October 17, 2016

Education Services Mission

The mission of the NUSD Education Services team is to collaborate with staff & community to create an innovative & equitable learning environment that promotes academic, social, & emotional growth for ALL students in order to prepare them to be college & career ready in the 21st century.

Educational Services Department provides service and support in the development, coordination, and ongoing evaluation of rigorous academic learning programs based on the California Content Standards/California Common Core Standards for students in grades TK-12 focused on equity and project based learning. We believe that effective professional development engages educators to focus on both their own learning that fosters personal and professional growth, as well as the needs of students. By utilizing research-based instructional program strategies and materials, teachers and support staff work to ensure that we provide both innovative and successful learning experiences for both teachers, classified staff and our students.

Educational Services is committed to supporting the Novato Unified School District’s mission... “to exemplify excellence in education by ensuring high quality, innovative instruction and equitable access to learning opportunities that inspire and prepare students to reach their utmost success…"

What we do:

  • provide the curriculum that our students learn

  • ensure rigorous and student-centered classroom instruction

  • support teachers in creating a technology-enabled practice

  • assist teachers in utilizing assessment data to inform instruction

  • train teachers and administrators

  • develop and monitor best instructional practices

  • innovate and improve learning systems and tools

  • assist in the  appropriate placement of students

  • support students experiencing difficulties

  • provide a safe and engaging learning environment

  • provide specialized academic instruction and related services to support the needs of diverse learners

  • support English Language Learners

  • assess and evaluate student learning outcomes to continuously improve instructional and service delivery

For more information about department services, please visit: http://nusd.org/departments/educational-services/ and for teaching & learning resources visit http://www.nusdteach.org/

Ivan Chaidez
Assistant Superintendent, Education Services

Coaches Corner

During the week of September 26th, eleven NUSD educators who teach students ranging from Pre-K to fifth grade participated in a  Project G.L.A.D.   (Guided Language Acquisition Design) Certification training. The district provides this training because the use of G.L.A.D strategies in the classroom enables ALL students to access high level vocabulary and content. The training was presented by Angela Kriesler, (Rancho Principal), and Laurie Campbell, (Elementary School Coach). Both are certified G.L.A.D. agency trainers.

The certification training provides over forty hours of professional development, which includes the research and theory of G.L.A.D., a comprehensive overview of over sixty strategies, classroom demonstrations, planning time, and individualized follow-up coaching.

The teachers agreed that seeing the strategies “in action” during the demonstration helped to solidify their understanding of G.L.A.D. During their planning/collaboration time, participants had the opportunity to browse the  www.nusdteach.org  website, along with the Project G.L.A.D.   Website for unit ideas.  All participants will receive follow-up coaching during the school year.
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