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Welcome to the fall season! Change is in the air, change for the better!


Ann Baldwin PhD, Alice Adams and I just finished our Prediabetic/Metabolic Syndrome Pilot Project. We gave the 4 sessions and the participants gave us great feedback on the content and the ability to change when armed with the right information. I want to applaud all of the participants and all my clients who are making very positive health changes in their lives.


The big event that I am preparing for now takes place on October 13, Saturday from 1:30-3:30PM at my home. Chach Jackson, a director with the Pampered Chef, will make a presentation of their new fall line. Maria Puig and I have planned a raw food menu to complement the wonderful kitchen products of Pampered Chef. Check the write up below.


I continue to work on challenging cases at the office as well as observe the results of the variety of cleanses that my clients have chosen. One couple did the pH Miracle Cleanse. If you want a challenge, that is the cleanse. Two weeks of pure alkalinization of your body: liquid chlorophyll, green drinks and powdered greens with only avocado, cucumbers and tomatoes to eat. They were so ecstatic with the cleanse they went on to do 2 more weeks or 28 days all told!!! The pH miracle cleanse would be perfect for metabolic syndrome and just about any condition you can imagine. They did a colonic each week.


On September 15 at the office of Rachel Novak DC, Rachel and I along with a dear friend, Toren Lockerman, gave a talk on the 'amazing liver gall bladder flush.' Toren has done over 22 liver and gall bladder flushes and her information and experience were invaluable. Many more clients are becoming savvy with liver and gall bladder cleansing. They take their colonics on day 6 and then day 8 or 9. More difficult cases have one at the start of the flush in order to clear the intestinal tract.


To go to the source of information on the flush, you can download the latest electronic (e-Book) version of The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush by Andreas Moritz. BTW a client found the best source of malic acid in Tucson. 


Enjoy the newsletter and continue your wonderful journey of healing! Watch for the Specials and join us on October 13 at my home for the Raw Food Chef meets the Pampered Chef Event!


Sheila Shea, Director

Pampered Chef and Intestinal Health Institute presents:

Discover the 'Raw' Chef in You!

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Prickly Pear Cactus Harvest


October 13, Saturday, 1:30-3:30PM


Join us once again this year, as Maria Puig and I hostess another super event with Pampered Chef kitchenware and a raw food menu! We are planning a small buffet and social in conclusion. Recipes are provided. The event is free. You are welcome to bring your friends and family. Bring your business cards and meet others.


Maria and I will demonstrate the preparation for 3 dishes as Chach shows us some of the products that support our creations! My theme this year has been Return to Nature, Return to the Kitchen. Chach Jackson, Pampered Chef par excellence, will show us wonderful and convenient ways to help us return to the kitchen!


RSVP Sheila Shea 520-325-9686 or 


Upon your RSVP, I will mail you location, directions and parking.


Maria says:

'Eating raw made even easier with Pampered Chef products!'


'Display the beautiful and vibrant colors of your raw dishes in classy Pampered Chef serving collections!'


Plan to buy gifts for the holidays!
Special of the Month 1


3 Colonics with the 7-Day GI Cleanse


3 Colonics                                               $229


7-Day Cleanse Kit from Arise & Shine    $94


Total                                                         $323


We are offering you 15% off for           $275!


Quarter with 2 Stones
Liver Gall Bladder Stones from a Flush!

3 Colonics with Liver/Gall Bladder Cleanse 


 3 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions              $229


The Amazing Liver Gall Bladder Flush    $ 17


Total                                                          $246


We are offering you 15% off for           $209!

Expiry: October 31, 2012


Special of the Month 2


Get Your Energy Moving!

Acupuncture and Colon Hydrotherapy Team Up!


Jennifer Parks of Jade Star Acupuncture and Sheila Shea of the Intestinal Health Institute Help You Calm and Clear Your GI tract. Many of you will benefit from acupuncture to balance your GI system and colon hydrotherapy to clear your large intestine. We are offering 15% off our sessions.



Colon Hydrotherapy               $ 80         (1 hour)


Acupuncture                           $ 60         (1.5 hours)


Total                                        $140


With 20% discount                $112       (your special price!)


On Saturdays in October from 9 AM to 6 PM we are scheduling patients to experience both acupuncture and colon hydrotherapy for optimal intestinal health. First, you will have your 1.5 hour acupuncture session with Jennifer at Jade Star Acupuncture then come to the Intestinal Health Institute for your colon hydrotherapy session with Sheila. Our offices are 5 minutes from each other.


You make appointments for both of us through Jennifer by calling her at 520-881-0827 or emailing


The New York Times has an article on acupuncture's ability to help with pain relief. Plus scroll down for related articles including acupuncture and breast cancer.


Expiry: October 31, 2012


October Writing Workshops with Barbara McNichol, Editor


A dear friend of mine, we play tennis together, is also a world-class editor and writer. She is offering 2 workshops in Tucson in October. I highly recommend you get your creative juices going and sign up for one of Barbara's 'Wordshops'!


October "Wordshops" - Tucson Dates

Mondays Oct 15 and 22 or Friday, Oct 19


Info here:


"This WORDSHOP made the recesses of my mind wake up. Great presentation, lots of fun, good renewed info. Personal, easy-going, and educational."- Jamalle Simon

Calming the Nervous System, Finding Peace Within, Meditation


Many have asked me about meditation. I became interested in a meditation practice in 1981 and shortly thereafter received the techniques of the Knowledge. I practice daily and it is something that I look forward to. I've included a description from The Words of Peace Global website so that you know more about the Knowledge.


Exploring The Keys 


Prem Rawat, widely known as Maharaji, offers a way to discover peace within, four practical techniques which enable anyone to turn their attention inside in order to experience the feeling that resides there. He calls these techniques Knowledge: the know-how to go within.


The Keys are specially designed by Maharaji to help clarify key points of understanding. There are six Keys. The first five consist of video presentations with various supporting videos that build on each Key's theme. Watching these helps a person develop the necessary understanding to comprehend what's being offered and to enjoy Knowledge to the fullest. The sixth Key is shown during a special session in which Maharaji teaches the techniques of Knowledge via a video presentation. Such sessions take place throughout the year all over the world. It is a gift from Maharaji to anyone who requests it.

Enjoy and be in touch,
Sheila Shea, Director
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