October 17, 2016, Florida Cultural Alliance Agenda and Materials
for Advocacy and Information-to-Use Statewide Conference Call

October 17, 2016, Advocacy & Information-to-Use Statewide Conference Call Agenda and Materials
     Thank you for registering to participate on this month's statewide call organized by the Florida Cultural Alliance (FCA).  Each month, FCA organizes these calls to keep you informed and engaged in state and federal issues and other information that matter to you and Florida's arts, arts education, and culture industry.

Here is a list of today's registered participants on this call.

Number 1
Thank you to our guest speaker:

TOPIC:  Understanding the Roles of State Government and Your Role to Help Shape Funding and Other Policies for Arts and Culture

     JuDee retired in 2012 after working for the State of Florida for 36 years.  Before she retired, she served as the Deputy Secretary of State for the Office of Cultural, Historical and Information Programs for nine years.  Prior to that position, she was the Director of the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.  She also in her 36-year career working for the state served in other positions in different state departments.  With her years of experience working within state government and with state councils, she is a wealth of information on how state government works and how all the various roles, including your role as an arts advocate, works collaboratively to develop funding and other policies that impact Florida's arts and culture industry.


Number 2
Status of 2016 Election

Florida Map of Color Blocks
2.a.  County-by-County List of All Candidates After Primary:
Here are lists ( PDF or Excel file) of all Florida candidates after the primary election still running for either the Florida House, Florida Senate, or the U.S. House organized under the county or counties they will represent in those respective offices.

2.b.  Did your candidates respond to survey?:

Did your candidates respond to the 2016 Florida Cultural Alliance and Florida PAC for Arts & Culture Florida Legislative Candidates' Survey?

If candidate's district number is highlighted in dark orange, click it to read candidate's responses to survey.

It's not too late to engage your Florida House or Senate candidates to help inform them about arts, arts education, and culture issues.  See number 3 below, and please follow through now.

2.c. Candidates running after primary election for the following offices: 



Click on the office below to access an Excel file with lists of candidates by district order as of 9-23-2016: 
Districts Already Elected as of 9-23-2016: 
Districts with only 1 major party (Democrat or Republican) in General Election with no other major party running against them as of 9-23-2016: 
General Election districts with both major parties running as of 9-23-2016: 

120 members serve in the Florida House

40 members serve in Florida Senate

27 members from Florida serve in the U.S. House

2 members from Florida serve in U.S. Senate

(Senator Bill Nelson not up for re-election this year to U.S. Senate, but will be in 2018) 
not applicable 
1 U.S. Senate seat up for election in Florida with major and other parties running 
2.d.  Florida Division of Elections 
2.e.  Your Supervisor of Elections

2.f.  The deadline to register to vote for the November 8 general election has been extended to Tuesday, October 18.

2.g.  The League of Women Voters for Florida is a good resource to better understand the four proposed constitutional amendments on the November 8 ballot.
Number 3
Reach out to your Florida Senate and House of Representative candidates and engage them now.

We must demonstrate that we're paying attention and are involved with the election process.

Now is a great time to

  Check to see if your Florida House or Senate candidates responded to our Florida Legislative Survey.

22 Florida House Candidates Responded; 6 lost in the primary election 
17 Florida Senate Candidates Responded; 8 lost in the primary election

  If they did respond to the survey, reach out to them and thank them for responding.  Invite them to your facility and/or one of your programs.  Begin to build a relationship with them.  This same strategy goes for those already elected -- reach out to them now.

  If they have not responded to the survey, reach out to them now, and let them know that you want to share with them information regarding the four issues outlined in the candidates' survey related to arts, arts education, and culture.  Let them know that these issues matter to you and to their communities. 

3.c.1.  Their contact information can be found in the Excel files listed by office in the table above under 2.c.

3.c.2. Ask them to please participate in learning about and sharing their views on these four arts and culture issues that matter to you.  Partnerships with our state policy makers are critical to advance arts, arts education, and culture throughout our state.
DC Capitol
Number 4
 U.S. Congress Updates and Federal Policies That Impact Florida's Arts & Culture Industry 

Line of question marks
  Ten questions to ask candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives or U.S. Senate

  Americans for the Arts Action Fund 2016 Congressional Report Card -- Florida members of Congress listed on page 10.


