Issue No. 87  October 2016
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Noah Fallis shoots Steven Stamkos for Sport Chek

Calgary based photographer, Noah Fallis, was in Toronto shooting Steven Stamkos for a Still & Motion Sport Chek Campaign. He used some novel techniques to create stunningly good stills and motion content.
"The entire shoot was intended as a large content grab for deployment in a variety of channels and to provide Sport Chek with terabytes of media to re-purpose as needed using their talented in-house post team." - Noah Fallis

S1 Supplied: Video Van Package, Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Capture Service, Expendables and Distro.

Noah Fallis Website
The Man in the Arena - Director's Cut
Behind the Scenes - w/ Noah Fallis & Steven Stamkos for Sport Chek

Check out this awesome Behind the Scenes video of the Sport Chek shoot with the talented Noah Fallis and Steven Stamkos. Along with 2 x Red cameras, a Phantom, 2x GoPros, 4x Sony cameras, 2x Nikon cameras and a Phase One camera, the crew from Scheimpflug in New York brought their 360° Camera Array, which includes 60 separate cameras to capture the bullet time sequences.
S1 Supplied: Video Van Package, Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Capture Service, Expendables and Distro.

Watch the Behind the Scenes Video
360° Camera Array from Scheimpflug
Miranda Penn Turin shoots the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and a Video Promo

New York and LA based photographer Miranda Penn Turin, was in Toronto to shoot the cast and a video promo, of the recent remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The movie aired on Fox last week.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Special FX, Expendables and Van Services

Miranda Penn Turin Website
Rocky Horror - Live One Sheet on Vimeo
Michael Muller shoots The Strain season 3

Photographer Michael Muller was in Toronto to shoot the Gallery Images of Guillermo del Toro's "The Strain" for the third season of this epic show. The Strain Season 3 is currently airing on Sunday nights on FX.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Production Supplies, Expendables and Van Services.

Michael Muller Website
The Strain on FX
Spittn Image Production Company
Jake Chessum shoots the stars of TIFF for Variety

New York photographer Jake Chessum was in Toronto during TIFF to shoot all the stars for Variety Magazine, including Michael Shannon, Gael Garcia Bernal, Oliver Stone, Natalie Portman and more.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Expendables and Van Services

Variety TIFF Portrait Studio
Jake Chessum Website
Supervision New York
Caitlin Cronenberg shoots new TV show, Kim's Convenience

Toronto photographer Caitlin Cronenberg shot the promotional images for the CBC's new show Kim's Convenience, which you may have seen on billboards around town. This show, based on a play by the same name, is currently airing Tuesdays on CBC.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting, Grip, Expendables and Van Services.

Caitlin Cronenberg Website
Kim's Convenience on CBC
Bjorn Iooss shoots for Mr. Porter at TIFF

For the second year, the folks at Mr. Porter in London came to town during TIFF to capture the Best Dressed Men of the festival. This year, New York photographer Bjorn Iooss shot these lovely portraits of these handsome men.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Production Supplies, Props and Van Services

Mr. Porter - Best Dressed Men at TIFF
Bjorn Iooss Website
Pricing and Negotiating

Craig Oppenheimer, Executive Producer at Wonderful Machine, shows an example of a quote they submitted (and were awarded) for a shoot for a large food/beverage company. Helpful to know how others are quoting in the lucrative US market.

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PDN - How Top Photographers Conquer Self-Doubt, Part 1

Self-doubt and fear of failure haunt most photographers, especially when they're starting out. Successful photographers share their own doubts and fears, and strategies for taming them. In this first part of a four part series, PDN talks to four photographers.

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Meet the Unsung Street Photographer of 1980s New York

"To view Richard Sandler's photographs is to look into the soul of a broken New York. From the pages of his new book, you can almost hear the rattle of the subway cars, the tap of high heels on concrete and the commotion of midtown rush hour. But if the city is the theatre, it's the people who take center stage."

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Home Is Where the Parking Lot Is

Taking a shortcut to catch a flight from Los Angeles two years ago, director (and Harvard student) Lance Oppenheim passed a remote airline employee parking lot and was surprised to see over 70 motor homes. "I wondered, who lived there - and why?" he notes at the New York Times. His curiosity led him to make an intimate short doc about the residents  - airline pilots and flight attendants who take us around the world. They say their encampment provides a sense of home.

Click here to watch
Ultimate Vintage Cinema Lens Test

See side-by-side comparisons of 40 of the most popular vintage lenses in modern cinematography.
"As a modern cinematographer and filmmaker, it's important to research and test the glass you plan on using for your next project. However, it can be difficult and expensive to do so. That's why a bunch of lens enthusiasts got together over a weekend for one educate. We wanted to not only learn for ourselves but to share our findings with the cinematography world! Enjoy!"

