am start time.

Benefits of Yin Yoga
  • Improves flexibility.(up to 47%)
  • Releases fascia and improves joint mobility.
  • Restores the connective tissues
  • Clearing the energetic channels of the body: meridians, nerve and blood system.
  • Increases circulation.
  • Calms and balances the mind and body.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Helps to balance and harmonize the internal organs, improving the flow of chi or prana
Please feel free to use the website or Ohana Yoga NH App for the most up to date information on classes and teacher coverage.   

We have classes every day - Morning and evening and some sprinkled in between! We offer affordable classes where you are able to come as often as you can without a disruption in your practice.     

Open House/Anniversary Gathering
Sunday  - October, 14th 10-12pm  - Free

We want to thank you.  We are still here because of you.  You have allowed us to serve the community and grow our knowledge.  You have been there for us while we do what we love and continue to affect more lives.   You have given us hope and love and we want to return the favor.  

Please join in where we all co-teach a mixed variety class, showing their styles, for everyone!  

Kelly is a contributor to the newsletter.  Her thoughts and poems are too good not to share.  Her journey through yoga can only be described as monumental.  Please enjoy!

Imagine, that there is no problem. 
Often, we create problems for ourselves that are purely fabricated from our own mind. Like a story reel in our minds eye, labeling external stimulus as uncomfortable, boring, painful, and downright difficult. Often strong emotions will take hold thus laying the foundation for our behavior. Our true power comes from our awareness of our own reactions to the outside world and taking responsibility for the energy put forth. This is why we come to our mats. 
We breathe. 
We move. 
We Shake. 
We cry. 
We love ourselves first, so when we step off our mats we love others from our heart. 
If there was no problem, would you live differently?

Restorative Yoga, Energy & Crystal Healing! 
 Fridays,     Oct 19th, Nov 16th, Dec 21st
  6:30pm-8:30pm - $25

" By the last poses I was mush.  I was so "out" in the second to last pose, when I came back, I felt as though it had been a hundred years.  I loved the crystal bowls; hard to describe, but the sounds and vibrations are so penetrating and addictive."  PL

"It is good for the soul.  Usually it is difficult to let go and meditate, but this class made it easier to attain a good state of mind."  - HM

Restorative Yoga  - The Yoga will provide you with a more soothed nervous system, the ability to slow down and enjoy the slower pace of life after a long week.  We help you to be more mindful in your approach to yoga feeling the body settle into the props with the assistance of gravity.  Dropping down into this level of awareness, you are capable of experiencing deeper levels of consciousness, intuitive thought and introspection that you wouldn't other wise receive in your fast paced world.  Amy creates a space where you feel protected, nurtured, and taken care of, which most people do not usually receive because they are too busy taking care of everyone else.  You may also feel a sense of detachment from your physical body that is different than when you sleep.  

Energy Work - We touch upon the use a multidimensional etheric leveled energy that helps you balance and heal.  The opening of channels within the subtle body are done in each posture.

Crystal EnergyThe pure tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls are excellent as an effortless relaxation method. Listening to them very quickly brings one to a state of deep relaxation, and a space where clarity of thought is possible, as one is able to focus intentions with ease, which is the goal of yoga.    Physical feelings of well-being are improved as one feels a sense of lightness, vitality and inner health. When one ingests sound vibrations that are positive tones for the body, as in the Sounds of Crystal, one is taking in the frequencies required by the body, allowing the body to heal itself once it feels relaxed and strong. Often, listeners have reported that the Pure Tones of the Crystal Bowls have inspired them to treat their bodies with more care.

Voices Alive!
 Exploring collective joy & well-being through song
    Wednesdays -  Oct 17th, Nov 21st 
@ 7:30pm - $15 or class pass

All are welcome in this community circle as we learn a variety of uplifting, fun and meditative songs taught in the oral tradition. Discover the power of one voice becoming many, weaving a musical tapestry of poetry, kindness, mindfulness and joy. Medicine for the brain, heart and planet! Facilitated by 

Kristin Ingold, music lover and co-founder of Three Sisters Song Collective whose mission is to collect and share with others healing songs from around the world.

