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October, 2022

Farewell Email

Happy Fall everyone!! My favorite time of year for sure. Even though Texas gets about 1 week of fall each year, LOL, I rely on my family and friends in “Fall Friendly” states to send me beautiful pictures of changing leaves.  Enjoy this season, whereever you may live.

My first newsletter was emailed in September 2016. Six years later and 150+ newsletters later, I need to say farewell to this way of communicating with those who have followed my journey. I will maintain my private practice, but I am not accepting new clients for quite a long time, as I have taken on a full-time telehealth position with a major provider. This new opportunity provides me the option to continue to do what I love, while providing stability for me and my family for the future. I have always encouraged you to positively embrace change, now it’s my turn to do the same.

I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge and my findings with you throughout these six years. My newsletters will remain on my website for the time being. I encourage you to go back to my website and visit my archive of newsletters. I have appreciated all the feedback over the years, and I hope at least one newsletter, if not more, have been helpful to you. The newsletters may be available in another way in the near future but not disclosing that method just yet.

It has been my pleasure to make a small contribution to your world. I encourage you to reach out with any feedback you have regarding how your journey has been helped by these newsletters or any general feedback. I will continue to send positive thoughts to all of you and as always, I encourage you to look at life FROM THE POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE.

Stay well,

Maryellen Dabal, MA, LMFT




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