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October 2015

Recycling News & Updates


Announcing changes in recycling services. As of November 1, 2015 Pequannock Township has moved to an "all-in-one single-stream" curbside recycling collection system.  This means you can now mix newspaper, cardboard & other paper with all bottles and cans.  All recyclables will be collected as a single-stream once a week every Monday.  Click here for the Important Notice and New Recycling Schedule & Method. 

 A Message from the Pequannock Township Police Department
  The township has seen an increase in thefts of personal items and money from motor vehicles. In the overwhelming majority of these cases the vehicle are being left unlocked in the owners driveway or on the street. These thefts are considered crimes of opportunity and we encourage residents to lock car doors at all times. We have also seen an increase in thefts from homes where the doors or windows to the homes are left unlocked. Make sure you are locking door when not home and overnight as burglars are taking advantage of these situations. Residents are encouraged to contact the police department if they see anything they consider to be suspicious.
Halloween Safety Tips

* Do not trick-or-treat by yourself.
* If props are carried, they should be made of soft rubber, Styrofoam, or other pliable material.
* Obey all traffic signals and look in all directions when crossing the street.
* Don't run! Walk to your intended destination and don't dart in and out of cars or driveways. If there are no sidewalks stay as far left of the roadway as possible.
* Walk in the direction facing traffic.
* Only trick-or-treat at homes with their porch light on. Never approach a car offering candy.
* Wait until you get home before eating any treats.
* Always escort your children and carry a flashlight after dark.
* Be familiar with the neighborhood where your children will be trick-or-treating.
* Set a specific time for your child/children to be out.
* Always know who is trick-or-treating with your children.
* Walk on the sidewalks and not in the middle of the street.
* Instruct your children NEVER to enter any homes.
* Stay in well-lighted areas.
* Inspect all treats before allowing children to eat them.
* Choose fireproof comfortable costumes made of light colored material so they can be easily seen in the dark.
* Consider placing reflective or glow in the dark tape on your children's costumes.
* Have children avoid wearing eye makeup or masks, which will restrict their vision.
* Avoid having children carry replica firearms, swords, or toys which can be mistaken for the real thing.
* Give out only commercially wrapped candy.
* Teach children their home and/or parent's cellular phone number in case they get lost.
 * Turn on your porch light so children know it is all right to visit your home.
* If you are placing a Jack-O-Lantern on your porch, place a glow stick inside instead of a candle.
* Hand out only commercially wrapped candy.
* Never invite children into your home.
* Maintain clear walkways that are free from obstruction.
* If using candles, keep them away from the path of children.
* Immediately notify law enforcement of any suspicious activity.
* Drive slowly and cautiously.
* Look for children walking on the street, running, and darting in between parked vehicles.
* Be extra careful when entering and exiting driveways.
Department of Public Works
Thanks to the tireless efforts of Mr. Joe Golden, Township Engineer, the Pequannock Township DPW was awarded $1,290 worth of work zone safety equipment.  The Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation sponsored this initiative based on applications received from municipalities who lost equipment during natural disasters.  Pictured above is Mark Struble, Superintendent and Bill Pereira, Director accepting the equipment at the CAIT Center at Rutgers University.
Department of Public Works
   2015 Fall Leaf Program  
The Township of Pequannock, Department of Public Works will begin the 2015 fall leaf collection program throughout the Township during mid October. The Department of Public Works needs your cooperation. Please do not park vehicles in such a manner as to block the leaf piles. Our vehicles need room to maneuver. Also, please remove any play equipment from the roadway or near the piles. If we cannot get to the leaf piles, we will not be able to pick them up.
Following are some guidelines regarding this program:

Leaves raked into piles should be placed near the road. Leaves should not be placed in such a manner as to pose a safety hazard or impede drainage. Use common sense, please.


Litter such as branches, rocks, dirt, glass, paper, etc. should not be raked or bagged with the leaves. This material poses a safety hazard to our workers and will damage costly equipment. Leaf piles containing this debris will not be collected.


Leaves can also be placed out at the curb in biodegradable, paper bags or rigid containers for collection on Mondays by the contracted disposal company through the last Monday in December.


The last day leaves will be picked up at the street will be December 11, 2015 WITHOUT EXCEPTION.  Leaves that are put out after that date will not be picked up.

