From Pastor Goetz
Passion for Compassion
Three years ago the Campion Church Board began to dream together how we as a church could be more intentional and creative in our compassion to the world around us. The name Compassion Ministry (transitioned from Community Service) emerged and became the collective of ideas and initiatives to care for others off of our campus. Housing homeless in the church came, singing bands at the nursing home Sabbath afternoon, and other more direct support for organizations in our community began to be mobilized.  
We still dream of growing this area and finding ways to greater demonstrate hope and love to everyone.  

This last month several spontaneous and unconnected conversations took place about extending care to the medical community around us. 

What is your Passion for Compassion?

Kathy Aitken was a part of those conversations. She shares her passion: "In our previous church, I served as the Chaplain for our Faith Community Nursing Program for our members and attendees.  I also served as a Chaplain at one of the community hospitals in our town for seven years. I have a strong desire to reach out again as a Chaplain, and also to be involved with ministries at Campion church in any capacity that will use my skills."
This last month we were able to partner with two hospitals with compassion projects. Tell us about those? 
"In talking with Pastor Goetz, he shared the desire to reach the medical communities in our area and put me in touch with Isaac Sendros, CEO of Avista Adventist Hospital and Matt Harlow CRNA, who works some at the Medical Center of the Rockies."  
"Mr. Sendros had expressed a desire to reach out to his administration and directors to highlight Campion’s desire to be a supportive church to Avista.  As I was thinking about what might be a special way of reaching out to Avista, I saw the notice in the bulletin about the fruit fund raisers that Campion Academy was doing.  That sparked an idea to provide fresh fruit baskets to Avista.  On Monday, September 13, I was able to deliver 35 fruit baskets to Avista to be distributed as they saw fit. The fruit baskets also included cards from Campion Church inviting the recipients to attend our church."
"Matt Harlow noticed that the Operating Room nurses and staff at the Medical Center of the Rockies were experiencing a lot of stress and low morale.  One of the Charge Nurses talked to him about how she was trying to boost their spirits by providing snacks to purchase through donations in the break room.  His idea was for Campion to provide some (healthy) snacks at no cost to the staff, with a sign from Campion Church to let them know we were providing the snacks at no cost to them, and that the Church was supportive of them.  This past Wednesday, I was able to deliver the sign and the snacks. We were hoping to be able to also put cards out in the break room from Campion inviting them to attend our church, but we have not been able to work out that detail yet."
What difference do you see or do you believe these will have? 

"I met with the Volunteer Coordinator at Avista a few days ago and she expressed what a positive impact the fruit baskets had made on the people who received them."
"The charge nurses at Medical Center of the Rockies also expressed how much they appreciated us reaching out to them and working to help boost the morale of their department."
"I would like to solicit prayers, ideas to continue reaching the staff and administrators at these hospitals, and any support that they would like to provide."
Ministry Team
Lead Pastor
Micheal Goetz

Evangelism/Worship Pastor
Andrew Barcenas

Discipleship/Family Ministry Pastor
Michael Taylor

RMC Literature Ministry Pastor Matt Hasty

Campion Academy Chaplain
Nancy Meszaros
Office Administrator/Treasurer
Teresa Johansen

Head Elder
Dick Stenbakken

Member Care Team
The Pastors
Carol Turk
Becca Herber
Campion Academy Principal
Don Reeder

HMS Elementary Principal
Paul Bragaw
Our Mission
The Campion Church is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist movement seeking to

 Jesus as our Friend and Savior

a Caring Community

 Share the Everlasting Gospel


Pastor Leandro Bizama and his family have said yes and will be joining us later this fall around the holiday time as our associate pastor for evangelism and worship.  
Fulfilling the Mission: Know, Grow, Go
Spotlight on the Kindergarten Class
Your Kindergarten Class leaders desire to have your children learn what makes the Bible special, how to become more comfortable praying out-loud in a group, and have fun singing songs about Jesus. To support these objectives, Nancy Werner, the kindergarten leader says there are crafts, Bible activities such as learning the books of the New Testament, and of course, the Bible stories themselves. And they try to make the singing fun as well.

When asked how long she has led the kindergarten department, Nancy laughs and says she has no idea, but it has been a long time, “But I love it.” Werner says she like her new classroom—“It is new and clean and has good storage,” but it is smaller than the old room and they are approaching maximum occupancy. Attendance has been about 18 to 22 children each Sabbath, but several have just been promoted so now there are about 18 with a limit of about 24 comfortably.

Werner reports that she is so thankful for Melanie Goetz and Lori Jordan for their support, and other parents who help, but she could really use pianists and volunteers to help with telling the lesson and crafts every once in a while.

