October 7 – 15
The Rosary Center & Confraternity was established by the Dominican Friars of the Western Province and serves as the local headquarters of the Rosary Confraternity, providing numerous resources to help the faithful grow in their love of our Lord, the Blessed Mother, the Rosary and the Catholic Church. The Rosary Confraternity is a spiritual association of the Catholic Church, the members of which strive to pray the entire Rosary during the course of one week.

If you are not able to attend Mass they ask you to participate fully in the Novena by:

1) Making a Spiritual Communion each day during the Novena, and
2) By praying the Rosary each day during the Novena.

For more information about this Oregon Rosary Center & Confraternity and to join the Confraternity, click here.
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
your faith and connect with the community.

*Important Notice regarding Book Club*
 Please note that the monthly Book Club will no longer run as part of Sister†Hood, but is instead a completely independent third party program with no affiliation with Sister†Hood. Please note that all Sister†Hood programming is online at the present time due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Sister†Hood Update from our Blog
With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, life has become anything but routine for all people, and most women are now facing more life stresses than ever before. Here at Sister†Hood, our aim is as before – to aid all women in their life and spiritual journeys, and to provide opportunities for growth, support & fellowship for all women where they can ‘come as they are‘. As situations in the world and in our churches shift and change due to unfolding circumstances, Sister†Hood will continue to evolve to provide that support, fellowship and growth in the ways women truly need it. To that end, we have developed a variety of initiatives and online events designed to support faith and women & their families, and through them, continue to help our world.

Our new “Mothers at Prayer” (MAP) online prayer & support group is fashioned in the spirit of St. Monica, and will be a prayer and support group for all mothers to help them in their role as mothers, but especially to help them be intercessors for their children and families to come back to the faith and God. This monthly meeting will enable women from all areas and walks of life to pray and share the joys and struggles of motherhood, while interceding and working with God to bring their children back to Him if they have fallen away from the Church and faith.

Our monthly online ‘Sit Sip & Chat’ Sister†Hub Meetings will continue to be a place for women to explore and deepen their knowledge of the Catholic faith, pray, and share their life journeys with other women.
Our Sister†Hood Shop, launched this spring, continues to provide a variety of items for spiritual protection, spiritual warfare, inner healing and prayer. This month sees the addition of Exorcism Blessed 100% Beeswax Candles.

Our ‘News & Views‘ page also continues to provide links to informative, thought-provoking articles and videos from around the world – offered for individual discernment.

As the world continues to become a place of increased uncertainty, Sister†Hood will continue to strive to be a place of unity, fellowship and support for all our Sisters in Christ. To that end we are also launching our new ‘Sister†Net‘ this October. This ‘Sister Network’ has been an informal support network since the inception of Sister†Hood in 2016 – enabling all Sisters to reach out with questions, information requests, and requests for support in a variety of ways – but given the increased uncertainty in the world, we’ve now created a ‘Sister†Net’ page where women can send in their questions, requests, and areas where they could use some Sister support. All submissions will be handled confidentially and no identifying information will be shared without the explicit permission of all parties. Sister†Net will help facilitate the power of our network to share our gifts, information and resources in these difficult times. As this ‘Sister†Net‘ is designed to be an extra support, it of course won’t replace the professionals in our lives, but perhaps help make it easier for you to connect with resources from a supportive network. We encourage you to bookmark our ‘Sister†Net‘ page to make it easy to shoot a request to the network whenever the need arises. May God bless you and your families!

Sister†Hub 'Sit, Sip & Chat' Meeting
Online with Zoom
Friday, October 30, 2020 - 10:00 a.m.
Sit, Sip & Chat" Sister†Hub Meetings include prayer and Scripture study & use our current reflection book, 'Experiencing the Mystery of Christ.' (Book not needed to participate). Participants are encouraged to have their Sister†Hood Ki†s (available in our Shop), Bibles & copy of the Catechism (optional) for readings and prayers.

Click the Zoom Link below to Join and don't forget to enable video and audio on your device!

Karen Bourgon is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Sister†Hub 'Sit, Sip & Chat' Meeting
Time: Oct 30, 2020 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 880 1766 3013
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Meeting ID: 880 1766 3013
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/k9SF7N5Du

Mothers at Prayer
Begins October 14th Online - 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Monthly Prayer & Support Group for Mothers
Online Wednesdays from
7-9 p.m. beginning October 14, 2020
Mothers at Prayer (MAP) is an online monthly prayer & support group in the spirit of St. Monica. Led by our Sister, Lina, this regular prayer meeting will intercede particularly for our children and families to come back to faith, the church and a strong relationship with God.

The meetings will run Wednesday evenings monthly (dates announced each month) from 7-9 p.m. online, with a format of inspiration for mothers using a variety of sources, prayer to the Holy Spirit, a prayer to St. Monica, the Rosary and/or Divine Mercy Chaplet and specific prayers for our children and families. There will also be time for discussion, sharing and reflection, allowing MAP to be a powerful place of support where mothers can share their joys, sorrows and concerns as they work with God to bring His children and the family back to the faith and into relationship with Him.
Click the REGISTER button to join. The online link will be sent to all registrants. All mothers are welcome to join.

There is no cost to join, though participants are encouraged to purchase their own Sister†Hood Ki† in our Shop to receive all the prayers and resources used in the meetings to follow along with the Leader, as well as use the varied Ki† resources for personal prayer time, inner healing and spiritual protection. More information regarding our Sister†Hood Ki†s can be found here.
Introducing Sister†Net
Women's Support Network
Sister†Net is a confidential support network for women by women – a place where we can share our gifts, knowledge & resources with other women.

