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October 2016

Local Business News
SA company not ready to give up River Walk boat business without a battle

Rio San Antonio Cruises , which has had the contract to operate the city of San Antonio's river boat concession for roughly 14 years, is expected to make a play to retain that business. That's a big shift from earlier this year, when the company's majority owner  JoAnn Boone  said it might pass on a new pact over serious reservations about the prospect of operating a new fleet of boats built and owned by someone else.

Demand for space pushes EastGroup to start digging for industrial park's second phase

Construction on the first two buildings began on a speculative basis, and the first was already leased before work was completed.

When EastGroup Properties Inc. broke ground on the first phase of its Einsenhauer Point industrial development this year, shovels hit the dirt on a completely speculative basis.

Lyft files lawsuit against city, Texas Attorney General to block release of records in SA

Lyft Inc., a ride-hailing mobile app company that connects riders with drivers in the San Antonio market under a pilot program,  filed a lawsuit against the city of San Antonio  and the Texas Attorney's General office recently in an attempt to block public records from being released to the San Antonio Business Journal.

17 Navy SEAL principles that every salesperson should practice

There's probably no tougher military training than the U.S. Navy SEAL program. I say this despite the fact that my son served in the U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division.

Even if you don't plan on parachuting out of a plane into battle or busting through the doors of an enemy compound anytime soon, there's a lot you can learn from these elite warriors.

Below is the critical Navy SEAL guide to extraordinary success and achievement. Using key advice from this elite force, I'm going to apply these principles to sales. Learn their lessons, follow their lead, and you'll find you're more likely to succeed in your sales career.
This information is based in part on " Navy Seal Training Guide: Mental Toughness" by  Lars Draeger.

1. Develop mental strength
Yes, many potential clients and customers are going to say "no." And there will be times when "no sale goes unpunished." These are the times to tap into and develop your mental strength. There are four pillars of mental strength: They are goal-setting, mental visualization, positive self-talk, and energy (arousal) control.

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Whenever you FALL... Pick something up.

           - Oswald Avery


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