First Things First Training and Clinic
Bionic Prosthetic & Orthotics, a leader in patient care in the Midwest, recently hosted an OPAF First Things First Training and Clinic in Merrillville, IN at Indiana Wesleyan University. The event was coordinated with Ossur Americas and instruction was led by
Chris Doerger PT, CP.  First Things First is a workshop on falls and recovery and offers approved continuing education credits to physical therapists and PTAs.

Over 20 therapists and practitioners were in attendance for the morning session which covered prosthetic componentry, evidence based outcome measures and teaches a reverse chaining method for getting patients out of the floor as well as safe falling methods. The afternoon session saw amputees join us to learn the techniques that the morning therapists were able to put into practice.

This was the second First Clinic that Bionic has hosted in 2018, previously sponsoring First Dance at Governor’s State University in Chicago in June.
What they said about First Things First!
Chris doing a demo
Dean on one knee
Group photo
“New to me information on mitigating many from a fall and the backward chaining.”
Aries Calingo, PT

“It was excellent. I can implement in my practice.” Rekha Kaihan, PT

“Great ongoing learning processes. Great group and instructors. Looking forward to the next meeting or clinic."  Alex Castaneda, Amputee
Our Feat ured Sponsor: WillowWood
Leveling the Playing Field Together
WillowWood’s founder William E. Arbogast, a bilateral amputee, started his family business with the intent to offer prosthetic products that were both comfortable to wear and enabled functional mobility for individuals with limb loss or limb differences. OPAF and the First Clinics have a similar goal that aims to improve both the quality of life and mobility of individuals with physical and mobility challenges through adaptive recreation programs.  

Participants in water-based clinics, like First Swim may think of WillowWood for the large orange towels we supply. While the towels are highly coveted, more folks probably think of WillowWood for its prosthetic products. For over 110 years, WillowWood has been designing and manufacturing prosthetic products to offer clinicians and amputees prosthetic solutions.

Our most recent products are LimbLogic® M, a mechanical elevated vacuum pump, and the Alpha Duo® Liner, a fabric-free liner that combines gel and silicone. Our Alpha SmartTemp® Liners are highly popular with amputees who cope with sweat while wearing their prosthesis.

  • LimbLogic M is an easy-to-use, reliable elevated vacuum system that is mechanical, does not require hoses or charging, and is maintenance free. Once donned, a LimbLogic M user will quickly attain vacuum within a few steps and may then proceed with confidence throughout their day.   

  • The Alpha Duo Liner is the first prosthetic liner that combines gel and silicone. The interior of the liner is skin-friendly Alpha Classic gel with mineral oil for comfort and protection of the limb from shear forces. Instead of fabric, the liner has durable silicone on the exterior with a satin finish that allows the liner to slide over itself for easy donning and doffing without the need for applying lubricants.

  • To delay the onset of sweat, WillowWood developed the Alpha SmartTemp Liner featuring Outlast®. We blended our medical-grade silicone with Outlast® heat management technology that absorbs heat from a residual limb as it builds up. The liner delays the onset of sweat and reduces chafing and skin breakdown caused by sweat.

WillowWood continues to develop and improve prosthetic products and solutions through research grants, creative product concepting, new technology, material science, and mechanical and clinical testing. Our vision of leveling the playing field for those with limb differences and limb loss motivates us every day.

We’re honored to be a Gold Sponsor of OPAF and the First Clinics as their adaptive sports clinics and education activities also level the playing field by providing life-changing experiences for all their participants. Thank you OPAF staff, leadership, and instructors for all the amazing work you perform!
First Volley with Celerity in Oklahoma City
First Stride Training and Clinic with Prosthetic Center for Excellence in Las Vegas
Prosthetic Center for Excellence recently hosted very successful First Stride Training and Clinic on the campus of UNLV. The morning session included local therapists and practitioners as well as PT students from two local programs. Chris Doerger PT, CP, led the day which includes classroom education of evidence based outcomes measures as well as an overview of prosthetic componentry and personal experience. Clinicians were awarded continuing education credits for the full day session. The morning session included over 40 participants.

The afternoon session saw over 20 lower limb amputees join us for a gait training clinic in the lab room of UNLV. Participants were evaluated and presented exercises to improve balance, core, step length and much more.  Prosthetic Center for Excellence presented everyone with course t-shirts, back packs and more. There was also local TV coverage from the CBS affiliate who filmed and did interviews with participants.

What an amazing introduction into the world of prosthetics. It covered all the bases. From documentation to treatment ideas on how to help improve the ability to use prosthesis proficiently. Chris was amazing at presenting the information that was easy to understand. It left me wanting more. I cannot wait to do another course.”   Janet Lamoree, PTA
Prosthetic Center for Excellence plans on two more First Clinics in 2019 for the community of Las Vegas, their patients and their allied health care professionals.
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