October 2017 - - 1823/2 & 1827 Quarters Offered  
October 14, 2017
Outstanding Newps
I am thrilled to announce that I am now offering an 1823/2 quarter and an 1827 Original quarter!  Both have the ultimate pedigree - - Eliasberg!  The 1823/2 quarter is a PCGS VG-8 and is #18 in Steve Tompkins' excellent book, " Early United States Quarters 1796 - 1838". 
The 1827 Original quarter is the ONLY CIRCULATED EXAMPLE of this rare Federal issue which has only NINE known coins.  The 1827 will be auctioned.  The auction rules are included in the website description of the coin, but the salient points are:  Minimum bid is $110,000.  Minimum bid increment is $2,000.  All bids must be in whole thousands, bids not in whole thousands will be reduced to the nearest whole thousand.  All bids must be communicated to me by either email or phone and subsequently confirmed by email.  I will post the SECOND HIGHEST BID on the website.  Bidding will start on October 12 and will end at 5 pm Eastern time on Saturday, November 4, 2017. There is NO BUYER'S FEE and PAYMENT MUST BE COMPLETED BY DECEMBER 1, 2017. 

Thank you to researchers Steve Tompkins and Karl Moulton for their research into the pedigrees for the 1823/2 and 1827 Original quarters, reprinted with permission.
And, now for the Newps
Obviously, our two best newps are the 1823/2 quarter and the 1827 Original quarter.  However, we also have some other great newps, including business strike half dimes of 1864, 1865 (3 coins), and 1867; business strike dimes of 1863, 1864 (2 coins), 1866 and 1867, an 1818 B-9 quarter with the arrows clash, an 1825 B-3 quarter with the late die state of the cud, Seated quarters of 1852-O, 1853 No Arrows, and 1860-S; half dollars of 1802, 1841-O baseball reverse, 1842 small date with cud at TAT, 1865 doubled date, and 1887.  How about that!

1827 Quarter PCGS PR-20

1823_2 Quarter PCGS VG-8

Please contact me at (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell), or email me at
richuhrichcoins@comcast.net and let me know the coin(s) you want.

Seated Half Dimes 1864 PCGS MS-63 business strike OGH 1,795
Seated Half Dimes 1865 NGC MS-65 business strike 2,350
Seated Half Dimes 1865 PCGS MS-62 business strike OGH 1,450
Seated Half Dimes 1865 PCGS EF-45 business strike 1,650
Seated Half Dimes 1867 PCGS MS-63 business strike OGH 2,100
Bust Dimes 1802 PCGS VG-10 3,000
Seated Dimes 1841-o Closed Buds, small o, VG-10, obv. nick 1,100
Seated Dimes 1863 PCGS VF-25 business strike 2,050
Seated Dimes 1864 PCGS MS-64 CAC business strike 3,400
Seated Dimes 1864 PCGS AU-58 business strike 2,850
Seated Dimes 1865-S PCGS Gen., scratch, Fine details 225
Seated Dimes 1866 PCGS VF-35 business strike 2,500
Seated Dimes 1867 PCGS AU-50 business strike 2,600
Bust Quarters 1818 B-9 w/clash NGC F-15 4,500
Bust Quarters 1823/2 PCGS VG-8 56,000
Bust Quarters 1825 B-2 with E counterstamp NGC AU-50 3,250
Bust Quarters 1825 B-3 PCGS G-4 terminal cud @ UNITED 1,350
Bust Quarters 1827/3 B-1 Original PCGS PR-20 Eliasberg  
  Being auctioned with bidding starting at: 110,000
Seated Quarters 1852-O PCGS F-12 875
Seated Quarters 1853 No Arrows PCGS F-12 2,250
Seated Quarters 1856-S/s ANACS VG-8 cleaned 525
Seated Quarters 1860-S PCGS VG-10 2,300
Bust Halves 1802 PCGS F-15 3,000
Seated Halves 1840-O PCGS Gen., altered surf., AU details 360
Seated Halves 1841-O PCGS VF-25 "Baseball" die crack rev. 2,350
Seated Halves 1842 Small Date PCGS AU-55 Cud over TAT 795
Seated Halves 1865 RPD FS-301 PCGS VF-30 750
Seated Halves 1887 PCGS VF-35 1,250
Upcoming Events
My next show is the Baltimore show November 9 - 11, 2017.  I will be at the show on the 9th and most of the 10th, but I will not have a table.  If there are any coins in my inventory that you want to see in Baltimore, please contact me a few days before the show.  To contact me at the show, please call me at 717-579-8238 or text me.  I look forward to seeing you at the show!
                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich
Probable Scam - - Don't Fall For This One
The other day I received an email entitled "For Your Information" addressed to "Numismatic Dealers".  The text of the email stated "Please find attachment for your reference.  Regards."  It wasn't signed by anyone and it was sent from a secured (i.e., hidden) address.
In summary, this is an email I'm not expecting, issued by someone with a secret identity, unsigned, with an unknown attachment.  My guess is that the "attachment" takes over your computer or gives it a virus, and you have to pay some ransom in order to get your computer back. Readers, please don't fall for this kind of probable scam!
                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich
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