The Communicator    October 2016 
Volume 33, Issue 10    
Worship in October: Death

When it's over, I don't want to wonder if I have made of my life something particular, and real. I don't want to find myself sighing and frightened,or full of argument. I don't want to end up simply having visited this world.

~Mary Oliver,  When Death Comes

So don't be a visitor, says the poet.  Welcome to the world- a real world where death is acknowledged as a part of life, and where we live in full knowledge and appreciation that, as one congregant once put it,  nobody gets out alive.   This month we meditate upon death- much of it hopeful and uplifting, while also giving some space for our loss and grief.  We honor our future generations through contemplating the notion of legacy and healing the earth. We flaunt our love of life in celebrating Coming Out day.  The last Sunday in October is our Day of the Dead service. Please bring a memento and/or picture of a loved one to place on the shared altar in the sanctuary before service begins.  Come ready to celebrate, even if with tears.  In the face of death, let us live life in beauty.

Rev. Allison 
Community Sharing in October: Lee County Homeless Coalition and PACE Center for Girls
Lee County Homeless Coalition 's mission is to advocate, educate, and promote awareness of issues and obstacles that are facing homeless individuals in Lee County through community collaboration, planning and implementing solutions. The Lee County Homeless Coalition is a non-profit advocacy group made up of community and faith-based service providers, local businesses, people who are currently experiencing or who have experienced homelessness, and other advocates committed to ending homelessness.

Members of the Coalition are individuals or organizations that are committed to advocating, educating and promoting awareness of issues and obstacles facing the homeless in Lee County through community collaboration, planning and implementing solutions.

PACE Center for Girls has provided girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy for more than 30 years.

PACE is a Florida-based, nationally recognized not-for-profit organization that provides non-residential, prevention, intervention, and diversion services for girls and young women ages 12 to 17.

Their programs provide a comprehensive and holistic model that integrates social services, education and career readiness in an individualized manner that incorporates the major develop-mental domains of girls (physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, spiritual, and relational).

More Sunday Happenings!
Christian Group
The UUCFM Christian Group meets at  9:00a   on Sundays  in Room 7.  This is a great time for interested UUs to come visit, take a look, ask questions, and see what we're about. We look forward to welcoming you. 
Humanist Forum

The Humanist Forum meets every Sunday at 9:15a in Hobart Hall.  All are welcome to join us for a new and engaging topic each week. 
From the Staff & Board
From the Board
Thank you to our shining star volunteers this month: Kevin Carr and the Boy Scouts! Volunteer of the month for September is Dorothy Van Howe. Congratulations and thanks for all the work you do!

The October Board meeting will be Tuesday, October 11th at 6:30p in the Conference Room. All are invited to attend.
Music Notes

Musical Calendar

October 2:  For our service honoring the Jewish High Holy Days, the Choir sings the traditional Hebrew  Hashiveinu, and Amy Laursen and the UUCFM Band cover folk rock band Emma's Revolution's  Swimming to the Other Side

October 6:  At  Thursday evening's Soulful Sundown service, we'll sing hymns about the night and hear UU Composer Elizabeth Alexander's poetic song,  Trust the Seeds.

October 9:  For our service on International Coming Out Day, Adam and Keara Trummel team up for John Denver's  Perhaps Love, and the Choir will share Fred Small's touching ballad,  Everything Possible.  

October 16:  When Gary Robbins and Holley Rauen speak about the SWFL Pachamama Alliance and the Earth Charter, the Choir harmonizes Harry Belafonte's calypso  Turn the World Around, and the Band rocks Emma's Revolution's  Bound for Freedom.

October 23:  Singer/guitarist Haris Blackwood leads us in songs about heaven and the afterlife. 

October 30:  Our Day of the Dead service features late 17-year-old Zach Sobiech's pop song  Clouds with multi-generational Choir, and Lesley Peterson will share the haunting  Skellig by Loreena McKennitt. 

There is no  Music Committee meeting this month. 

The UUCFM Choir rehearses most Wednesday nights from 6:45-8:15p, and on Suday mornings from  9-10a in the Sanctuary.  It's free and there are no auditions. Please email me in advance so that a music folder can be prepared for you. Come join us in singing!