The patience and cooperation of residents is appreciated as we will make every effort to pick up the fallen leaves as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  
Brownie Troop Visits Historic Pequannock Township Museum
Township Historian, Edward Engelbart, hosted a tour for Brownie Troop 95401 on October 8.  The troop was fully engaged and asked a number of interesting questions about Pequannock's History.  Click Here for Information about the Pequannock Township Museum




Saturday, November 7, 2015

9 a.m. to Noon

Pequannock Township Municipal Building - Front Parking Lot

Bring your personal and confidential paper documents to be shred.  No need to remove staples and paper clips.  Open to Pequannock Township residents only
 (No Businesses Please)
Township Council Creates Skate Park Advisory Committee
As a result of a presentation made to the Township Council in support of the creation of a Skateboard Park, the Council passed Resolution 2015-172 at their October 13th meeting creating a Skate Park Advisory Committee. The Committee is charged with researching costs, locations and potential funding sources for the development of a Skate Park. Individuals will be appointed to the committee on November 10th and will have six months to make a formal recommendation to the Governing Body. The Committee will consist of a Council Member, a Township Staff member, a representative from the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board and 4 residents. At least one resident will be a youth from the community. Anyone interested in serving on the committee should complete a Volunteer Application / Citizen Leadership Form and return it to the Township Clerk's Office no later than October 30, 2015.


Township of  Pequannock

530 Newark Pompton Turnpike

Pompton Plains, New Jersey  07444


The Pequannock Township First Aid and Rescue Squad is currently seeking new members. Our volunteer organization provides Emergency Medical Services to the township during the night and on weekends. The minimum age for Cadet Members is 16, and Senior Members is 18. Training is provided free of cost.


The squad operates out of our building located directly behind town hall. We operate three Basic Life Support Ambulances, one Special Response Unit and one First Responder Vehicle. During the year we answer approximately 700 calls, and provide standby coverage at many special events.


If you are ready for a rewarding experience; consider joining the few that sacrifice their time, to help our neighbors in need.


For membership information, please contact us at (973) 835-6987 or visit our website at:


 Health Department

The Office of Emergency Management would like to remind all residents with special needs to register with the "New Jersey's Special Needs Registry for Disaster". This registry allows NJ residents with access and functional needs an opportunity to provide information to emergency response agencies, so emergency responders can better plan to serve them in a disaster or other emergency. The information collected here is confidential and will not be available to the public. The information will be held securely and only used for emergency response and planning. Residents can register at  

For More Information Visit Our Website
Election Day Poll Workers

Interested in helping ensure the fairness an validity of our election process?  Poll workers, those who staff the polling locations for each of our elections, play an important role in ensuring that the voting process is fair and accessible.  Elections are administered by the Morris County Board of Election.  If you are interested If working at a polling location, information may be obtained at the County Website
 or by contacting the Morris County Board of Elections at 

 Fair Housing Frequently Asked Questions 



Here are some frequently asked questions we receive about our program. If you have any further questions, please come to a Fair Housing Committee Meeting. These meetings are held every fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall in Pequannock Township.
What are the household income limit requirements for the affordable housing program?
The Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) has made the regional income limits available online at their website. Visit the Affordable Housing Regional Income Limit Guide for Morris County. Count how many people make up your household, and if your total income exceeds the low-income number, you are a moderate-income household. If you total household income exceeds the moderate-income amount, then you do not qualify for affordable housing.
How do I obtain an Interested Persons Questionnaire?
To obtain an Interested Persons Questionnaire, you may:
 Call 973-835-5700, ext. 198, and leave your name and address and a form will be mailed to you.
To have the form e-mailed to you, please call and leave your e-mail address.
You can also
go to Pequannock Township's Town Hall and request a form.
Please speak clearly when leaving a message. Please print your information clearly on your form. Be as accurate as possible when completing the form - this is crucial so that you are not placed in the wrong category, or wrong household size. Also, be sure to attach the pertinent information requested on the form that applies to you. Your form will be returned to you if the correct documentation is not attached.
Are these units for purchase or for rent?
The units located at The Glens and Crestwood Park are for purchase only. We have no rental apartments available at this time.