October 10, 2019
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It is Fall Meeting Season in the NACCC!
Michael Chittum, Executive Director
Just as surely as Fall follows summer, when Fall arrives, many of our state and regional associations plan for their annual meetings. Often, I am invited to be part of these gatherings, either as presenter or attender. This year is no exception.

On October 11 & 12, I will be at the Iowa – Nebraska Association Annual Meeting that is hosted by the First Congregational Church of Burlington, Iowa. The following weekend, October 18 & 19, I will be in Central Lake, Michigan at the First Congregational Church for the Michigan Conference Annual Meeting. Then, on November 8 & 9, I will be part of the Southeast Association of the Michigan Conference Annual Meeting; this will be hosted by the Mt. Hope Congregational Church in Livonia, Michigan. At each of these gatherings, I will make a presentation about the Church Renewal Pilot Project.
First Congregational Church of Kingston, New Hampshire
Julie Robie, Missions Administrator

The solar lights on the front lawn of the First Congregational Church of Kingston, NH spelling out BAHAMAS are there to bring the 70,000 homeless, hurting and grieving people of the Bahamas to the attention of the community both DAY and NIGHT.
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