The UUCFM Band rehearses most Wednesday nights from  6:00-6:45p, and on Sunday mornings from  9-10a in the Sanctuary. If you would like to play your instrument during a  Sunday service, please email me to coordinate the details. Come join us in making music together!  

Amy Laursen, Director of Music                                                                               

RE News
Calling all Storytellers and Performers!  

Do you have a talent? Do you love to tell stories? Do you enjoy scaring people or making them laugh? Can you dance? Can you sing? Is there a talent or skill you like to show off? We would love to showcase YOU in the first annual BUU Fest on  October 15

The BUU Fest Committee is seeking volunteers to tell stories in the amphitheater and performers to entertain guests on the "Paranormal Patio." The amphitheater will be decorated, a captive audience will be seated, eagerly awaiting a tale of fright or fun, and your story will delight them! The guests will be crowding onto the Paranormal Patio to hear your song, see your dance, play your game, or marvel at your unique talent. The BUU Fest is a great opportunity to show off and have fun doing it! And since I know UUCFM is simply bursting to the gills with deliciously talented folks just like  you, I'm sure there will be plenty of variety for all our guests to enjoy! Email me ASAP and let me know how you would like to show off!

Jenn Blosser, RE Director
Save the Date!
Celebration of Life for Jerry Blumenfeld

All are welcome to attend  Saturday October 1st at 2:00p  in our sanctuary for a celebration of life for Jerry Blumenfeld.
Herb Day Festival

UUCFM will be hosting the Herb Day Festival on  Saturday, October 1st , with the University of Florida, IFAS.  Please come and join us and bring a friend or neighbor.  We will also be signing people up for Holton Eco-Preserve Memberships and making garden beds available for the Bill Brewer Family Gardens.  We are looking for volunteers to help with this gala event!  Contact Peggy Eisenberg at .

Also, "friend" our  website.
Soulful Sundown

If you are a leader in our congregation- teacher, coordinator, committee chair, board member, come to this sacred time to nourish your own spiritual journey as you serve our faith and our congregation. Soulful sundown is a space dedicated to you leaders in the church who must nourish your inner lives in order to serve with joy and abundance. 

Soulful Sundown will be held  7-8 pm in Miller Sanctuary on these  Thursday evenings:

October 6
January 26
April 13
Holiday Bake Sale & Craft Fair

Our annual fund-raising Holiday Bake Sale & Craft Fair will be held on Dec. 4 and 11 from 11:30am to 1:00 pm.  UUCFM members may sell their crafts or baked goods for a good cause.  Please sign-up before November 27th.

Arts and Crafts 

Here are some suggested craft categories:

·         Jewelry & Leather Items

·         Knit Shawls & Scarves & Bed Sox & Hangar Pads & Hats

·         Paintings & Photography

·         Pottery

·         Stained Glass

·         Used Books & Records

·         Christmas Decor 

To participate please contact:  Pat Linhoff  e-mail or call 612-382-5927.

Specify  your art or craft, average price and amount of table space needed, which days you plan to participate, and brief name for your sign (i.e., Jewelry by Jennifer).  Also note what percentage you plan to donate to UUCFM.  You also can choose to donate your items -- all revenue going to UUCFM --  and not be present to sell them.  

Bake Sale 

Pies, cakes, cookies, and other treats are requested for the Bake Sale.  Some gluten-free and/or low fat items are also needed (label as such).  These goodies should be individually wrapped with a selling price on it.  All sales income will be donated to UUCFM.  You may take your goods to the Bake Sale Table before church service.  You may also volunteer to staff the table and collect sales money or to help set-up.  

To participate or volunteer please contact  Suzanne Ziemer e-mail: or call: 812-332-3450Specify what treats you are bringing, and on which date(s).  Also note what day you would like to volunteer.

UU Women's Retreat

7 th Annual Florida UU  Women’s Retreat

April 7 -9, 2017

DaySpring Episcopal Conference Center Ellenton, Florida

The retreat begins Friday at 5:00pm and ends Sunday at Noon.  DaySpring Conference Center is conveniently located off I-75 just  north of Sarasota on Florida’s West Coast. The beautiful campus  nestled under ancient oaks and located on a cove of the Manatee  River offers a serene setting for our annual retreat. Take a look- Dayspring

$220 per person covers expenses for a semi-private room and six  meals. 8 women share a cozy cottage with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, a screened porch and common area. A limited number of single  rooms are available at $292 each.

