Happy Autumn Everyone!!!

We're in it and it's simply gorgeous and breathtaking...   as always!!!!   
                   enJOY, enJOY enJOY!!!

And if you're not enjoying this season...  well, it's another norm.  Some of us are often affected by the change in season.  You may feel that your energy is ebbing somewhat, but don't worry- your body is simply internalizing to nurture your inner self, to help cope with the pull of the moon and planets and the ubiquitous cyclical change. 

Consider affirmations! They help us attune to the new season and take advantage of its power and beauty to help us set major goals for ourselves for the coming months. 

Here are a few affirmations:

Groundedness:  Take time out to care for yourSELF, indulge in what you want to do. 
  • I AM welcoming peace
  • I allow myself to be quiet
  • It's alright to enJOY myself
  • I cherish every moment of the day
  • Today is my chance to be healthy
  • I find my path following my inclinations
  • I integrate trust into every aspect of my life

Articulation:  Don't be afraid to articulate your feelings and needs. Make a conscious effort to find your voice and speak your truth with tact and integrity

  • I feel release through communication
  • I AM freed through communication
  • It is easy to articulate my feelings
  • Speaking my truth is a privilege I enjoy
  • I release my anger, I embrace my joy
  • I connect with my needs, and let them be known
Simplicity: Establish healthy patterns that nurture your mind, body and spirit.   
  • I AM in control of my health and wellness
  • I walk in beauty
  • I AM healthy and happy
  • My vital energy resurfaces naturally
  • I enjoy the food that is good for me
  • I have the power to control my health
Allow nature to inspire you to create your own affirmations. You know you better than anyone else; you are the master of you and only you know what is required to create magic in your life.  Creativity is our Divine nature and as you tape into this wellspring of divine creating you may feel a surge of energy that opens the flood gates to creating even more.  This is the time, this is the season for going within to bring forth.  Allow yourself to be the creator that you are.




AromaTouch Technique


      If you're just too stressed out, and need a little help, remember being with loving friends is a great way to bring joy into your life. Reiki and other energy healing modalities also work wonders to bring multiple facets of your being back into balance.!!!   Essential oils do the same. And, you don't have to wait until you're feeling down and out to treat yourself to a session. 
      I'm now offering the AromaTouch Technique developed by doTERRA.  It's a wonderful approach to the application of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  It addresses "whole body needs and creates an overall system health benefit".  Designed by Dr. David Hill, it "minimizes systemic stressors to autonomic balance." The technique includes the application of eight essential oils or essential oil blends in a four step process that takes about 3o minutes of what you might experience as deep relaxation.  And, as you relax inhaling the aroma of these pure oils that further supports a state  Bliss you're well on your way to a return to the wholeness of your being,    



Step One is Stress Management for balance and calm


Step Two is Immune Support to cleans and strengthen   

Step Three is Inflammatory Response to stimulate and soothe 
Step Four is Homeostasis (internal equilibrium) to invigorate and center.

The oils are formulated to support your healthy emotional and physiological well being.   Many people report feeling relaxed and vibrant at the same time....  and that's what homeostasis is!!!!!!


If you haven't experienced AromaTouch
with me yet, why not try it,  your first application is FREE!
  I'll be offering this lovely therapy
 beginning next month at
 HarlemChi Community Acupuncture
Sessions will be $40. per 30 minutes.

More on this in November newsletter!



Ubuntu...  Namaste!

We are the Infinite Light of  



 Rev. Barbara

Energy/Sound Healing Practitioner 


Services Include:

-Reiki  Healing
- Reiki Classes
  - Christ Light Healing
- Reconnective Healing  
- Spiritual Consultations - AromaTouch Technique 
- Channeled Messages  
- Distant Healing 
- Holistic Events   




Sat. Oct. 25th

7pm - 10pm

FREE Wholistic Bazaar 


Sun. Oct. 26th 

 6pm - 8:45pm 



Other Events


October 18th

Abraham/Hicks in Westchester  



October 24th

This year's speaker's   





An A for Apples 

Cinnamon for Alzheimer's 


Reiki Shifts Depression 





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October 2014 Energy Forecast - Lee Harris
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Angel Message



Acceptance means unconditional love. The Angels remind you to accept everyone exactly as they are, without judging, blaming or wanting to change them.  When you are totally accepting you bear no malice or enmity towards anyone or anything.  Harmlessness through acceptance is a high state of being and this is a difficult quality for humans to embrace for it is a divine quality.  Nevertheless, the Angels are drawing it to your attention now.  You are also asked to accept yourself. When you truly do so, you feel centered and confident and your Divine self is revealed.



I accept myself and others!