October 2016

Volume 19, Issue 3


Teaching peace has never been more important since we started back in 1997. Each day is a new beginning and peace can start with just one person.
Thank you to Indianapolis Public Schools for approving a new $108,000 contract that supports our One Indy Schools where we engage all students, teachers and as many parents as possible in social and emotional learning and restorative practices to improve schools in high needs neighborhoods.
While many schools are on fall break, others are busy taking field trips for fall programs at our center located in Eagle Creek Park.  This week we set a record program day with a group of 200+ 6th graders from Pike Township Lincoln Middle School.  They visited Peace Learning Center and visited our friends next door at the Earth Discovery Center - our nature center. Rotating in groups between our two buildings and a nature walk, students learned leadership and communication skills while experiencing the power of nature and ecology.
Indy Do Day was a great experience thanks to Angie's List employees and other volunteers who learned a few conflict resolution activities to do with youth and then had the opportunity to engage 2nd graders from Center for Inquiry IPS 70. Thank you Indianapolis Downtown Rotary for making Indy Do Day happen.
Our Community Programs partnership with IVY Tech hosted hundreds of faculty and students for diversity and inclusion learning and experiential education.
Keep building peace for a better world. It starts with you!

- Tim Nation, Executive Director


Angie's List is our Volunteer Organization of the Month. Angie's List members spent a full Friday working with youth from a local elementary school. After being trained in peace education lessons the volunteers mentored students as they went through rotations. The volunteers were welcoming and friendly. It was clear that they cared about the youth and were happy to be spending their time with them. Many of the volunteers said they couldn't wait to come back!

Angie's List, thank you for everything you have done for our organization. We are very grateful to have you on our team. 
As always, PLC volunteers are busy making a difference every day! Thanks to all of you who have helped support our mission to educate, inspire and empower people to build peaceful communities this past month.

To learn about other volunteer opportunities, contact Jay Horan or visit our website to complete an online volunteer application. 

Peace Learning Center:  A Board Member's Perspective
Peggy Desautels Meyer -

Serving on Peace Learning Center's Board of Directors is such an honor and absolute pleasure.  Indianapolis is blessed to have such an impactful resource that partners with families, schools, businesses, our police and city officials all in the name of peace.
I recently took advantage of the opportunity to participate in several of the training programs that PLC offers.
PLC's Director of Engagement, Jay Horan, facilitated the Volunteer, Facilitation and Curriculum training, which was, as inspired as it was fun!  Jay guided us through PLC's Team Building Skills, Leadership Skills and our HIPP  program; Help Increase Peace.
Kristina Hulvershorn, PLC's Youth Programs Director facilitated our Restorative Practice training. The tools provided in this powerful program are essential for us all f rom building relationships so they can withstand conflict to the conscious choice of "separating the doer from the deed."
Naeemah Jackson, PLC's Director of Family Programs, walked us through beautiful ways to bring parents and children together in mindful conversation.   Empowering the child, to find his/her voice to express feelings as well as to communicate what is wanted and needed.
I am beyond grateful for these and so many other programs that Peace Learning Center makes available to us all.


What: This training will provide a chance to review and sharpen restorative circle keeping skills and will prepare you to lead informal and formal conferences across settings. We will cover protocol, strategy, and tips to build your confidence and abilities to implement restorative practices in schools and other settings in need. Must have attended a level 1 training.

When:   Tuesday, November 15, 2016 from  9:30 a.m - 4:00 p.m.

Where: Peace Learning Center
6040 DeLong Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254

A park pass will be sent to you upon registration in order that you may enter Eagle Creek Park without paying the gate fee. Please plan on bringing your lunch.

To register click here.