A non-refundable deposit of $15 for semi-private room or $25 for a  private room will reserve your place. Final payment is due January  15, 2017. Come join us for an enriching and memorable weekend.

To register contact Helen Leddy at
Our Classes & Groups
Mindfulness Meditation

Join us on Monday evenings to explore the very simple and satisfying practices of mindfulness and meditation.  You don’t need experience with meditation, nor do you have to be a Buddhist.  Do please bring an intention to quiet the mind and the body in a supportive group of UU members and friends with a similar intention - people who want to carry mindfulness into their daily lives.  We meet Mondays from 6:30-8:00p in the Sanctuary. If you have any questions, please contact Gary Robbins at
Optimal Living Group
The Optimal Living Group is open to all and does not require attending every session.  We meet in the Sanctuary on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 4:00-5:30p.  We discuss how to live optimally, including practical ways to cope with life's challenges and issues.  Helping others and developing maturity in ourselves is part of our quest.  We explore many paths and techniques for enriching our lives and making a difference for others.  For more information fill out a blue card found in the pews or email Neil at
Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist Group
The Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist Group meets every Sunday in Room 1 from  1:45-3:45p.  All are welcome to attend!   Join Mary Tracy Sigman and others for this well loved and well attended group. 
Women's Circle

We had a very fun program for our September meeting.  It was interesting to learn more about our congregants through their T-shirts!  Thanks to Joy Sokeitus for the great idea. We will be discussing some service projects that two of our members are involved in at the October meeting.

This month we will be making greeting cards.  We will be meeting at  5PM on  October 6 ( Thursday) in Hobart Hall. Please bring a bag lunch and something to drink if you don't want water, iced tea, or lemonade.  For those of you who can't get there right at 5, let me know and I will save a seat for you.  Most of the materials will be donated, however, if you feel moved to make a small donation, it woud be appreciated.  We do need a headcount so that we have sufficient materials.  Please e-mail either Jane Richey ( or Susan Forsyth ( if you will be attending. 

If you have photos that you wish to use on your cards, or any other personal arty items, feel free to bring them.  Feel free to e-mail Jane Richey it you have any questions.  
CUUPs Learning Circle

Earthways Shamanic Path Class  is conducted on the 1st Tuesdays of the month, from  7:00 PM to 8:30  PM.   We meet in classroom 4.  Whale Maiden conducts this class with a co-facilitator.  In these classes, we presents a topic about the Earthways Shamanic Path, and conduct a Shamanic Journey. We journey with drums and rattles.  Remember to bring a bandana or scarf to cover your eyes.  Water and a snack are a good idea, as is a notebook & pen.    Also bring a yoga mat and a blanket if you like to journey while laying down. The requested sliding scale donation for this class is  $7.00 to $25.00  per class.    This class is open to anyone over the age of 18. This class is sponsored by CUUPS of Fort Myers.

Earthways Journey with the Trees is a monthly class on the  2 nd  Saturday of each month from  9:30 AM to 11:30 AM This class is conducted outside.    We gather at the Pond by the Amphitheater of the UUCFM.  In this class, we work with one tree per month to learn what it is and what it’s spiritual gifts are for us.  We conduct a shamanic journey with the tree.  We do our journeys with drums and rattles. Remember to bring a bandana or scarf to cover your eyes.  Bring a folding chair, water bottle and snack. Also, bring a tree identification book if you have one.  Since we will be outside, you may want to bring bug repellent, sun hat, sun block (even a light-weight long sleeve shirt is a good idea).  Also, we will be near pollen and bees, so please take whatever personal precautions are right for you.  The requested sliding scale donation for this class, is $7.00 to $25.00 per class.  This class is open to anyone over the age of 18. This class is sponsored by CUUPS of Fort Myers.

