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Pastor Sarah 

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Sunday, October 11th

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Friday, October 11,  2019
Reflections for Sunday October 13th on Luke 17:11-19
Each week, Pastor Sarah will provide reflections on the readings for the following Sunday.
Samaritans had a bad reputation in the days of Jesus. So did lepers. Samaritans were the sworn enemies of the Jews. They were distant cousins, back to the days of the twelve tribes of Israel. But Jews believed the Samaritans lost the true religion and so they set up political, religious, and social barriers between Jews and Samaritans. Lepers had a disease of the skin that was highly contagious. They were made to live outside of the city, away from everyone else. If they came into the city they had to yell, "Unclean! Unclean!" as they walked down the street so that people could stay far away from them.
But in this story, Jesus flips the script for the lepers, making them clean and restoring them to the community. The healed Samaritan also flips the script as the only one of the ten lepers who returns to Jesus in thanksgiving.
The Kingdom of God is all about transformation. God changes us. We change the world.

+ What barriers do you have that keeps God from changing you?
+ When have you experienced God's transformation in your life?
Family Devotion
Each week, Pastor Sarah will provide a short devotion for families based on a reading for the following Sunday.
Read: Luke 17:11-19
Bring it home:
These are some questions or activities to help you think and talk about the reading as a family.
+ In the time of Jesus, leprosy was a skin disease that was highly contagious. People with leprosy were called lepers and were not allowed to live with their families or even in the city with anyone else. They had to live separately and could not work. They were very hungry and very lonely.
+ Jesus changed the lives of the lepers so that they could live with their families and work. They didn't have to be poor anymore. When has something changed for the better in your life?
+ One of the men returned to thank Jesus for healing him. What are things that you can thank Jesus for? Make a list using words or pictures.

Consider lighting a candle or having a cross to look at while you pray.
Say out loud all the things you listed being thankful to God for. At the end say, "Thank you God! Amen!"

Please read the current update on our congregation in the attached letter from Pastor Sarah. If you have any further concerns or questions, please schedule a time to meet with her. You can find the letter here:  Pastor Sarah's letter to the congregation
Sunday's Readings
Genesis Chapter 1 & 2 - Children of SPLC Sunday School
Gospel: Luke 17: 11-19
We are in need of food truck donations.  The most needed items are: 

Baked Beans Coffee
Bar Soap
Cereal Salt / Pepper
Tuna Paper Towels
White Rice Baking Goods: Flour, Sugar, etc.

When donating, please keep in mind our food truck services about 30 people each time.

On the second Sunday of each month, we will be including our food truck donations during offering.  Thank you for supporting this mission.  

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Irvin Hanson (Rhonda Tillman's Dad), who passed away on October 5, 2019.  
Our prayers also go out to the family of Jim Fromm, who passed away October 6, 2019.  

Thanks to all the prayer warriors that sent prayers for our granddaughter Lillianna England during and after her open heart surgery. She is recovering well. She's back to school with some limitations but healing to a heathy 9 year old.  We know all your prayers worked miracles!! Thank you so much for your support. 
Steve and Carole England
Free will donations:
Mick Byl is currently being treated in Rochester, MN, and he will be there for at least a month. SPLC would like to support the family with gift cards for restaurants, grocery stores, or Target/ Walmart. If you are wanting to donate, please bring gifts to church on Oct. 27th, and place in offering plate. Pastor Sarah will gather and give them to the family.
Scrip Gift Cards are available to purchase (or to place an order) at the Welcome Center. Purchasing through Scrip will benefit the church and the Byl's.

Jerry & Claudia Nelson gave in memory of Marjean Jaeb.

Dave & Fran Nordhausen gave in memory of Kay Johnson

Zella Oswald gave in memory of Kay Johnson & Gordy Maier. 
Usborne Orders Are Here! 
If you placed an order with Julie H., please pick up on volunteer desk in office.  
The September Church Council minutes are available on the  website or download here

On the website, you can also find past council minutes, guidelines, current forms, how to contact team leaders or your church council and the church constitution. Hard copies of the minutes are available at the Welcome Center; just ask and the office will be happy to provide you a copy of the minutes.  

There have been questions as to why the church nursery is no longer staffed by confirmation students. Per our Safeguarding God's Children guidelines, there is a Two Adult Rule: Two adults must be present during congregational activities involving children or vulnerable adults. When confirmation students staff the nursery, it does not meet the Safeguarding God's Children criteria.

Parents are welcome to use the nursery for their children (aged 4 years and younger). 

QUESTIONS,  contact Katie Fetterly, 
As of 10/09/19 Actual Budgeted
Over/(Under) Budget
YTD Totals
$ 152,466.78
$ 157,708.89
If you have something to add to the weekly newsletter or Sunday bulletin, please have the information into the church office by Tuesday morning.
Food Truck Family Pathways
Wednesday, November 15th
11:00 am - Village Inn 
Bring a Friend!

Grab a friend and meet other seniors for a time of fun and fellowship at the Village Inn
in Wyoming. 

Don't forget it's free pie day!

Saturday, October 19

A small donation by you can make a big difference in the life of those receiving the gifts. Food donations may be placed in the cart in the Narthex. Volunteers are also needed for this wonderful outreach program. 

Sign up at the Welcome Center. 

Oct 26 & Nov 3rd-Safeguarding God's Children
Nov 16-Feed My Starving Children
Nov 17-Bake Sale
Watch for additional details.
Sunday, October 13th is a big Sunday for us. First the kids will be singing the song they learned during the Creation unit and reading the Creation story to the congregation. The second big thing is that we will be starting the Noah's Ark unit. We are excited to share this story and the promises it holds with the children. 

There are a variety of opportunities to participate in Sunday School activities -- both for parents and non-parents of Sunday School students. 
Go to SignUpGenius  to sign-up for your opportunity to help!

Some of the current rebate bonuses are:


LL Bean 17%

Here are a few of the best rebate percentages we receive:

Bath/Body Works 12%

Chiptole 10%

Express 10%

Gap 14%

Land's End 14%

Macy's 10%

Village Inn 18%

Every time you purchase a gift card from Scrip, St. Paul Lutheran makes money. This is an easy way to help make money for church. 

Questions? Contact
Holiday Craft Fair 
Faith Lutheran Church 
Saturday, November 2nd
9:00 am to 3:00 pm

  • over 55 different crafters & vendors with something for everyone
  • Lefse hand made on site
  • Coffee, cinnamon rolls and lunch options for purchase
Sunday, October 13      
   9:00 am       Worship
10:00 am       Congregation Fitness Small Group
10:00 am       Sunday School
11:00 am       CPR Puppets
  6:30 pm       Adult Bible Study 
Tuesday, October 15
  4:00 pm       Prayer Team
  5:00 pm       Visitation Team
  6:30 pm       Council Meeting
  7:00 pm       Cub Parent's Weekly Meeting
Wednesday, October 16
  1:00 pm       Prayer Time in the Sanctuary
  1:30 pm       Adult Bible Study
  5:00 pm       Hymn Pickers
   6:30 pm       Confirmation/SPLASH
Thursday, October 17
  5:30 pm       Global Missions Team
Saturday, October 19
  9:00 am       Food Truck
Sunday, October 20
     9:00 am      Worship
10:00 am       Congregation Fitness Small Group
10:00 am       Sunday School
  6:30 pm       Adult Bible Study

Save the Dates: 
Saturday, October 26 - Safeguarding God's Children 
Sunday, November 3 - Safeguarding God's Children
Saturday, November 16 - Feed My Starving Children
Sunday, November 17 - Bake Sale