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Giving Thanks for Our Newly Enriched MDiv Program
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From President Ferlo

Everyone I speak to agrees on at least one thing: the political climate in the past several months has grown unusually toxic.

The coarsening of public language; the revelations of predatory sexual behavior; the continuing distortion of religious rhetoric; the hacking of private email accounts by a foreign power in an attempt to manipulate public opinion; the growing public mistrust of fact-based expertise and constitutional order, coupled with an even more troubling reliance on false claims and unsubstantiated rumor; the growing public tolerance, even embrace, of misogynistic and racist memes -- all of this has no precedent in any of our lifetimes.

We are experiencing a 21 st-century replay of the worst moments in the history of American public life, from the Alien and Sedition Acts to pro-slavery agitation to the Know-Nothing riots to the devastation of Jim Crow to the paranoia of the Red Scare. As we enter the final throes of this election cycle, pray for justice and mercy, and pray especially for those who seek the restoration of a morally acceptable level of civil discourse.
One of the joys for me of our move to Hyde Park/Woodlawn is a closer connection with two Episcopal communities long part of this neighborhood -- Brent House, the Episcopal chaplaincy of the University of Chicago, and St. Paul and the Redeemer Episcopal Church, where I now serve as priest associate. Peter Lane, our young and gifted rector, preached a powerful sermon this past Sunday based on the Lukan parable of Dives and Lazarus. Peter has graciously given me permission to share the text of that sermon with all of you. I will reflect on his words often as we approach Election Day, and suspect that, on reading them, you will do the same.
Giving Thanks for Our Newly Enriched MDiv Program  
Contextual throughout, unique field education model, and more 
As hoped for, on Sept. 27 the Illinois Board of Higher Education officially authorized Bexley Seabury's enhanced, low-residency Master of Divinity (MDiv.) program, previously accredited by the Association of Theological Schools. Please join us in a prayer of thanksgiving!
Unique approach to field education
2016 Commencement liturgy celebrating the achievements of our graduates
One distinctive enhancement to the Bexley Seabury MDiv. is the expansion of field education from a one- or two-semester program to a highly contextual five-semester internship. Communities of Learning and Formation, established in and with the MDiv. candidate's local ministry setting, provide a new model for collaborative teaching, learning, and formation in the field.
Enriched curriculum and new learning opportunities 
The new MDiv program also includes a module of congregational leadership and development courses previously reserved only for doctoral candidates. In addition to an opportunity to develop new skills and insights, these courses give MDiv students an opportunity to learn alongside DMin students, all highly experienced practitioners who bring to the classroom a wealth of lessons learned in a variety of ministry settings.

New MDiv program starts January 2017 -- referrals welcome!
Already, 12 students are expected to form the MDiv Class of 2019. If you know someone who is ready to begin seminary -- or anyone looking for a new start -- please send an email to Recruiter Jaime Briceno or phone Jaime at 773.380.7045. If you prefer, please ask the prospective student to contact Jaime directly. 
Considering a DMin in Preaching or Congregational Development?
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Plan a Study Week in January
Great options for you and your ministry team 

Congregational Systems: Jan. 9-13, 2017
Learn how principles of systems and organizational theory can lead to new possibilities for your congregation or organization. Emlyn Ott leads this highly praised course. More information

Making Mission Possible in Tough Times: Jan. 9-13, 2017
Learn new strategies and new tools for leading your congregation through periods of rapid change and uncertainty. Suzann Holding leads this valuable course. More information

Diversity and Context: Jan. 16-20, 2017
Take a week to increase your intercultural competency. A great course for to take with key team members, led by Eric Law. More information

The Art of Preaching: Jan. 23-27, 2017
Rethink your role as a preacher and how to tap a range of artistic disciplines to enliven sermons. Open to beginning, intermediate, and advanced preachers. Led by John Dally. More information
London in May? Act Quickly!
A second "Learning from London" opportunity for 2017  

How do they do it? How do weekly attendance numbers keep climbing in the Diocese of London, Church of England? And how can we do it, too?

If you're looking for ways to take your congregation to the next level, consider our "Learning from London: Mission and Evangelism in the 21st Century" travel course. This popular course immerses participants in the lively and varied church culture that continues to enliven congregations in one of the world's most vibrant cities.

Our January class is fully booked, so we've added a second class, May 20-26, 2017. However, the May class is filling quickly. Send an email to Jason Fout at your first opportunity if you might be interested.
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Your gift to the Annual Fund helps us form more leaders for ministry 

As we celebrate the good news of our newly enriched MDiv program being authorized by the State of Illinois, please pray for our students, faculty, staff, and our leadership. Please also consider a gift to our Annual Fund to support our continued work and the welfare of our students.

All of us at Bexley Seabury are determined to forge a new direction for theological education and formation, one that will make a lasting difference. With God's help, and yours, we can make a difference together.

Please consider making a contribution to Bexley Seabury. All gifts are welcome and help us increase scholarship support for our students.


On and Off Campus

Seniors Steve Lane (Diocese of Western New York)  and Lily Marx (Diocese of Western Michigan) represented Bexley Seabury at this year's Episcopal Evangelism Society Seminary Leadership Conference, held Sept. 22-24 at Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP) in Berkeley, Calif. 

With support from a Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program grant, Nancy Woodworth-Hill (Bexley Seabury '15) and Don Hill (Bexley Hall 1970) will travel to England and Europe to trace their faith journeys, which have Roman Catholic and Protestant roots. St. Paul's, Jefferson, where Nancy and Don are co-pastors, was one of 29 Indiana congregations recognized with a 2016 grant. 

Board of Directors
Director Gary Manning will lead the Diocese of Chicago Episcopal Men's Pre-Lenten Retreat Feb. 10-11 at DeKoven Center, Racine, Wis. More information

Staff and Faculty
Connecting and reconnecting...Recruiter and Digital Missioner Jaime BriceƱo joined the people of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee Oct. 7-8 as they gathered for their annual convention. The theme was especially apropos for Bexley Seabury: "From every family, language, people, and nation, a kingdom of priests to serve our God." Amen. Jaime met recently with Bishop of Northern Indiana Douglas Sparks (Seabury-Western '89, '93) and presented the bishop with details of our new MDiv program. 

Extra credit...Do you wonder about the imagery of the Jesus' death? Curious about the creative process of writing a book? Professor of Theology and Culture John Dally is presenting weekly webcasts this fall on The Writing of "The Death of the Beautiful Young Man: The Erotics of Redemption." Tune in live through Facebook Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. Central Time, or watch on your own schedule here.  

Time with ministry partners...Director of Formation and Field Education KJ Oh represented Bexley Seabury at the 2016 diocesan convention of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, Sept. 16-17. The focus of the convention was on issues of racial inequality and injustice, and how to begin a journey toward reconciliation.

In Memoriam
William "Bill" F. Davis, Jr. (Bexley Hall '50) died on Monday, October 3, at Autumnwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rittman, Ohio. He was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and served in the Bismark Archipelago Operation and in the Philippine Islands Campaign. Services were held at Milton Presbyterian Church on October 15. The full obituary can be found  here
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