For everything there is a season(1)
All good things must come to an end(2)
Our Executive Director
Jerry Starr, LCSW
is retiring
It is with a heavy heart, but with optimism towards the future for both Jerry and our agency, that I have the duty to announce that Jerry Starr, our executive director since 2008, will be retiring this Spring.
Jerry came to JFS, which had established strong roots under the leadership of the previous director, Tova Friedman, and built a strong foundation for the future.
During his tenure we expanded the breath of our services, built up our infrastructure and strengthened our finances.

Jerry has been a caring counselor, a devoted director of our team, an adept ambassador to the community and always the consummate mensch.
We have begun our search for a new executive director. We are looking for someone to carry Jerry’s legacy forward by continuing our programs and no doubt developing new services as needs arise.
To those we serve and our professional team, rest assured that for the near future we plan to maintain our current services and those who provide them.
To our supporters, we look forward to a smooth transition of leadership and developing relationships between our new director and those who support us and enable us to do our work.
On behalf of the board, those we serve and the whole community, thank you Jerry for everything you have done for us!
Chazak, chazak, v’nitchazek!
Be strong, Be strong and Let us strengthen each other!
Alex Marcus
(1) As many of us just read on Shabbat chol moed Sukkot, from Kohelet 3:1.
(2) The idea contained in the expression all good things must come to an end originated with Geoffrey Chaucer, who wrote in his poem, Troilus and Criseyde: “But at the laste, as every thing hath ende, She took hir leve, and nedes wolde wende.” ( accessed 9/26/21).