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Hard Drive Review: WD My Passport Wireless PRO

"Wireless hard drives remain something of a niche among storage vendors, but WD has recommitted to the category with a major refresh of its My Passport Wireless drive. Besides sporting a new design, the My Passport Pro delivers improved connectivity, several new features and integration with Adobe's Creative Cloud."

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Is Medium Format Video Coming?

Sebastian Wöber of Cinema 5D goes to Photokina to explore the possible future of Medium Format Video.
"Medium Format Video is slowly becoming a thing, as anyone with an attentive eye walking the floor of Photokina 2016 this past week could tell you. After numerous talks with medium format camera manufacturers at the show, I can certainly see a pattern evolving. We also managed to get some clean footage from the Phase One XF camera with the new IQ3 module."

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New Kino Flo Select 30 LED's w/ RGB Control

Just launched, these new LED lights are very similar to the ARRI Skypanel. It can be a white light source with Green/Magenta tint, or an RGB light that has your favorite LEE & Rosco gels programed in, or dial in a custom Hue an Saturation of your own! These lights use a similar form factor to the 4' 4 Bank bulbed Kinos, & have the same output. Also features a removable ballast.

Select 30 LED Gaffer Kit
New Kino Flo Select 20 LED w/ RGB Control

The Select 20 LED has all the features and control of the Select 30, in a more compact design. It has the same number of LED diodes as the Select 30, but with a smaller overall size that is better suited for tighter spaces. Comes with a grid and a form factor gaffers are already familiar with.

Select 20 LED
New Chimera Triolet 1000w Tungsten Kit

This versatile lighting fixture comes with a 1000w tungsten bulb, glass dome & speedring ready to be used inside light banks. Compatible with Mogul, Medium and GY9.5 Two-Pin bulbs up to 1000w in Tungsten, Fluorescent or LED. With the included Profoto Adapter, it can be used in the Broncolor Para reflectors and many Profoto modifiers!

Triolet 1000w Tungsten Kit
New Chimera Triolet 500w Tungsten Kit

If the 1000w Tungsten bulb is too much power, this 500w kit is another option. Using a 500w tungsten GY9.5 bulb with the glass dome, you instantly have a small, versatile fixture for softbox or many other applications.

Triolet 500w Tungsten Kit
Chimera Triolet to Profoto Adapter

This adapter allows you to use the Triolet tungsten light in Profoto modifiers, Chimera lanterns & boxes, and the Broncolor Para reflectors! Used with the glass dome, you get a beautiful soft source. The adapter comes standard in both the 500w & 1000w Triolet kits.

Triolet 1000w Kit
Triolet 500w Kit
New OctaTech 5' for Astra 1x1 LED Panels

This specially designed octa for many differant LED Lights. It uses a Multi Bracket shown here, to mount an Astra 1x1 Litepanel in the center of the bank. The highly reflective internal coating intensifies the output, and the front baffle evenly distributes the light for a soft beautiful light. Try it with an Astra Bi-Colour 1x1 LED and an Anton Bauer battery for a cordless solution!

OctaTech 5 w/ Tech Multi Bracket
Astra 1x1 Bi-Colour LED
Anton Bauer batteries
New Chimera OctaPlus 5' Low Temp

With Octabanks being so popular these days, we've added another of the most popular to rentals. This low temp 5' octa, has a soft-silver interior, removable internal baffle and front diffusion. For use with strobe only.

OctaPlus 5' Low Temp
New Sandbags

At S1, we're always increasing our inventory of new equipment and tech, but also the staples items needed on set. Look for our new 25 lbs branded sandbags on your next production!

Google Unveils Its Pixel Phone with the 'Best Smartphone Camera Ever'

Google recently announced the Pixel and Pixel XL, a pair of new smartphones that puts a huge amount of emphasis on photography. Developed in-house, the phones pack what Google boasts is the "best smartphone camera ever." The sensor and camera reviewing lab DxOMark seems to agree: they've given the Pixel's 12.3-megapixel rear camera a score of 89, the highest ever awarded to a smartphone camera.

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Birdie Lets You Safely Throw Your GoPro for Cheap Aerial Shots

While drone prices continue to drop, they still aren't exactly cheap and still come with plenty of restrictions. Birdie is a new GoPro accessory that borrows the name and physics of a badminton birdie to help you get aerial POV shots with your GoPro.

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Dronesurfing on Vimeo

Over a decade of experience in the professional cinematography industry has given Freefly a unique ability to develop and bring innovative products to market that serve the needs of cinema and aerial professionals.

The team at Freefly closed out the summer with the introduction of a brand new sport: #DroneSurfing.

Click here to watch