The Kindergarten Class works with children ages 4 -7, a very impressionable age. If you can volunteer to help it will be appreciated. If you can’t help, please pray for these teachers and class members
By Ardis Stenbakken
Photo by Joyelle Worley
Grow with Grow Groups
Many of our GROW Groups are starting this week, and we’d love to have you connect with one of these incredible opportunities for fellowship and growth. Find the complete catalog and register online at
New Church App
Our church family has a new app that will give you new ways to stay informed and connected. Among the features are: 1) quick links for the information you need, such as our calendar, Zoom, online giving, and more; 2) our public church family directory (with new family pictures coming soon); 3) GROW Group catalog and group resources; 4) urgent Campion Church alerts and notifications that you need to know; and more! Search your phone’s App Store for “Church Center.”
Wear Pink October 16:
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
“As the global pandemic continues to be the focal point of news headlines, policies, and countless organizations and families, there are still other medical challenges that impact lives. In particular, some studies say that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. With that kind of reach, the unfortunate reality is that everyone will have someone close to them impacted by breast cancer. We all know that breast cancer exists, that it will impact family and friends…and yet, we still need a month to raise awareness. The reality is that awareness is often more about those friends and family directly impacted than the disease itself. We need to acknowledge that people close to us, perhaps even someone who sits next to us in church each week, have either had breast cancer or know someone who has.

As a way to show support and sympathy for those impacted by breast cancer, Campion Church is recognizing October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a part of this, we’re inviting our congregation to do three things:
  1. 1) We’re setting up a wall near our sanctuary where people can help us see the personal side of breast cancer. If you have a friend or family member who has battled (and is either a survivor or a victim), please share their name so we can pray for them (and those who care for them). If you have a 4x6 photo of them so we can put a face with the struggle, feel free to hang it on the wall too.
  2. On October 16, celebrate our first annual “Pink Sabbath” during the worship service. Wear something pink (a shirt, or a tie, or a pair of socks, or a ribbon, etc.) to show support and sympathy for those impacted by breast cancer. We’ll have ribbons available if you need one.
  3. If you know someone in our church family who is currently struggling with it, consider connecting them with our Women’s Ministries Team. They’re developing a Breast Cancer Support Network, a safe place where they can talk to breast cancer survivors about their experience.”
All About People
New Families
Meet Andrew Barcenas
Campion's Interim Pastor
of Worship and Evangelism

           As a graduate of Portland Adventist Academy, Walla Walla University, and Andrews University, I developed a passion for embodying God’s character. Because of that passion, I inevitably developed a passion for ministry and for contagiously spreading a spirit of living inspired by the life Jesus.
           As of right now, my fiancé and I are privileged to have this opportunity in ministry while we get other parts of our lives organized and as she finishes up her degree at Portland State University. I couldn’t do the ministry I do without her support! I am excited to support other ministerial leaders here at Campion Church and look forward to the new friends and growth I’ll find here. Please say hello if you see me around!
Elissa Jacob

The Campion Church welcomes Elissa “Lissa” Jacob to our congregation. Lissa’s husband Ken's work transferred him to Loveland, and she says they are loving it here. Asked why she chose the Campion Church she explains that it was close, but even more, that it had the academy and she wanted that association for her boys, Bodhi (15), and Seth (16), as they are attending public school. The boys are enjoying playing basketball on Thursday nights and making friends in Sabbath School.

The Jacob family moved here from Pennsylvania; Lissa was born and raised in Pennsylvania and her family is still there, but as she and her family love anything outdoors, Colorado is a good fit. The family is also into Crossfit.

By profession Lissa is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, having graduated from Andrews University. As to how she would like to fit in and serve in the Campion Church, she is interested in women’s fitness and other health related areas, but she has also told the children’s stories in the past and is open to be used as needed. 
Lissa and Ken with sons Seth and Bodhi.
Photo supplied.
Jessi Vakabua
We welcome Jessi Vakabua, her daughters Kylie (7) and Kennedy (5), and their St. Bernard-Pyrenees dog Millie to our Campion Church family. Jessi works as a real estate agent in the northern Colorado area, and the girls attend HMS school. In her free time, Jessi loves reading and spending time outside hiking and exploring, especially in Estes Park. She also loves playing guitar and when time has allowed, enjoys leading out with the worship team. When asked how God has been working in her life lately, Jessi responded, “He has been showing himself to me in new ways over the last year, and has provided for me in ways I never expected and have been so blessed to experience.” We are so happy to have Jessi, Kylie, and Kennedy as part of our church family!
Interview by Jenny Sigler
Jessi Vakabua with Kylie and Kennedy.
Photo supplied.
Rylie Orrison Dedicated
Little Rylie Brielle Orrison arrived May 18, 2021 into Kris and Andrea Orrison’s family, bringing much joy and blessings. She was dedicated September 25th with many of her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents in attendance.
Andrea said, “Rylie is our little miracle blessing and we are so thankful for her every day. Rylie means “courageous” and Brielle means “God is my strength”. We hope this will be a reminder to her as it is also a daily reminder to us to have courage and move forward in faith with what the Lord asks us to do; He will give us the strength to complete it.”
I know the Lord will bless this family and little Rylie, and I believe this church family will also try to remember to be courageous, that God is our strength and help Rylie to experience it through her church family and live it in her life too.
By Julia Hansen
Birthdays this Month
Make someone's day and surprise them with a birthday greeting.

