October 1, 2018: Year 9; Edition 18
Hi, All ~

NOVA Open 2018 is officially behind us and we are now planning for NOVA Open 2019 - our 10th Anniversary! Thanks to all who participated in the attendee and staff/volunteer surveys; the info received provides a Post Action Plan which frames the conversation for improving our next convention.

NOVA Open runs on the strengths of a working Executive Board. These directors actively run key programs with the help of year-round support staff and volunteers. The entire NOVA Open volunteer community will be undergoing changes in the next few months as we take on new directors and enhance the dozens of programs which require hands-on management throughout the year.

The impetus for these changes is that two Executive Board members, Dewey Haines and Nick Thomas, have stepped down from important positions to focus their time on other things. We cannot thank them enough for their commitment and dedication throughout the years; it has been invaluable. We are, however, pleased to share that both Dewey and Nick intend to help when available and where needed. Also, on the good news front: Dewey has asked to continue his work for NOVA Open and the NOCF as their Facebook manager, a project where he has exceeded every goal set for growing the presence of these sister companies online.

Dewey and Nick will leave programs in need of new leadership – which means NOVA Open is looking for new volunteers. We need the support of people who are enthusiastic about NOVA Open, proud of the work done by the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, committed to ensuring the positive reputations of both, and interested in playing a role in the continued success of this premier tabletop wargaming convention. If that sounds like you, and you wish to volunteer your time and talent to this enterprise, please take a minute to let us know ( customerservice@novaopen.com).
NOVA Open has scheduled a BIG volunteer event on Saturday, October 20. We hope to gather 30-40 volunteers to help with a large-scale inventory and re-org of our 8 storage units. We will break out the grill one last time and work in teams to go through terrain (all leads encouraged to be on site to head up those teams), NOCF unit, electronics, store, seminar supplies, ops, etc. All are welcome; please read more about it below.

Thank you - whether an attendee, staff, volunteer, or sponsor - we could not do this without all of you!

Very Best,
Mike Brandt, NOVA Open CEO
Congratulations Neil Gilstrap and Happy Gorilla Game Studio! Neil is one of NOVA Open's Executive Board members, so we hope you'll show him the love and thank him for his many years of volunteering to make this con better each year! Check out his Kickstarter and sign on today.

The kickstarter, War for Indagar, is a fast paced, fantasy 4x strategy game, and surpassed their target goal out the gate. The campaign still has 21 day remaining - plenty of time to get on this one!

The game includes four distinct factions for 2-4 players, along with an engaging AI. Players select powerful heroes to represent their armies, choose unique strategies to tailor their game play, and use spells and abilities to gain control over the battlefield and — ultimately — the Spirit Well at its center.  Check them out by clicking the button below.
Thanks to the amazing efforts of Chris Michaels and his photography team, we have hundreds of photos from NOVA Open 2018.

The internet has been abuzz since NOVA Open 2018 ended with incredible reviews and interesting feedback. Check out those few we've captured below.
Did you miss out on this years Star War panels? Fear not, you can check them out on YouTube. 

Date:  August 31, 2018
Description: The panelists talked about their thoughts on the newest meta deck builds to their experiences in the 2018 US National Championship.  Jason Brame  (The Chance Cube) moderated this discussion with panelists including  Jeremy Zwirn  (FFG Designer),  Rick Dunkley  (Knights of Ren),  Ruben Sanchez  (The Chance Cube),  Jack Boomell  (Golden Dice), and  Joe Colon  (The Hyperloops).

Date:  September 1, 2018
Description:  The panelists discussed the major improvements coming in X-wing Second Edition.  Dión Morales  (Gold Squadron Podcast) moderated this discussion with panelists including  Alex Davey  (X-wing Game Designer),  Paul Heaver  (2018 US Nationals Marshall),  Duncan Howard Ryan Staniszewski , and  Andrew Bunn .  
Join us October 20th for the FIRST ANNUAL INVENTORY & REORGANIZATION of our storage units. We hope this will be a huge success as the first-ever post-con Fall Inventory; if it is, everything going into 2019 will be easier to plan and prepare for. If 30 or more people can help, we will be able to split into teams and finish this fun and critical task in one day. Please check your calendar - we hope you can be there!

