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Feature Article: Why The Hell Are You Surveying So Cheap?
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Monthly USofAZ Meeting
This month's meeting was
Friday, October 14
at Bowman Consulting.

In addition to regular business, Jeremy Grogan was with us to lead an FAA/UAS round-table.

Missed this meeting?

Join us next month, in person or via conference call, for a FUN and informative meeting!  

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WTH: Why The Hell Are You Surveying So Cheap?
J. Keith Maxwell Civil Engineer | Land Surveyor | Expert Witness

Dear Mr. Cheap Surveyor,

I just got off the phone with one of your newest property survey clients. Evidently he called me because he thought your price was too high. I didn’t know that till I spent an hour measuring and figuring and estimating what it would take to do the job. I talked to my field surveyor and got him to look at it with me. It’s 53 acres of recently cut-over woods, with a creek along one side (1600 LF), a dirt road on one side (2200 LF) and 3800 LF of woods lines. (See the picture above.) And, the site is two hours from my field guy’s office.

Not knowing that he had talked to anyone else prior to calling me (had I known I couldn’t even have talked to him legally because of QBS) I gave him my best price of $4,100 to $4,600. He let out a yelp. “Wooo, I thought the other guy was high and he quoted about half that.” I laughed out loud. “You’ve got to be kidding me” I said.

Help us support the Remonumentation Project for the AZ, NV, UT border!
USofAZ will be a part of this very significant endeavor for our profession.

I nterested in participating?
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All images should be submitted to Megan Groh at
Deadline is November 20, 2016
2017 USofAZ Calendar
USofAZ is now accepting images for our  2017 Calendar.  Send us something creative!  It can be:
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  • A cartoon

It will be assumed that USofAZ has permission to use any image submitted for the calendar.  (This means if it is not your original, please give credit where it is due!)

Saturday, October 8th, USofAZ headed South to Tucson to visit a few breweries.  A great time was had by all.  
Special thanks to Steve McClain for helping organize the event.

Future Activities
November:  Top Golf 
January:  Escape the Room

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Stop #2 Pueblo Vida
Pictured: Mike Banta, Kent Groh, Steve McClain & Guest, Nate Gardner & Guest 
Photo credit: Tom Granillo
USofAZ Weekly NFL 'Pick-Em' Challenge
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The Current Cumulative Winner:
Ryan Kelly, Vertical Mapping

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