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Chest and Breast Pain
Chest pain is not something to be taken lightly, as many times it can be a precursor to something more serious like a heart attack. Therefore it is always recommended that a person suffering from chest pain be checked out by a medical doctor, especially when that pain appears out of nowhere.

Chest and/or breast pain can be an indication of many other problems too. For instance, anxiety, grief, depression, poor diet, external factors like a cold, accumulation of breast milk or even fatigue can all be factors when a person is experiencing chest and/or breast pain.

As long as the chest/breast pain is not cardiac related, Traditional Chinese Medicine can be a helpful tool for treating the pain. Acupuncture is one of the modalities used by TCM practitioners to help alleviate pain. Acupuncture helps the body heal itself by releasing endorphins, which are natural painkillers. 

Acupuncture also helps to dislodge or drain areas of stagnation commonly associated with pain. Think of a cyst. This is a type of stagnation in TCM. Acupuncture can help break up these areas of stagnation and restore proper flow of both blood and lymph to the affected areas.

Chest and/or breast pain can involve many different organs and energetic pathways. The heart, lungs and stomach can all be affected. Therefore, the TCM practitioner must be able to determine the proper diagnosis before treating each patient.

Chest colds are treated much differently than a person suffering from chronic grief over the loss of a loved one. Since chest pain can be a result of an excess condition or a deficiency, the treatments will be very different. The TCM practitioner may suggest certain foods,exercises or overall lifestyle changes that will help the patient heal over time. 

Food & Lifestyle Suggestions 
for  Chest and/or Breast Pain
Food Suggestions

Ginger - This slightly spicy root has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can help soothe an upset stomach that may be causing chest pain and acid reflux.

Cucumber - Cooling and draining in nature, this food helps to cleanse the lungs of mucus and phlegm, which can help relieve chest congestion and pain.

Kale - Full of vitamins, this leafy vegetable can cleanse the body of toxins that may be causing pain.
Melons - Due to the cooling nature of most melons, they are great for draining excess heat in the chest area.

Lifestyle Suggestions

Excessive stress, anxiety and worry are all contributors to chest/breast pain. One way to combat these negative emotions is through the use of meditation. Meditation can be very beneficial when practiced regularly.

Avoiding the excessive consumption of dairy products, sweets, greasy foods, deep-fried foods, spicy foods and alcohol can also help greatly in the prevention of chest pain and breast pain.

Lastly, doing regular chest opening type stretches will help prevent and decrease any pectoral pain and re-establish proper blood flow into the area. 

Meridian Exercise for Anxiety

Hurricane Irma sure brought us a lots of anxiety, to relax and unwind you can do the following meridian exercise.
The Forward Bend exercise helps a distracted mind unwind.

1. Sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front of you. Keep our knees slightly bent, do not lock them. If this causes any discomfort, you can sit on a folded blanket and bend your knees slightly out to the side.

2. With chin slightly tucked, slowly stretch forward, reaching your hands toward your toes. If you cannot touch your toes, reach for your knees, shins or ankles. Relax your head.

3. As you breathe in, focus your breath along your back and spine. Expanding outwards with each inhalation, and imagining that you are expanding your back like a big balloon. As you exhale, allow your body to relax deeper into the stretch.
(See image below)

4. Hold this position for a few breaths.

The information contained within the  newsletter is only used to educate and inform. This newsletter is  not a substitute for the advice of a licensed and registered health  care provider. Seek prompt attention for emergencies. Consult  a health care provider for specific health concerns, and before  starting a diet, cleanse or exercise routine.
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Acupressure Points
Acupressure Points
Rubbing acupuncture points with your finger for 30 - 60 seconds can stimulate and promote the circulation of Qi within your own body, restoring health and well-being.
Heart 7 (HT7):
 Located on the outer side of the wrist crease, in the depression between the two tendons. This point is indicated for all heart diseases and syndromes, heart palpitations and angina pectoris. It is also indicated for emotional and psychological issues sometimes associated with chest pain.

Pericardium 7 (PC7):
 Located in the middle of the wrist crease between the two tendons. This point is extremely useful for treating angina pectoris aka chest pain. This point is also good for treating gastric pain, which can contribute to chest pain.

Conception Vessel 17 (CV17):  

This point is located in the middle of the chest, directly between the nipples. This point is used to treat pectoral muscle pain, coughs caused by chest congestion and mastitis.

Liver 3 (LV3):  

Located on the top of the foot, in the depression where the big toe and second toe meet. This points calms emotions, soothes digestive issues and also regulates palpitations of the heart. 

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