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October, 2021 Reasons For Not Giving Up

Happy Fall everyone. Truly my favorite time of year. Leaves are changing color to prepare for winter (everywhere except in Texas), people are preparing for Halloween and other upcoming holidays such as Thanksgiving and all the fun and excitement that December brings. It’s also the time of year for football. I enjoy watching opposing teams use their talents to achieve a goal. It can be rough at times, but teams push through and don’t give up. They all work together to do the best they can.

An extraordinary example of not giving up occurred this past weekend in college football. The Texas A&M Aggies who were not ranked as one of the better teams was playing the #1 football team in their conference.  Conversations among supporters of the Aggies were not very hopeful. Many even chose not to watch the game so they did not have to see their team lose. Well, the Aggies pulled it off and persevered with belief in themselves and truly not giving up on their team. It was an upset. This was the first time the #1 team has lost since 2019. Did I watch that game? Yes, I did. And what an inspirational example for all of us in life. The cards may be stacked against us, but that does not mean that we should give anything less than our best…..who knows, you might succeed against all odds as well.

Are there times in life when you say, “Don’t even bother. It won’t make a difference.”? What if the Aggies thought that way? Wow!!! That game will change their season and maybe even their life. What situation could possibly change your day or your week or even your life? If we don’t put the effort in at all, we have zero chance of success. If we give our all, we at least have a chance if not a strong possibility of succeeding. We need to make good choices where we will be safe and we will not injure others for sure, but what job opportunities have you not even interviewed for, because you didn’t think you were good enough? What adventures have you passed on, just because you did not think you would have a good time? My husband used to always encourage our family to go on adventures and I have to say, most of them were amazing. Memories we would not have if it were not for him. I hope to carry on that tradition for the future.

So, as you read this newsletter, what things in life do you need to put effort into? You may not always win, but what can you learn along the way? What did those Aggies learn by giving their all, even though very few thought they would succeed?

I look forward to hearing of the efforts you are putting into life and what has become of them. Counseling can be one of those places where you put in some effort. There are no guarantees with counseling but if you put in 100% effort, good things may happen.

May you all enjoy these upcoming holidays to the best of your ability and please seek help if they become too difficult. No one is alone if they do not choose to be.

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Maryellen Dabal, MA, LMFT
Quote of the Month

 "If you want to win, you can’t be afraid to lose.”
by Jimbo Fisher, Current Head coach of the Texas A&M Aggie Football team.

Source: www.google.com

Fact of the Month

You miss 100% of the chances you do not take. 
Unknown author.

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