October  2016  Newsletter

 Blue Ribbon Events
As I write this newsletter, I am just a few days away from launching my book, From Blue Ribbon to Code Blue , at the Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough, New Hampshire. I hope to see you there: Saturday, October 15, 2:00 P.M.

I am excited about my first author event, especially after some wonderful early reviews.

Dear to my heart is a note from a local volunteer firefighter, Tom Vanderbilt. Now Chief of the Dublin Fire Department, Tom was best friends with Bill Beynon, the man who was first on the scene of my accident, and saved my life. He's pictured in the news photo on the cover of the 

Here's some of what Tom wrote, "Wow, just finished your book, incredible. Can't wait for it to be a Hallmark movie!...At the time (of your accident), Dublin Fire did not own the "Jaws of Life," but Bill was a driving force to make sure we got a set...That day had a profound impact on Bill ...and many other people... Bill on the cover, what an honor; wish he was alive to see it! Next time you are in the area, give me a call. Love to meet you in person. I'll buy you a really good cup of coffee!"  

And the Midwest Book Review had this to say:

"Few narratives can so clearly document this step-by-step healing process; but   "From Blue Ribbon to Code Blue"  is as precise in its approach and experiences as it is candid about the many hurdles that must be jumped, both alone and with the help of others, in such a recovery.
Readers of true-life, near-death experiences and stories of survival will relish the lessons and life-affirming experiences Jennifer imparts, and will find her story one of the top leaders in literature about the healing process: "Ironically, it's human nature not to appreciate something until it's gone, or, in my case, taken away. Simple things like breathing, eating, sleeping, walking, enjoying a cup of great coffee, or sharing laughter with friends and family-these are all fundamental things I've learned not to take for granted." Very highly recommended as a riveting read that, once begun, is hard to put down!

Best online price is from my publisher: 

Positive reviews are very important to the success of my book. So if you like the book, please go the Amazon link below to write a few sentences. It needn't be long, and I'd be forever grateful.

Click here:    http://amzn.to/2cZSXqE


I'm lucky to have so many wonderful people cheering me on. Thank you so much.
Finally, if your local bookshop doesn't have  From Blue Ribbon to Code Blue, you can ask them to order it. My hope is to have my book in as many bookstores as possible; not just on Amazon. 
Thank you,
 Book Tour Events
Oct. 15, Peterborough, NH
Toadstool Bookshop, 2:00

Oct.18, Peterborough, NH 
Peterborough  Library, 7:00   

Oct. 27, Hancock, NH
Hancock Library, 7:00  

Nov. 10, New London, CT
US Coast Guard Academy

Nov. 14, Madison, CT
Madison Library

Dec. 2, Peterborough, NH
Bauhan Publishing Event
Bass Hall, 6:00 

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I am still scheduling author events and keynote speeches in New England, California and Florida. I welcome  an introduction to your local book seller, library or other venue in those areas. Please send me an email with your ideas.

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