CUUPS introductory class, "What is CUUPS, What is an earth-centered belief -- what is Paganism"   is conducted on the 3rd Wednesdays, from  7:00 PM to 8:30 PM  in classroom 4.  CUUPS is a group of people within the UU Church, who have Earth-Centered beliefs, or for people who might be interested in Pagan and Earth-Centered practices, rituals and beliefs. We are open to al l . Whale Maiden and other members of CUUPS facilitate this monthly class, where we cover : What is the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans?  What is paganism?  How was our CUUPS of Fort Myers chapter established?  What are some of the important contributions that CUUPS of Fort Myers members have made to the UUCFM?  What does CUUPS do? What's coming up in the CUUPS calendar? Donations are appreciated.

Contact Whale Maiden for information on these 3 classes.   
Weekly Activities
Community Wednesday

Join members and friends of our UUCFM community each Wednesday for a delicious meal prepared by Chef Joy for a small donation. After the fellowship and fine fare from 6:00- 6:45p, join your favorite programming event, committee meeting, or social activity. Child care is provided until 8:30p.
Activitie s for September:

4:00-5:30              Optimal Living Group (1st & 3rd Wed)

6:00-6:45              Community Meal

6:00-6:45              Band Rehearsal in Sanctuary

6:45-8:00              Choir Rehearsal in Sanctuary
 Tai Chi has finished for the season.  All are welcome to join us again in the fall on Thursdays at 10:00a in the Sanctuary.
Mah Jongg will resume in the fall.  We play on Friday afternoons. There is no charge and all are welcome!
Social Justice
The UUCFM Social Justice Committee is proud to host the first SWFL Pachamama Alliance Community event at our Church. It will be on  October 29th  from  10am-4 pm  and will include lunch. Donation of  $15 appreciated but not mandatory to attend.  The  Awakening the Dreamer Symposium is a life changing, globally connected and enlightening experience. We are totally excited to be part of this movement.  It ties in everything we are talking about in conversations in services and in many of our committees: racism, classism, Climate Change and Spirituality. The contributors are amazing people that are Evolutionary activists.  Registration is limited to 60 so plan ahead. 
Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice committee meets Sunday, October 2nd at noon here at UUCFM.  All are welcome to attend.
South Fort Myers Food Pantry

I am happy to say that the food donation we delivered to the South Fort Myers Food Pantry the last week of September was the best for the whole month.  Please try to remember to bring food donations every week if possible, even if it is just one can  We deliver to the pantry every week.  For those of you who don't know, we have collection baskets in the Narthex and in Hobart Hall next to the water cooler.  The pantry serves many families, but also serves an increasing number of individuals over sixty.  This group has more difficulty finding employment and often has more health issues than the younger population.  Our pantry is very important to them.  Any food you can donate will be appreciated.  Suggestions: canned meats and fish, spaghetti sauce, ravioli, Ramen noodles.  If you have questions email Fran Rose at

Holton Eco Preserve Happenings

Family Gardens update…

  • The majority of the garden beds were replenished with nutrient rich soil last week, and the remaining beds will be renewed this week! Just imagine all those veggies and edibles growing in the rich, brown soil – and ultimately all the fresh, organically grown produce that will follow. Honestly, it is almost magical to think about!  Do you remember as a child when the bean seed you planted started to grow? Magical… mystical… awe inspiring…
  • Ken Lewis will be acting as a part-time garden manager as of last week. His hours will be dependent on the needs of the community garden, but all of us who have been volunteering to keep the gardens in tiptop shape are THRILLED to have him onboard.
  • The corner gardens surrounding the garden beds are in various stages of being completed. If you have time, stroll down to the gardens and take a look. I hope you will find it interesting to see the changes that occur throughout the year!

Artists on the Holton Eco-Preserve!

Maintaining the UUCFM grounds and the Holton Eco-Preserve is a time consuming endeavor. Walt Ittenbach and the volunteer crew have made our campus a beautiful place to experience, enjoy, and visit. This week, a small group of artists requested permission to set up their easels on the grounds. They often paint in parks and preserves… They should be somewhere on the grounds on Friday morning. 

Upcoming Class

Bringing the Harvest into the Kitchen class on The Basics of Juicing

Just a heads up about one of the amazing classes we are offering this month!

Friday, October 14th, 10:00-11:30 am

The Basics of Juicing

Juicing can be a mysterious task, what ingredients do what (what to use for energy, what to use for losing weight? etc)? What ingredients can be used together so they taste good? And likewise, clean up can seem messy. Come see why it's worth the time and effort to begin juicing at home! 

