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Full Moon October, 2013
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    "Mindfulness for Educators"                 A Retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh, by Lisa Fancott

In August 2013, Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh and monastics from Plum Village came to Brock University in St. Catharines Ontario, to lead a retreat for teachers and educators. I attended as a member of Thay's Order of Interbeing and as someone who has been working with government, business and civil society leaders to reduce discrimination, for many years.

The first retreat I attended with this beautiful Sangha was at Blue Cliff Monastery in New York, when I took the fourteen mindfulness trainings with Thay. The ceremony was in the presence of a retinue of sixty or so fully ordained monks and nuns, with perhaps a hundred lay ordained men and women flanking us on either side. To take the precepts - or the mindfulness trainings as they are expressed in the Order of Interbeing, in the presence of a full community, with monks and nuns on equal footing, elderly and young, and many races, and lay practitioners who have stepped forward to make a deeper commitment - awakens the heart to its highest potential, to a profound solidity and sense of harmony in brotherhood and sisterhood. It feels authentic and balanced, an honouring, witnessing and receiving of the full transmission of the Buddha's teaching. 


 Lisa Fancott, a supporter of Sakyadhita Canada, took the 14 Mindfulness Trainings (precepts) with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in 2011 and recently (August 2013) attended the Mindfulness Retreat for Educators in Ontario. Lisa has been working with Venerable Lekshe Tsomo to establish the 1st program on Women in Buddhism which will begin in April 2014. WOMEN In Buddhism

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Presentations on Mindfulness in Education:  

Panel Presentation at the Mindfulness Retreat for Educators
Panel Presentation at the Mindfulness Retreat for Educators


The Five Mindfulness Trainings: http://plumvillage.org/mindfulness- practice/the-five-mindfulness-trainings/

 The Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings Interbeing: http://plumvillage.org/mindfulness-practice/the-fourtee-mindfulness- trainings/

 Love Letter to the Earth, by Thich Nhat Hanh:


It is Choice that I call action; it is in the choosing that one acts by body, speech or mind. A 12:37
 This body is not yours or another's, it is past action already determined and chosen that must be experienced to be seen. S 12:37
 For most of us the very idea that even our bodies are the result of choices we have made is a difficult concept to accept. But accept it we must if we want to follow the path to completion; to clear and radiant consciousness. It can be said that the Buddha's teaching is about acceptance. About allowing ourselves to "see" things as they really are and accepting what we see. As we are able to do this we realize that the circumstances in our lives --- the people, the places, the situations --- are not what we are choosing, but are a result of what has already been chosen. We need not claim them; we need only see their nature. With the realization that the circumstance is not the cause of the experience, but that the choice we have made about the circumstance is, we are free to determine whether we want to continue making the same choice. We can see that if we are experiencing agitation, no one is agitating us, we are choosing agitation. If we are experiencing peace, it is not from an external source, it is because we are choosing peace. We are the sole author of our experience. As this is accepted, the beauty of Karma shines through. Every situation, every person, every place is an invitation to choose peace; to see with clear and radiant consciousness.



In 2013, Sakyadhita Canada was happy to give two donations to developing monasteries: to Sati Saraniya Hermitage in Perth ON and PoLam Buddhist Nunnery in Chilliwack, BC. We share with you their updated reports: