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God is a God of Order
And that does not change in a building program!   A few scriptures come to mind on this topic.
  • Paul rightly states in 1 Cor 14:33 that, "God is not the author of confusion". In this context, Paul was not referring to confusion in a building program, but we believe the precept is applicable.
  • And Jesus makes a very clear and direct reference to building in this passage from Luke 14:28, "For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost whether he has enough to finish it".
  • Solomon makes it clear that there is a time and an order to everything in Ecc 1, which starts out in verse 1, "To every [thing there is] a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:"  read more
What's New?

Coastal Community Church moved out of Green Run High School, and held its first service in its new facility over the July 4th weekend and its building dedication July 11, 2015. The  new building is located at 2800 S. Independence Boulevard in Virginia Beach, Virginia ( )  The church had already experienced dramatic growth through the expansion process, kept its people informed each step of the way, and was prepared to receive new families on day one in its new building.
Led by Dr. Hank and Donna Brooks, Coastal can be described as casual, contemporary, and child friendly. Relevant, caring, and practical bible teaching would also describe this church family, but that really only scratches the surface.
Working with Executive Pastor JD Calkin, this expansion project faced several challenges -- one of which was a 25-year winter along with a very wet spring.  Regardless, they were in their building on time and within budget.
"We highly recommend CDS, its financial feasibility process, and its design/build methodology which is effective, transparent, and "church friendly", says Executive Pastor JD Calkin.
Congratulations to Coastal Community Church!
Turning a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant Into a Church

Do you want to know how to transform a commercial building into a church?  Call
757-623-3701 or contact for more information.
CDS ... In the Community

CDS is proud to share in the success of this summer's FEED THE NEIGHBORHOOD project in Enid, OK.   Families lined up to receive over 1,400 school supply packets, backpacks, and sock, shoe, and underwear vouchers.

FTN was also able to distribute 1,000 turkey burgers, 4,000 hot dogs, 4,000 servings of chips, and 6,840 bottles of water and Gatorade along with a variety of hygiene products, bread, and chicken and rice mixes.   The event had 19 hair cutters from the community who provided more than 150 hair cuts.   Twenty-eight bikes were also given out during the event.

Nurses and doctors within the community offered health screenings for anyone in need, and the Garfield County Health Department assisted with the school enrollment process by providing immunization records for students.

Even though the day was extremely hot, it was amazing to see the smile on each child's face as they received these gifts.

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