Yoga Nidra w/Deb & Lisa!
    Sunday -  Oct 21st, Nov 18th @ 6pm

This once a month class is designed to get your mind in gear bridging the conscious and unconscious.  Yoga Nidra leads you through a meditation to relax you deeply, like sleep, while awake.  This practice empowers your inner awareness.   It is restorative and rejuvenating.  The bowls will be played throughout.  

SoulCollage® Introductory Workshops
  w/Joanie and Nicole  -   $25

Sat,   Oct 13th -  6pm - 8:30pm
            Nov 10th - 6pm - 8:30pm

SoulCollage® is a creative collage process in which you create cards, using images that represent the many different aspects of yourself. The resulting deck of cards will have personal meaning and can deepen your understanding of yourself and your Soul. No previous artistic experience is needed to create unique and beautiful cards. All supplies are included. Space is limited to 12 people. 

Register at  SoulCollageNH@gmail.com.  Pre-registration is $25, and $30 the day of the workshop. Bring a friend and you both receive a gift to assist you on your SoulCollage® journey! Tea and chocolate provided.

We will be offering 3 SoulCollage® workshops. All workshops are held between 6pm to 8:30pm.  

Oct 13th  - "Transitioning Inward-Listening to Our Inner Wisdom"
Nov 10th - "The Light Within-Honoring & Caring for Ourselves During the Holiday Season"

Nicole Gage has been interested in becoming a SoulCollage® Facilitator for several years, intending to take the training in the next year. She is full-time working mom who also teaches Essentrics and Praying in Color while blogging and writing. 

Joanie Lemmon Bella became a  SoulCollage® Facilitator in 2015, after creating cards on her own and with friends. She is a graduate of Ohana Yoga's teacher training and a mental health counselor.

Both have experience working with others using the SoulCollage® process and enjoy making and using their cards both individually and with others.

What  everyone needs  to know about inflammation
  w/Carolyn Rordam - Holistic health Coach
Saturday, October 20th, 2018  - 11am-1pm -   $25

Join us for an informative talk about inflammation, its role in our daily health and how to change it. 

What the talk will cover:
What is inflammation
What  arthritis, belly bloat, leaky gut and brain fog have in common.
Learn  about what foods to avoid and what to embrace 
Lifestyle Strategies to Combat it

Everyone who registers for this workshop will be eligible for a free one on one health consultation with Carolyn Rordam. Get started on a different path towards health and wellness that is practical and achievable because you design it for yourself.

Carolyn Rordam - Holistic Health Coach is a Recent graduate of the Institute for Integrative nutrition and an MFA from Lesley University.

Carolyn's journey of health and nutrition comes form years on competitive cycling and running and a total passion for really good food. She throughly believes in nurturing the body and the soul through nutritious food shared with family and friends. As an  artist she knows healthy living is an art that is honed through practice and knowledge of what feeds you in every avenue of your life.

Soulful Sunday!
     October 21st @ 10am

Live MUSIC during Yoga

Join us for our regularly scheduled Sunday yoga class but with Live singing by Lily and percussion by Jared.  They make a beautiful pairing for inspirational movement.  

Stacey Elysian's Monthly Visit!
 Saturday, October 27th, 2018
Healing Sessions 1 hr appts - $100
Reflective Meditation - 5-6:00pm - $15

Reflective Meditation - Are you experiencing health issues, or is your body overly stressed out or are you filled with worry?  This is for you! 

Through this group you will learn how to align your mind, body & soul. Ground your energy, and increase your intuition. In your day-to-day life and work, reflective meditation techniques provide you with a powerful and effective tool for focusing your attention upon personal or professional questions in order to discover a creative solution or breakthrough insight. 

Reflective meditation also helps us to understand the issues or inner conflicts that 
may arise during the practice of other meditations. Sit back and relax as you welcome the healing process of your body either mentally, physically or spiritually as you heal and rejuvenate your energy. 

