Isn't it great to see the letters that come back from satisfied customers talking about how happy they are with our service?  We routinely send them around the company and on to our carrier partners celebrating the great job you have done.  It's always refreshing to receive a positive message!


Some aspect of every letter talks about the trauma the customer has experienced through their loss.  For many folks, short of losing a loved one, a loss to one's property can be one of the most emotionally stressing times in their lives.  Our ability to gently meet these folks where they are in their time of need and help them move on by repairing their property can not be over-estimated.  In the process of the repair many customers find a sort of repair to their emotional state as well. 


Through providing excellent service with a great attitude we should always strive to add value to others lives. Even in those instances where we become the recipients of "hostility transference" as clients are negative towards us as we are the ones handling the trauma source, I thank you for taking the higher road and turning bad situations into positive experiences.   Keep 'em comin!

Jenkins University: The Training Room in full operation.
(Photo above taken at the Fall Jenkins Strategy Meeting.) 

The Training room in Sterling, VA is now fully outfitted with IT equipment.  This room is where the foundation of all new hires will begin and the honing of all of our skills will likely take place through continuing education.  Other companies have already used this space and it is proving to be a great marketing tool.  The most recent Jenkins Restorations Strategy meeting utilized this space (photo above).  The Jenkins University system is being refined with each new class and the most recent graduates are noted below.  These individuals are either already deployed or standing at the ready.


Kevin Mardegian, stepped out in faith from Alabama by switching careers from a Branch Operations Manager for Sherwin-Williams to joining Jenkins U.  Although Kevin started in September, he proved very quickly that he understands "Jenkins." He currently holds the fastest deployment from the "U" due to his quick understanding and growing needs that Jenkins is experiencing.  Kevin and his family are now part of the Richmond branch.


Josh Kinas, joined Jenkins U from the VA Beach area.  Although he could call 18 different locations home from growing up in a military family, Josh is filling the need right back in VA Beach.  Since Josh returned back to VA Beach, we were unable to relocate him to his 19th location.  (Josh was quite alright with that).  Josh has a strong grasp of customer service and the drive to "do what it takes" to get solid results.


Pete Demorest, has spent the last 5 years coaching football at his alma mater, Taylor University.  How does being a collegiate coach qualify you for Jenkins U you ask? Other than giving you a strong winning attitude, it doesn't directly.  However his 6 years of working at Jenkins Restorations starting back in 1999 does!  With years of previous claims experience under his belt, Pete received his refresher in Jenkins U and is patiently waiting to be strategically placed in a branch where his skills will allow him to excel.

Honorary Corner:
Janette Simpson

Janette Simpson has been with Jenkins Restorations' Virginia Beach branch since 2008. She served as a Telecommunications Operator in the Navy from 1987 -1993. Her duty stations included Naval Air Stations in Agana Guam, NSGA Galeta Island Panama and Navcomtelsta San Diego.  Serving overseas provided plenty of opportunities for travel to interesting places such as Japan, Korea, Philippines and Italy.


Janette has two children: Christopher, 18 and Rachel, 10. They continue to travel as a family on short term mission trips.


Janette currently serves Jenkins as the VA Beach Administrative Assistant.

Janette Simpson, circa 1989, currently Administrative Assistant with Jenkins Restorations.



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