October 2016
Rigging News
Delta Hurst, TX branch hosts Crosby Seminar & Shrimp Boil

Delta Rigging & Tool's Hurst, TX branch is hosting a Crosby Sling & Rigging seminar, Shrimp Boil, and Crosby Rigging Tools session on November 2, 2016.  Please join us for a full day of great rigging training and food.   Full schedule and how to register can be found here.  Can't make every event? Just register for what you can attend!
Slingmax® SYN-Glide Film reduces sling friction
Syn-Glide Film is the only material available on the market today that reduces 70% of the cover friction by allowing the cover to glide over itself or a piece of rigging hardware.  
Many Benefits from More Features:
  • Decrease cost of job
  • Eliminate large shackles & hardware
  • Increase Job Safety
  • Increase Job Speed
  • Significantly reduce the need for sling repair
  Click here for a catalog page for specifications. 
2017 Delta Wall Calendars Available
2017 is right around the corner! Get prepared now with our Delta Rigging & Tools 15 Month Calendar. They measure 27" Wide x 40" tall and start in October 2016.
Make room on your wall for one today!

National Guard Wire Rope Sling Project
Not every day that the National Guard shows up at the Delta Rigging & Tools Broussard location.  Above is a photo of the truck loaded down with 500 - 1/2" x 20' galvanized slings that will be used by the National Guard to drop sand bags.  Great job to our Broussard location!

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