This meditation group will give you tools that will provide you tools to help in your every day life, creating a better connection with yourself. 

Each person who attends will also have access to sound healing through crystal singing bowls and tuning forks, as well as individual techniques that may help for your energetic needs.

This meditation is facilitated by Stacey Elysian- an International Certified Medium, Certified Life Force Energy Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, and Meditation Instructor. 


Stacey is one special divine individual.  She connects to spirit to give us the most important messages.  She guides us gently through the process of connecting information from loved ones loved and making sure the energetic body is ready to receive, heal and learn.   

Please call to reserve your time block.  (603) 748-1539

In general, she is great for many services that can be done in person and from afar.  She offers amazing gifts to help one navigate through life.   Check out her website  here.   

 Foundations in Thai Massage Level I 
w/Shai Plonski.       $400

Nov 30th - 6pm - 8:30pm
Dec 1st - 10am - 6pm
Dec 2nd - 9am - 5pm

Thai Massage combines the best of yoga, massage, meditation and energy work into a powerful healing modality. Among its many benefits, clients report an amazing ability for the massage to help remove tension, eliminate pain in the neck, shoulders, back and legs and to feel more youthful, deeply relaxed and refreshed.

That is because Thai Massage gets the body to move how it was designed while combining customized massage techniques. As such it helps clients to heal themselves naturally.

What's more, you learn to give it as a meditation in loving kindness and compassion. As such the benefits are shared and they are profound. By design you'll learn t o massage so that it is at least as good to give as it is to receive.

This is a class designed for yoga teachers, massage therapists and those without any experience. In addition to the massage itself, yoga teachers will be able to gain confidence and knowledge for giving assists, incorporate Thai Massage into their classes and have a new treatment to offer private students. Massage therapists will be able to start offering a new modality to their clients right away. And those without any experience can give a high-level massage even after one weekend of training.

In this course, you will learn a complete 60-minute massage:
* How to massage back, shoulders, legs, feet, head and hands;
* The secrets of developing intuitive touch;
* How to get started on a successful Thai Massage career

This course is accredited with NCBTMB for continuing education and can be used as continuing education with Yoga Alliance.


LEVEL II Thai Massage w/Ayurvedic concepts
March 8th, 9th, and 10th 

LEVEL I is required to complete this course.  Please feel free to register if you are interested.  

  We have transformed a room adjacent to the yoga studio, that can be used for treatments. There are so many talented women that want to provide services to you, so I will do my best to list them all here. They go by appointments only, so I have listed the days they are usually available and the phone number so you can set something up. 
Stacey Elysian (914)-336-7693
Stacey is one special divine individual. She connects to spirit to give us the most important messages. She guides us gently through the process of connecting information from loved ones loved and making sure the energetic body is ready to receive, heal and learn. 
In general, she is great for many services that can be done in person and from afar. She offers amazing gifts to help one navigate through life. 
https://www.elysianld.com to check out her services. She tries to come to NH once a month. I use her remotely all the time.  
Jennifer Woolf (603)568-9995
Acupuncture on Saturdays
Jacqueline Soul (603) 369-0747
Massage on Tuesdays
Audrey Drake (603)707-9621
Sound healings on Fridays once a month
Intuitive Empath, Reiki Master Healer, Sound Healer, Meditation Teacher, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Angel Card Reader, Voice Within Coach.
Sessions are customized per client - $108/hr Audrey@audreydrake.com
Jennifer Gaudet-Esenwine (603) 748-4592
Willowsong Wellness 
Usui Reiki sessions on Mondays
Jen has been a healthcare provider for 24 years and has been practicing Reiki for the past 15 years. She has seen and experienced - both personally and professionally - the positive effects that the addition of the practices of Reiki, Mindfulness and Meditation can have on whole body health. Her understanding of the connections between body, mind, and spirit is unique due to her training, and she uses her extensive experiences to help you toward restoring harmony. It is her sincere hope that offering Reiki sessions, Mindfulness and Meditation instruction can be another highly effective tool in your journey toward wellness.
Adrienne DeAngelis Russell (603)-520-6959 
Reiki and Angel Healing Practitioner.
August 1st and 8th - Wednesdays 
* Reiki- 30 min @ $35, using Usui and intuitive hand positions. Crystals/stones may also be used on or around client, with their permission. 
* Reiki with Chakra dowsing- 60 min @ $65. Includes approx 40-45 min Reiki using Usui and intuitive hand positions, and 15-20 min pendulum dowsing of the seven major chakras for healing, clearing & aligning. Energetic healing in addition to the chakras may also take place during the dowsing. Crystals/stones may be used on or around client, with their permission. Client remains lying on the table for the entire hour. 
* Angel guided intuitive readings- 20-30 min timeframe @ $25.
Every session is conducted with the intention of nurturing the client's highest healing/highest good, to assist them in their physical or spiritual healing journey, with the belief that every being innately knows how to heal themselves.
Carolyn Rordam
Holistic Health Consultant -  (603) 244-8099
Are you asking yourself, "Why do I have so much trouble losing weight?" Should you eat vegan, vegetarian, paleo, Whole 30, Ketogenic, or gluten free? With all the different diets out there how do you know what works and what doesn't? Have you "tried them all" and still can't reach your weight loss goals? The biggest secret is there is no "one size fits all diet." 