Send us your question, request for information or support, and we will reach out confidentially to our network of Sisters to facilitate connections and sharing of information. No confidential or identifying information will be shared without explicit consent by all parties.

Though our support network isn’t designed to replace the professionals in your life, it just might open the door to new resources, people or solutions for just what you’re looking for!

New! Exorcism Blessed 100% Beeswax Candles
100% Beeswax Candles have been blessed with the Exorcism Blessing of the Old Roman Ritual by a Roman Catholic Priest. These 100% Beeswax Candles burn for a minimum burn time of 80 hours.

Sister†Hood Ki†s
For individual use & group use in our Sister†Hub Meetings.
On the Path to Calvary: Inner Healing via Stations of the Cross, by Heather MacPhail
Your Light Shines in My Darkness (Spiritual Warfare) by Rev. Joe Kane
Exorcism Blessed Sacramentals of Holy Water & Salt with Blessing Prayer
Beautiful hand decorated blessed Devotional Candles & Religious Gifts, created by our Sister, Leslie of Resurrection Candles. Minimum 51% beeswax candles
Exorcism Blessed Oil
Exorcism Oil Blessed/Consecrated
Holy Family Icon

Small picture printed on wood, parchment shaped. This picture depicts the Holy Family. Blessed/consecrated by a Roman Catholic Priest with Exorcism Blessed Oil using the Old Roman Ritual.

This blessed & consecrated image has been recommended by Fr. Michel Rodrigue for every family to have in a prominent place in their home. 7×10 cm (3×4 in).
These spiritual resources are now available online in our new Sister†Hood Shop. Most of these resources have previously been available at events and by request, but are now able to be purchased by donation online and shipped directly to you. Resources include Exorcism Blessed Sacramentals, with Blessing Prayer Card & Guide for use, along with other important inner healing, spiritual protection resources for our times.  Click here for more information.
The Fatima Movie
The Fatima Movie on Youtube
In 1917, outside the parish of Fátima, Portugal, a 10-year-old girl and her two younger cousins witness multiple visitations of the Virgin Mary, who tells them that only prayer and suffering will bring an end to World War I. As secularist government officials and Church leaders try to force the children to recant their story, word of the sighting spreads across the country, inspiring religious pilgrims to flock to the site in hopes of witnessing a miracle. What they experience will transform their quiet lives and bring the attention of a world yearning for peace. Based on real-life events and starring Joaquim de Almeida ("Queen of the South"), Goran Višnjic (Beginners), Stephanie Gil (Terminator: Dark Fate) and Lúcia Moniz (Love, Actually), with Sônia Braga (Aquarius) and Harvey Keitel (The Piano, The Irishman), Fatima is an uplifting story about the power of faith.
Business Leadership Catholic Virtual Conference
October 8-10, 2020
Staying True to Our Faith in a Challenging Culture

As Catholic professionals in the marketplace, we face unique challenges:
Leading with integrity amidst divisive political and cultural conflicts;
Maintaining innovation and motivation during a global pandemic;
Driving productivity while upholding the dignity of both work and the human person;
Balancing our obligations to our Faith, family, and community

Season Two - Episode Eleven
'Inside Glimpses of the Spiritual Warfare of our Times'
Click the image to view

This episode is one of several that delves into some of the more difficult sharing of the spiritual warfare of our times that I have experienced in successive, vivid dreams. This episode also highlights my personal call to some of the heavier spiritual warfare, as well as glimpses of this warfare and dream experiences of totalitarianism. These are 'heavier' episodes in that they contain some of my personal experiences of Satan and the truth of the spiritual battle between good and evil. These more difficult dream experiences of the spiritual battle and totalitarianism are not shared to inspire fear, but rather to spur all to seek God, as the choice for God and a strong relationship with Jesus is the true place of safety as the times darken.
Season Two - Episode Twelve
'Totalitarianism - A Difficult Sharing'
Click the image to view

This episode contains some of the more difficult experiences of the inside glimpses of the spiritual battle I have been given, and feature vivid dreams of totalitarianism - a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state. Many in prophetic circles have been speaking for some time of a coming 'New World Order' or 'One World Government'. This segment speaks to this in detailed dream imagery. It is again that inside peak of the spiritual battle, with a strong reminder that God is in charge of all that is unfolding in our world, and that we do not need to fear, but we must place our trust in Jesus and work to develop a deep, intimate relationship with Christ and be strong in our faith for whatever the coming times may bring.
Important Consecrations
Consecration to the Holy Family

Exorcism Oil Blessed Wood Icon of the Holy Family available in our Shop. Click here for prayer of consecration to the Holy Family.
How to Consecrate Your Home & Land as a Refuge

Click here for instructions on how to consecrate your home and land as a refuge. Exorcism Blessed Sacramentals of Holy Water, Oil & Salt available in our Shop.
Rosary Challenge
Calling all Warriors...
Sister†Hood and The Deliverance Network invite all men & women to participate in our Rosary Challenge. This is a call to all spiritual warriors to pray a five decade Rosary daily for the urgent needs of our times. If you already pray the Rosary daily, you can still sign up to receive our monthly Rosary Challenge Newsletter to join our network of spiritual prayer warriors so that we can all be united and encouraged in these challenging times.

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