Dearest Thornton Creek community,

As chair of the Thornton Creek Parent Group (TCPG), it’s easy for me to gush about the many reasons I love our school: the compassion between students, the teachers’ dedication, expeditions covering everything from insects to immigration, our beautiful building full again after so many weird, difficult Covid months. Asking for money, on the other hand, is hard—particularly knowing we’re all here under the premise of free public schooling. 

But each fall, the TCPG raises funds to support the kind of school experience we want for TC, and to fill in the gaps left by consistent underfunding in public education. Today, we launch our Annual Appeal fundraiser to directly support TC students’ academic, social, and emotional well-being. Meeting our goal of $100,000 by December 31st will help fund teacher professional development, academic support, specialists, expeditionary learning supplies in the classroom, parent equity education, and school-wide events (when we can have those again). Because some folks ask, that goal breaks down to approximately $200 per student, however we ask you to only consider giving what you’re able to—whether that’s $2.00 or $2,000. You are a welcome, appreciated member of this community.

The money raised during the Annual Appeal goes to fund the budget approved by the TCPG the previous spring at our Site Council meeting. It is money necessary to support the current school year. You—as a parent or caregiver—are automatically a member of the TCPG and Site Council, and we rely on your input to inform the budget and participate in continued dialogue around fundraising and advocacy. I encourage you to join us in attendance at our monthly Site Council meetings, connect with our budget committee, and/or email me directly at 

TC has prized a co-op ethos from the beginning—after all, one of the building blocks of expeditionary learning is the idea that we are crew, not passengers. We are all in this together, and as parents and caregivers, we all chip in and show up in different ways. I hope you’ll join me in financially supporting the TCPG’s Annual Appeal in a way that feels comfortable for your family.

With immense gratitude,
Chelsea Lin
Chair of Thornton Creek Parent Group 

P.S. Did you know you can set-up your donation to be a monthly contribution spread over 12 months? Do you know that many employers match gifts? This is a great way to double your impact! Please email TCPG fundraising chair Kathleen Phan at: with any questions!