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Upcoming Events:
Sept. 30 - Oct. 6 - Washington, D.C. Trip
Oct. 3 - Parent Teacher Conferences
Oct. 4-5 - No School
Oct. 9-10 - School Pictures

Glimpses of MCS from Mrs. Obbink:

Coincidence? I'll let you decide.
Last week, the 8th grade students were planning Spirit Week with Mrs. Brown. Superhero Day was planned for Thursday, but later it was decided that Superhero Day would be Wednesday. A small and inconsequential change. Fast forward to this week.
We have a special guest speaker coming to MCS from Moody Aviation in Spokane. He is trying to get his planned digital presentation working. Despite the efforts of Mrs. Moses and her 8th grade helpers, the presentation wasn't functioning. Skillfully, our presenter, Jay Bigley, identified on the internet a video that he had used previously.
Now imagine a school full of students PreSchool- 8th grade dressed as superheroes, crossing West Main and entering Chapel ready to listen to the speaker. After flying a pretend plane with the youngest students, this former missionary pilot (who currently trains missionary pilots) introduces the video. It is about an everyday "superhero" who is working to be a pilot so that he can help others. This was not coordinated with the school. In fact, this is the first time that Moody Aviation has presented at MCS. Mr. Bigley didn't know that we were dressing up. And he was planning a different presentation all together.
After our short visit, the presenter remarked, "If just one student lives for God, that will have made this visit worth it!" 
This reminded me of one of my favorite Bible verses, Romans 8:28:  "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have
been called according to his purpose."
It made me wonder: How is it that the Creator of the entire world, our God who is so big, so wise, so loving, so incredible can even care about the small details of a Chapel that had taken place on a Wednesday morning in September in the year 2018? How could a morning all a-buzz with fun dressing up be so applicable to Chapel? It is astonishing to me how God uses small things like costumes and a servant who is passionate about the gospel to impact our students. It is my prayer that the students will see that each of them possesses in Christ all they need to be servant heroes in God's kingdom - not someday, but today, by Going Everywhere and Telling Everyone!


The teachers are looking forward to meeting with you on Wednesday. Thank you for arriving on time to make the best use of your time, as well as the teachers'. If you find that you need more time with the teacher, please request an additional meeting time so that the teacher can stay on time with his/her other conferences. If you have any questions please contact Mindy Orcutt at (Laurie Fielder will be in Washington DC with the 7th/8th grade students).  Thank you.

Our 7th and 8th grade students along with several parents left for Washington, DC in the early morning yesterday. They have arrived safely and begun their tour of Gettysburg: wandering through the museum, experiencing a guided tour of the battlefields, viewing of the Cyclorama and movie and meeting Mr. Lincoln.   This is just the 1st day after the travel day. 5 more days to go. Please pray for a safe and memorable trip as history comes alive for these students. They have been preparing for this week for over a year.

Thank you to everyone, parents and students, who participated in the Walk-A-Thon. We hope you had a great time and were able to get all of the color washed off!
A special thank you to those who helped with setting up and cleaning up after the event. Thank you to everyone else who also pitched in! What great teamwork!
The food was delicious! Thanks to all of you for providing a plentiful bounty!
A sincerest thank you for sending out letters on behalf of our school. We will keep you updated on the funds raised. To date, we have been blessed with over $5,200.
I know a loving mom who does just about everything to make sure her kids are happy every second of the day. If there isn't the type of food they like in the fridge, she runs to the store to buy it. Whenever the newest electronic device comes out, she makes sure they're the first to own it.
Of course, she refrains from requiring any chores out of them, because she knows they work hard at school. Besides, it upsets them when she asks them to help.
Unfortunately, and unintentionally, Mom is stealing from her children. They are two of the most miserable human beings on earth. They walk around (actually they sit around) most of the time with scowls on their faces. Because Mom has stolen their self-esteem and gotten them hooked on stuff, nothing seems to bring happiness or contentment. Everything is "stupid" or "boring."
When we train our kids to believe that getting stuff is the key to happiness, might we be stealing their lifelong joy and sense of fulfillment?
To protect your children from this type of insidious theft, experiment with the following:
The next time your child wants something, ask, "How do you think you might earn that?"

Instead of taking on the problem of affording the item, say, "You may have that as soon as you can afford it."

Give them some ideas about how they might earn the required cash, and give yourself a pat on the back for not giving in.

Notice how proud they are when they earn things through good old-fashioned perspiration.
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible.
Jim Fay
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