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This time of year we are very busy performing many different services to maintain and improve our customers’ properties.  We are taking a few minutes to let you know the services we will be performing in the coming weeks, to keep you informed.   We also want to make you aware of what is trending this year.  We are starting to feature pictures of some of our clients' properties, so please let us know if you are interested in showcasing your property.
Right Now

Fall is here.  The days are growing shorter, it is cooling off and we are getting some much needed rain (almost too much).  We are wrapping up aeration and seeding, and the rain has really helped with germination and growth of your new grass.  You will see us weekly through October; weather permitting, to provide mowing, weeding and pruning, to keep your property looking its best.  Typically grass and plants stop growing in late October or early November because of cool temperatures, and this is a transition time for the services we provide.  

Lawn care
Coming up

As mowing season comes to a close we will transition services in early November to finish pruning, and providing leaf removal.  We will make sure all of you plants are pruned and looking their best going into the winter.  For our customers with leaf removal services, we will complete a full leaf removal before Thanksgiving and another one or two services before Christmas, with the goal of having your property clean before the two holidays.  If you have any special requirements during this time please let us know. 

Unless you have winter visits included, you will not see us regularly during the winter months.  If you would like to see us visit your property regularly through the winter, please contact the office to discuss adding this service to your contract.

Seasonal Services
Team Member Spotlight

We’d like to introduce you to our new Operations Manager, George Mauck.  George worked with Integrity Landscaping previously, then left for a few years to gain additional experience with a few other well respected landscaping companies where he grew and learned a lot about the industry.  We’re excited to have him back to make some positive changes for our Clients and Company.

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Until Next Time
Our Goal is to stand behind our name, "Integrity Landscaping Solutions," by treating our clients with integrity and providing you excellent landscaping service.  In order to better serve our clients we will be sending out periodic surveys to ask for your feedback on our performance.  Please don't wait until then to tell us if you have a problem, a suggestion or a compliment to share.  You may contact us at anytime by email, through our website or by calling our office at 804-798-0048.  We look forward to serving you!

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