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October 2013 Newsletter
How best to view your data

This month's newsletter is focused on Data Visualization.  The below chart highlights that most business leaders receive their data and reports in email and spreadsheet format.  However the most preferred approach is by far Dashboards.


Have you implemented Dashboards, Key Performance Indicator Management tools in your organization?  TDT brings you a range of Dashboards and KPI management tools that allow for easy visualization of your data whether at the detail level or aggregated. says in their latest research that:

  • 74% of business leaders must get their data from multiple, unconnected sources
  • Only about 1 in 4 CEOs say their reports contain the information they need and want
  • Business leaders generally prefer real-time or even weekly reports over daily reports
This Chart Shows How CEOs Prefer To See Their Data

DATE: September 26, 2013 just released a fascinating report on what business leaders hate about big data.


One section of the study was focused on how most executives are currently receiving data and reports, and how they would prefer to consume that same information. Take a look at the chart we pulled from the report:



With all the data solutions out there we were a little surprised that so many business leaders are still relying on emails and spreadsheets. In fact, the report mentions that one in three CEOs get their data through emails the most often, yet if you look at the right side of the chart you'll notice that fewer than 10 percent say they would prefer it in that format.


And as long as you're looking at the right side of the chart, it's hard to miss that goliath dashboards bar. The report reveals more than 50 percent of CEOs say dashboards are their most preferred format for viewing data, but fewer than 15 percent are currently using dashboards for their primary data access.


Sample Dashboards as provided by TDT 




Sample KPI's as provided by TDT 




  1. What business leaders hate about big Data
  2. How CEOs prefer to see their Data


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