  • Leads are asked to attend to spearhead groups reviewing game terrain bins - discard, pull for repair, sort, count, and create build requirements for 2019
  • NOVA Open Charitable Foundation needs help with inventory of lounge and silent auction products
  • Electronics (TVs, cameras, radios, speaker equipment, etc.) need to be tested, inventoried and wrapped for 2019
  • Seminar and Hobby Haven bins require inventory and restock orders
  • Capital Palette, Registration, NOVA Open Store, OPS, and other programs require counts, as well

The grill will be pulled out for one final Great Act of BBQ before it is warehoused for the winter. Remember to RSVP when you receive your Evite so we can plan for great food and beverage!

Email customerservice@novaopen.com if you wish to be added to the staff list.

Watch your inbox for the Evite invitation which usually lands the Monday before Saturday terrain days. If you don't receive your Evite, check your spam folder and then write customer service - we want you on the team!

OCTOBER 20TH - 9:00 AM
Park on any yellow painted curbs
Access Code Sent with Evite

A Word of Thanks from the NOCF
The  NOVA Open Charitable Foundation  (NOCF) is having another incredible year representing one of the greatest untapped resources around - The Worldwide Tabletop Wargamer. We are proud to represent all of YOU, the Compassionate Force, in fundraising efforts on behalf of  Doctors Without Borders Breast Cancer Research Foundation Fisher House Foundation , and more. Thank you for supporting our efforts and allowing us to demonstrate what an incredibly generous force you truly are.

On Sunday, September 2, 2018, 22 people were announced as the winners of our Summer raffle season offerings. In the aftermath, NOCF began shipping models and armies around the world - to Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, and 11 different US states!

Your Foundation is now on track to donate over $90,000 in 2018! This can only happen after expenses, and we have NOVA Open to thank for donating the majority of those. In 2018, space costs, stock, inventory, and straight out product purchases by NOVA Open reached into tens of thousands of dollars.

Join us in thanking Mike Brandt, the Executive Board, staff, volunteers, Susan Perkins and the rest of the Foundation Lounge Family! Their contributions of time and financial support allow funds raised to go directly to designated charities.

  1. The Spring raffles of Shadespire and the SAGA Warband raised about $1,500.
  2. The Summer raffles raised $60,000 on their own (nearly 3x Summer 2017's summer raffles!)
  3. The Silent Auction at the NOVA Open raised $8,000.
  4. Thanks to the patronage and online donations of the NOVA Open's amazing attendees, Keg Night sponsors, and donors, another $15,000 was raised.

And it's not over yet as the NOCF gears up for its Fall raffle season - and if you don't mind our saying so, with the best fall lineup ever! So keep an eye on the website ( novaopenfoundation.org ), spread the word, and be ready to buy tickets when they go live on October 15, 2018.

Congratulating our raffle winners is great fun . . . receiving and sharing pictures of prizes with their new families is outright awesome!
Joe Johnson delivered Solar Mortis to his new Happy Daddy in Gainesville, GA. They met up at the local GW store, drew a crowd, and all went great - new toys, new stores, new friends!
Todd Kinkade provided this picture of his "Fallen Imperator" terrain, donated by White Metal Games, in it's new home - in Hawaii! This was won in the 2018 Silent Auction at NOVA Open.
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40K Trios and Narrative Synopsis
from NOVA Open 2018!
The state of Horus Heresy is strong. This year, the 30K event staff hosted 7 events over four days, with possibly the most Heresy player participation of any NOVA Open to date. Four new events were added this year which were all well attended; Shadow Raids Centurion, Zone Mortalis Cellar Soiree, The Excruciatus and Strike Team. We also had the return of community favorites, Opening Salvo, The Big Blam and the Bromance Bash. All of these events had a heavy emphasis on narrative, beautifully painted armies and community building. Over the four days of events, dozens of hobbyists and gamers represented the Heresy community well, constantly demonstrating high levels of commitment to the hobby, great sportsmanship and camaraderie. The team is looking forward to improving on the successes of this year at NOVA Open 2019.
In 2018, the good folks at NOVA Open allowed us to run a full convention’s worth of narrative gaming for Age of Sigmar. The following is a brief overview of the events that occurred. Please note that while we as Event Staff designed the world, it was the players that decided the outcome of events in Dawnland. If you think of it like a game of Dungeons and Dragons, with Event Staff as the Dungeonmasters, you won’t be far off.
On Thursday, the prologue introduced the players and their warbands. Since Dawnland is in Ulgu (Realm of Shadows), it was up to the players to decide how they managed to make it there. Each player was asked to create a skyvessel and a champion to represent their army. Players also made Age of Sigmar lists from 500 to 1500 points.
These battles were at the 500-point level, and served as a good introduction to get the creative juices flowing for players. It also served as an icebreaker, since they played a few games with one another.  

