Parent Teacher Conference Sign-Ups Today at 5:00!

We are looking forward to Parent-Teacher Conferences on October 29th and 30th. We will be emailing Parent-Teacher Conference sign-up calendars this afternoon at 5:00 PM. All conferences will be held virtually using Google Meet.

Please sign up for one time slot per teacher. Conferences will only be available with teachers who have taught your student thus far. For example, Amy Brudin has only taught grades 4/5 thus far and would only be available to those families. 

Click on an open appointment slot to sign up. If no slots are available, please try a different time range. To cancel an appointment slot you've already booked, leave the sign-up page and delete the event from your own calendar.

Thank you!
Health and Safety Protocol Revision

As you know from our Health and Safety Plan, we set a "guard rail" of a seven day moving average of 25 COVID-19 cases/100K population or a 10% positivity rate to discuss the possibility of moving into a different phase of learning. We developed this "guard rail" absent school decision-making guidance from the CDC or VDH this summer so that we had an internal benchmark for decision-making. As we have worked with the Thomas Jefferson Health District throughout the fall, we have learned that the data should not be analyzed at face value, at times, and there can be nuances in what the numbers show. They are looking at not only the data but also our ability to implement mitigation practices. CDC and VDH have now released guidance on school decision-making and both are publicly facing resources. Now that the VDH has a game plan for these conversations, we will start to rely on their guidance as the public health experts and pull-off of our "guard-rail." Now that have they have indicators, we trust that they would step in and let us know when we should be concerned about staying open given this new guidance. 

At this time, they are not recommending that we change our current status. Most of the increase in cases can be attributed to UVA and, at this time, they are not seeing community spread due to these cases. This, of course, could change, and the TJHD will share that with us. The dashboard is publicly available and you can pull data from throughout the state and in each locality. 

I will still provide updates as needed and keep you abreast of any other changes. Please know that this is not an attempt to loosen our protocols but rather to follow guidance from our local public health experts who we speak with weekly and now have guidance for these decisions. Please contact Mr. Orlando if you have any questions.
Sibling and Learn from Home School Photo Sign-Up

Sibling and learn-from-home photos will take place tomorrow, Saturday, October 17. Sign up here: 

Make-up photos for those students who missed their individual photos last week will be on Tuesday, October 20. 
COVID-19 Information Webpage

We have created a new webpage at to house all the latest information regarding the pandemic in one place.  Please click HERE to review this page, which is found in the News section at the bottom of the Peabody homepage. We hope this is a helpful tool to help keep track of any policy changes or data updates at Peabody.  Stay safe, everyone, and have a wonderful fall break! 
Indoor Fall/Winter Sports

We strongly recommend that students do not play indoor fall/winter sports. Please remember that one exposure to a student/family from another team or geographical area can impact an entire learning team here at school. We understand the sacrifice this requires but it does help eliminate one potential exposure vector coming into our school community. We also want to ensure that we share in the commitment this requires of us all to put education first in all of our decision-making. Thank you for considering this request as we work to keep school open safely.
From the Health Clinic

In an effort to ensure students may return to school as quickly as possible, we have adapted a return to school template from Pediatric Associates that you are welcome to share with any pediatrician you choose as an example. We are NOT requiring that all return to school notes use this format. It is being provided as an example in case one is helpful! We also now have a fax machine to make it easier for doctors to securely send us return to school notes in a timely fashion. The fax number is (434) 288-5591 and is included on the bottom of this form.

If you are having trouble determining whether or not to send your student to school, you can call or email Nurse Tara (email: or (434) 296-6901 ext. 115) and she will respond during school hours. Or you may also consult this VDH algorithm. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing to keep Peabody safe this year!
Admissions Newsletter and Fall Tour Days

Please click HERE to read our Fall Admissions Newsletter as the 2021-22 admissions process gets underway here at Peabody!

Also, while we are not holding our traditional admissions Fall Open House this fall, we are offering Fall Tour Days, starting in October, where we can tour prospective families when school is not in session. If you have friends or work colleagues who have expressed an interest in Peabody for their children, please feel free to share the newsletter and our Fall Tour Days flyer HERE.
Vote for Peabody in the Charlottesville Family Awards!

The Annual Family Favorites Survey is live from September 15–October 23. On page 6 of the survey, you have the opportunity to vote for Peabody in the following categories:
  • Best Preschool
  • Best Private School - Elementary
  • Best Private School - Middle
  • Best Preschool Teacher
  • Best Elementary School Teacher
  • Best Middle School Teacher

Charlottesville Family will share the public's winning choices in the November/December issue of CharlottesvilleFamily's Bloom and the annual Ultimate Go-To Guide. Thank you for sharing your support of Peabody School!

Parent Information Center

  • Thank You for helping our teachers with lunch and recess coverage. See the sign-ups HERE!

  • Virginia also launched a new application called COVIDWISE. It is the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) COVID-19 exposure notification app to facilitate contact tracing in response to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.