Coming Events
Service Schedule

First Service 9:00
Sabbath School 10:20
Second Church   11:30

Special Sabbaths in October
  • 16th Pink Sabbath Breast Cancer Awareness
  • 16th HMS Worship
  • 16th New at Campion Orientation
  • 23rd Medical Professional Appreciation Sabbath
  • 30th Communion
  • PAL--Take Campion students home for lunch
Vegan Cooking Class
Tuesday October 5, 6:30
Archeology and the Exodus
October 25 & 26
Dr. Scottie Baker from Andrews University will join us for a two day presentation Archeology and the Exodus on October 25 & 26. 
  •  Monday evening: Did Israel Build the Pyramids? (When were the Hebrews in Egypt?)
  • Tuesday evening: Battle of the Gods (Why were there 10 plagues?)
Campion and HMS Richards School News
Grandparents' Day Brings Smiles

Rose Martinez with her "adopted" granddaughter.
Lucille Paxton with her grandson.
Debbie Jensen with her granddaughter.
HMS Richards' Students Unlock the Reading Code
HMS Richards Adventist School has implemented a new language arts program: “Unlocking the Reading Code” which incorporates a hands-on approach to teaching students reading and writing in kindergarten through fourth grade.

“Students are excited about it,” said Alisha Anderson, HMS 3rd and 4th grade teacher; “It’s forcing them to think in ways they haven’t before. I think it will improve their reading abilities for the long term as it gives the kids a better understanding of words and their meanings.” The program, created by Trish F. Martin, a teacher and speech pathologist, focuses on teaching kids the fundamental building blocks that will better their reading and speech skills. 

The HMS teachers have been doing special training to teach this program. In Kari Lange’s classroom, each student has an individual binder filled with items like colorful blocks, comic strips, and other manipulatives to be used during language arts time. 

Typically, students will take out their binder and Mrs. Lange, depending on the lesson, may ask the students to just listen and be able to use blocks to identify certain letters’ sounds. She may also ask students to break apart word's sounds (phoneme segmentation) by counting them on their hands. Mrs. Lange also works one-on-one with students doing timed tests asking the students to name as many pictures, using correct pronunciation, as they can in a minute. 

First grade student, Caspian Santana, said, “I like it because it has my favorite colors in it. It’s kinda hard to pay attention sometimes, but I like using my hands and doing the super-fast pictures.”

Lange explained that the teachers will continue to do extensive training in this new program through the Rocky Mountain Conference and are looking forward to seeing the positive effects on students’ reading and writing abilities.

By Gwyn Reeves, Campion Student News Team
Students are anxious to participate.
Photo by Jill Harlow
Blocks are used to identify letter sounds.
Photo by Jill Harlow
Manipulatives create interest during language arts class.
Photo by Jill Harlow
Campion Academy
Outdoor school photos and video, Student Spotlight, Plus more news & events!

Church Business
Offerings this Month
October 2, 9 and 30: Local Church Budget
We are blessed once again to receive three Local Church Budget Offerings this month. Air Conditioning may no longer be necessary, but we now have heating bills, more electric bills with shorter days and five Sabbaths with two services each. There is always a need! Praise God for all those who faithfully support our local church while also supporting the spread of the Gospel to the rest of our Conference and the whole wide world.

October 9: Rocky Mountain Conference Evangelism:
When the Campion Church plans an evangelistic outreach, they can apply to this fund to help pay for the effort. This is particularly helpful for small churches, areas who also need to know about Jesus and the soon Second Coming.

October 23: Rocky Mountain Conference Advance
We often spend large amounts of money to go on a mission trip to an exotic foreign country. But there is a mission field right here in our back yard to the large Navajo Nation: LaVida Mission. This Advance offering is part of the support for this local mission.
Building Campaign Status
The building permit for the kitchen has come through and by the time you read this, work will have begun on the remodel. 
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