Aaron Cagle has a culinary degree and five years of experience in upscale kitchens and bakeries, but his  ultimate goal is to become an ethnobotanist - he was known in Chicago as the 'plant whisperer' because of his knack for growing tropical spice plants and finding rare tropical edibles in. Now that he lives here in SW Florida he is managing a raw juice bar at Coconut Point Mall. 


Homes for the Holidays
This is who we are as congregants of UUCFM: loving, growing and serving. One way we love, grow and serve is by opening our homes to others in our congregation who may otherwise be alone for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. If your family is able to host one or more UUCFM friends for either of these holiday meals, please contact Leslie Gatto. Thank you!
My UU Story

The Journey We Take    by Jennifer Grant

For those of us who were not born Unitarian Universalist, there is a spiritual journey we take to find our faith. I was always a Unitarian Universalist.  I just didn’t know it!

Several pivotal events happened in my life to lead me to discover our wonderful UU faith.  I was raised Jewish.  My parents tried their best to make me a nice Jewish girl.  They would take me to Sunday school and I would cut class and hang out at the McDonalds.  I grew up in a non-Jewish environment and I always felt out of place in Sunday school classes, during services and especially in Hebrew class. 

One day I had to write a report for a Sunday school assignment.  I chose the subject of interfaith marriage.  I plagiarized the entire report because I did not take Sunday school seriously.  The teacher in the course made a comment that had a very profound impact on me.  She said, “Only Jewish people are worthy.”  Wow!  I lived in a very non-Jewish neighborhood and did not have many Jewish friends. I did not like to hear that all my friends were not worthy in the eyes of God.  I also had issues from a very young age with “God.”

The temple I went to as a child was a very ugly, old building.  It did not provide me with any feeling of spirituality.  Being on the West Side of Cleveland, we always got all the Rabbi Rejects.  The good rabbis would want to be on the more affluent part of town, the East Side.  So I never had a good relationship with any of the rabbis.

Many years passed and I was a young adult living in Maryland.  I became a roommate with a woman who was really cool – she was a blond, absolutely adorable, and drove a little red corvette.  After we lived together as roommates for several years she became a born again Christian.  Growing up Jewish, I could not see myself feeling comfortable in her large interfaith community.  I wanted to find what she had though – she was very happy in her religious community.

Then we were both invited to a wedding of a neighbor.  I was originally not going to attend the wedding because I wanted to go to an outdoor country music festival.  Well, I waited too long and the concert was sold out – so I went to the wedding.  The wedding was held at Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church.  It was absolutely the universe’s way of creating an opportunity to land in a Unitarian Universalist Church.  

The building manager made an announcement that if anyone wanted to talk to him after the service about the architecture of the building or the Unitarian Universalist faith, we should see him. I spoke with Ed for a long time and he invited me to attend my first church service.  

I absolutely fell in love!  I loved the building – it is in the round and there are floor to ceiling windows and the windows look out to a beautiful wooded area.  I loved the people who were very warm and welcoming.  During my first service the lay leader mentioned the Unitarian Universalist principles and he talked about the first one – The Inherent Worth and Dignity of all People!  I knew I was home!  

About My UU Story

Each month, the Membership Committee would like to publish your UU story- either converted or born UUs.  How did you become a UU or how did our religion affect your life?  Alternatively, do you have a one-paragraph remembrance of your first reaction to being in a UU church and/or learning about the religion?  To share your story, please contact Joy Sokeitous at   Joy will help you edit and she will provide questions to help you develop your story.   
Member to Member
Help Hilary Support Heights

Help Hilary Matheson check rappelling down 19 stories off her bucket list.  Her fundraiser, benefiting The Heights Foundation will take place 1:25p November 12th at The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village, Cape Coral FL 33914.   She hopes to raise a minimum of $1,500 to support The Heights Center’s School Success program for at risk children in the Harlem Heights neighborhood.  That is $79 for every floor she passes on her way down.

“Over The Edge gives [Hilary] the opportunity to make a positive impact in a community [close to where she lives] in exchange for the experience of [her] lifetime,” said Kathryn Kelly, President and CEO of The Heights Foundation. “The poverty rate for children in Harlem Heights is more than twice the county average.  The goal of our School Success program is to ensure our kids have the necessary support and tools to succeed in school.”