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NOVA Open 2018 was the second successful year of KidsHammer! Eight kids, aged 7-15, played this year at the event. It was particularly gratifying that five of the participants returned from last year's inaugural Kidshammer event. 

We kicked off Saturday, with a morning of "open gaming", where the kids paired off and played games against each other. There were adult coaches from the local Victory Gamers club at each table to provide guidance and rule support, particularly concerning the changes to the rules brought by the new edition.

Saturday afternoon started with an hour-and-a-half painting session. NOVA Open reserved tables for us up in the Hobby Haven, and Sean McAfee organized and led a fun session of painting models that were generously provided by Games Workshop.

Afterward the painting session ended, the kids entered the narrative portion of the weekend. There were two specially crafted missions which focused on telling stories. The first was a wizards' duel where each player had access to all the Endless Spells in the Malign Sorcery box. The second was a "Beast Hunt" where the players first had to kill the objectives before they could claim them - not so easy when the objectives were an Arachnarok Spider, a Colossal Squig, and a Hellpit Abomination.  

The biggest narrative event was an epic D&D-style dungeon crawl led by Brian Orban, lead of the AoS Narrative at NOVA Open. The dungeon crawl played out on two custom-built tables, with the kids selecting heroes in their armies to explore an abandoned monastery and the caverns beneath it. It was a lot of fun!

On Sunday, the kids returned to play a friendly three-round tournament, or to play more open games if they preferred that. The tournament saw some awesome play and was highly contested throughout. In the end, congratulations to Michael Klofft, Leo Conca, and Adam Foster for finishing first, second, and third respectively. 

Thanks to Peter Noone and Kevin "Bogo" Bogecki for being coaches, to Sean McAfee and Brian Orban for taking the lead on painting and the dungeon crawl, to Jesse Gaskins, Michael Hayes, and Matthew Foster who helped out with the planning, and and to all the parents who supported their kids and the event before and during the weekend.

We are already planning future mini- KidsHammer events in the DC area this fall and next spring, and will be back at NOVA Open 2019!
2018 was a record year for Infinity at the NOVA Open. We saw 70+ unique attendees over 4 days of scheduled events, including a narrative, a 1-day tournament, and a 2-day tournament, plus Aristeia! and Fireteam side events. The return of Corvus Belli's own Gutier Lusquiños brought a unique opportunity to speak to the lead designer of our beloved game throughout the convention, and he presented two seminars, as well!.

Players attended from all over the country, representing both world champions and first- time tournament players. It was truly an amazing time and heartening to see how much the Infinity events at NOVA Open have grown over the years. The gaming tables were amazing, both provided by the volunteer staff of the NOVA Open and our own player base. It is always fun to see attendees of other events wander in just to see the terrain.

If you are a new player, a veteran, a casual hobbyist, or competitive level champion, the NOVA Open Infinity events have something for you! We hope to see you in 2019!

The NOVA Open Infinity Team
Blood Bowl at the NOVA Open in 2018 had more coaches than ever before for the fifth straight year. Every single year, when I think we've topped out, the community comes through with more surprises. This was the first year we instituted the Tiered ranking system for team bonuses, and it appears to have worked out fantastically. There were more 'low-tier/low-win' teams in the lists than ever before and the top two competitors were grim and intense throughout the final, pivotal round of play. Those traditionally low-ranked teams even placed for prizes that don't involve spoons. Each year brings new input and new players and makes me look forward to the next.
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