  Add your name as an arts advocate to the Arts Action Fund -- the goal is to get to one-million arts advocates throughout the country who will stand up for arts and arts education.

Invite Key on Keyboard
4.d.  Invite your member of congress to an arts, arts education, or cultural event while they are back in their districts through the general election.  American for the Arts has created an easy and quick way for you to reach out to your member of congress to invite them to an arts or culture event.

Even if they can't attend, let's demonstrate to our members of congress that there are tremendous arts and culture events accessible for those that live here and visit throughout the entire state.

  Take action now to ask Florida U.S. Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio to sign on as cosponsors of S. 2648, the Comprehensive Resources for Entrepreneurs in the Arts to Transform the Economy -- CREATE Act -- introduced by Senator Tom Udall (D-NM).  Americans for the Arts will host a webinar on this proposed legislation on November 2.  As soon as the details are finalized, we'll forward the information to you.

NEA Art Works Logo
4.f.   Members of the U.S. Congress when they return to D.C. for twelve days after the general election might take up the appropriations' bills that need to be resolved.  It's not too late to communicate with your member of Congress to request restoring NEA funding to $155 million.  The House currently recommends a $2 million increase and the Senate recommends $500,000 increase in their respective budgets for NEA.  Please take action now on this issue.

  The U.S. Department of Labor's new overtime-pay policy goes into effect December 1, 2016.  Below are some resources for you to reference to better understand this new policy:
U.S. Department of Labor Final Rule on Overtime Pay

Election Results 
4.h.  Register now for Americans for the Arts After-Election Webinar scheduled for Monday, November 21 at 2:00 p.m. EST.

Number 5

Other Issues and News:

5.a.  October is National Arts & Humanities Month -- celebrate, engage, and share the news.     

5.b.  After-Hurricane Resources:

Deborah Margol, Deputy Director for the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, is an expert on what steps should be taken by arts and cultural organizations after they suffer damage from hurricanes.
  Deborah will briefly review the resource documents below.  If you want to follow up with Deborah with any questions she does not have time to answer on this call, her email is debo@miamidade.gov: 

5.b.6.  Cultural Organizations - Hurricane Impact Assessment 2004 (PDF)  

Thank you so much, Deborah, for sharing your time and expertise with us.

5.c.  Status of ALL 2016-2017 Florida Division of Cultural Affairs' Grant Applications -- final ranked lists will not be available until November 2016. 

Due to Hurricane Matthew, the Florida Council on Arts & Culture (Council) will now meet on October 27 in Tallahassee to review the 2016-2017 Cultural Facilities grant applications and the panels' recommendations for the other three  2016-2017 DCA Grants-Program Categories.  After the Council meets, its recommendations will go the the Secretary of State for his approval.  The final ranked lists for all four of the DCA funding categories listed below should be available in November 2017.
The table below are the totals for ALL the 2017-2018 applications before panel meetings and final approval of the ranked lists for the four DCA grants' categories below -- the numbers below are not final and will change:

Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Grant Program Categories:
Number of Total 2017-2018 DCA Grant Applications Prior to Panel Meetings and Approval of Ranked Lists -- these numbers will change in November 2016:
Total Grant Requests Prior to Panel and and Approval of Ranked Lists -- these numbers will change in November 2016:
Cultural and Museum Grants for General Program Support  
 498  $35,675,413 
Culture Builds Florida Grants for Specific Projects 
 127  $2,658,268
C ultural Facility Grants
 59  $18,937,651
Cultural Endowment Program  
 12  $2,880,000
Subtotals prior to panel meetings and approval of ranked lists -- numbers will change in November 2016:

5.d.   Other issues or news from you? 

Call Key
Number 6
Mark Your Calendars for Future
FCA Statewide Calls for 2016

All Calls are on Mondays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST: 

November 14 -- Guest speaker is Sunil Iyengar, Research & Analysis Director for the National Endowment for the Arts. He will review the latest NEA research reports, including the one on Values and Needs of Artists.

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