To donate: Tax ID 36-4736711
Post checks to: The Heights Foundation
15570 Hagie Drive
Fort Myers, FL33908
Put Hilary Matheson in the notes field. Or go online: 
Our Greater Community 
If you are a UUCFM Community Sharing Partner, a regular Facility User, or have UU related news to share, you are welcome to submit announcements for publication in our Greater Community section of the newsletter.  Please send announcements in by each Wednesday for publication in the Thursday E-news.  
Honoring Our Sacred Water

Sacred Water Ceremony
Saturday Oct 1, 9:00am-10:30 AM
Rotary Park, Cape Coral
~ with Holley Rauen and friends

All UUs invited. We gather to honor, bless and thank the Spirit of Water.   We send healing energy and thoughts to the water by singing songs, playing instruments, acknowledging the great gift that water is in our lives, and practicing the knowledge and wisdom that has been passed to us from Native American elders and from Dr. Masaru Emoto.  

We will make a beautiful Mandala with a Water vessel in the Center of a circle. We will charge Caloosahatchee River Water with our love and gratitude , and process to the river to pour it back after blessing with music, song and earnest intentions. 

Musicians are invited to participate!  Please contact Holley if would like to share your music or Dance.  

Sacred Water Tribes are forming all over the world to bless and give thanks to water and to pray for our waterways everywhere. We have begun to gather the first Saturday every month in concert with our sister Sacred Water Tribe in Delray Beach and the Women at Sacred Stones Camp at Standing Rock, North Dakota
Eckhart Tolle Class
Fall 2016 Spiritual Intensive Based on the Teachings of Eckhart Tolle,  Thursday evenings,  October 6 - November 10, in Naples.  

Contact Donna Carty
Tel:  239-784-7734
MOVIE: LOVING The  National Association of Black Journalists in Washington, DC and Shiree Woody are working to bring this exclusive screening to SWFL, which will air in select cities on  November 4, 2016.

We need your support by attending the screening.  We need to have a count, so we need to you to RSVP to the link below ASAP.  We need to have a strong showing.  Below are details and a synopsis about the movie.

From acclaimed writer/director Jeff Nichols, “Loving” celebrates the real-life courage and commitment of an interracial couple, Richard and Mildred Loving (Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga), who married and then spent the next nine years fighting for the right to live as a family in their hometown. Their civil rights case, Loving v. Virginia, went all the way to the Supreme Court, which in 1967 reaffirmed the very foundation of the right to marry – and their love story has become an inspiration to couples ever since.

RSVP to:   Be sure to include number of people attending and your names. Thank you.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers is pleased to offer a preventive health event.  Life Line Screening, a leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings, will host their affordable, non-invasive and painless health screenings on Friday, November 4, 2016.  Five screenings will be offered that scan for potential health problems related to: blocked arteries which is a leading cause of stroke; abdominal aortic aneurysms which can lead to a ruptured aorta; hardening of the arteries in the legs which is a strong predictor of heart disease; atrial fibrillation or irregular heart beat which is closely tied to stroke risk; and a bone density screening, for men and women, used to assess the risk of osteoporosis. Register for a Wellness Package which includes 4 vascular tests and osteoporosis screening from $149 ($139 with our member discount).  All five screenings take 60-90 minutes to complete.  In order to register for this event and to receive a $10 discount off any package priced above $129, please call 1-888-653-6450 or visit

The UUCFM Office has 2 COMPLIMENTARY certificates for the first two people who ask for them.  Please email if you would like one.

Oct 11 Roady Blosser is 13! 

Oct 11  Jeff Hutchinson

Oct 15  Ted Brown 

Oct 17   Holley Rauen 

Oct 18  Doc Gatto

Oct 18   Jane Petrarca 

Oct 21  Daniel St. Amour is 18!

Oct 23  Ruth Fotovat    

Oct 23  Ann Snell  

Oct 23   Gordon Woodworth III 

Oct 27  Sima Robbins

Oct 30  Peter Golbitz

 Oct 30  Jersey Blosser is 16!  

Oct 30  Sue Magee

Oct 31  Ken Boyd

Oct 31   Don Burget 

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