As a Holistic Health Coach, she is committed to providing the necessary instruction and encouragement you need to take action and get results. You will focus on your health from a holistic perspective- first by helping you understand your bio-individuality, and second, by helping you gain insight into what nourishes you beyond the dinner plate. Her job in this process is to guide you through more than diet;  working side by side toward a healthier you.     Call to make an appointment for a free health consultation. 
So many choices for healing! Please do contact them individually to answer questions you may have and to schedule a session. They will tell you the days and times they have available. 
We are so lucky to have so many beautiful souls doing their life's purpose.

Contact the following women to book services!
Massage through Jacqueline (603) 369-0747
Acupuncture  with  Jennifer (603)568-9995
Life Force Energy Healing sessions with   Stacey (914) 336-7693
Reiki sessions  with  Jennifer Gaudet-Esenwine   MSN,  (603) 748-4592
Reiki Sessions with Adrienne Russell, (603) 520-6959
Holistic Health Coaching with Carolyn Rordam, (603) 244-8099

Biomats at Ohana

Bio Mat Professional
We have a Biomat at the studio for you to use before, during and after class.  It is considere d a medical  device and has many many benefits.  You just need to try it to feel it.    They are for sale and we offer a special offer with every purchase.  


We have some clothes now handmade by Lavada Nala.  Pants, skirts, shirts, and scarves.  We are loving the creativity of these pieces.  

Women Businesses
Need a gift for someone special?   We have lots of items from crafty people in our local community.  

We are getting in new stones weekly.  If you are looking for a particular stone, we can work with you to find what you need!

About Ohana!

Mobile App! 
We now have an app!    Looking up classes, check if a class is canceled,  knowing who is covering, signing up or paying will be much easier.  The most up to date information is always available here!  The look and feel are more navigational.  It's free! Check it out! 

Feel free to leave us a review on either the app (Ohana Yoga NH) or our Facebook page ( Review Ohana!),  if you have enjoyed Ohana thus far.  We appreciate it so much.  There are many people scared to even attempt going to a class, and we would love for them to know what others think about their experience and what to expect.  Thank you in advance! 
If you come two times a week or more, you may want to consider a yearly pass, to fully immerse in the many offerings, without the hassle.  

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable: We are trained to help you gain a better perspective of your habits and patterns.  We do our best to bring you out of your comfort zone; the place that you have been for a long time and is causing your suffering.  Thank you for letting us serve you, by working together to bring out the light that is already shining within.  

Lisa and the Ohana Team !
(603) 748-1539

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