Issue No. 98  October 2017
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James Dimmock shoots the Gallery for Star Trek: Discovery

NYC based photographer, James Dimmock, was in Toronto a while back to shoot the Gallery Advertising for the new TV show  'Star Trek: Discovery'. He not only shot one poster, but more than ten posters. Check out all of them at the links below.
Star Trek: Discovery airs Sundays at 8pm on Space in Canada, and on CBS All Access in the US.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Special FX, Production Rentals, Expendables, Truck Services
Caitlin Cronenberg shoots Variety Magazine editorial on the cast of Star Trek: Discovery

Caitlin Cronenberg, based in Toronto, shot an editorial on the cast of 'Star Trek: Discovery', for Variety Magazine. Check out more of her great shots at the links below.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Lighting, Grip and Truck Services

Arkan Zakharov shoots for Marshalls Canada

Toronto photographer Arkan Zakharov shot the fall campaign for Marshalls Canada.  Produced by Tristan Tran Productions.

S1 Supplied: Camera, Lighting, Grip, Production Rentals, Expendables and Truck Services

Gabor Jurina shoots the Fall Lookbook for Bayview Village

LA (ex TO) Fashion photographer Gabor Jurina shot the Fall Lookbook for Bayview Village Shopping Centre. Check it out below.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Production Rentals and Truck Services

Caitlin Cronenberg shoots Editorial on 'Alias Grace' TV show Cast for Zoomer Magazine

Caitlin Cronenberg shot an editorial of the new TV show 'Alias Grace' for the cover, and inside story for Zoomer Magazine. It features the women behind the 6-part mini-series Alias Grace. The mini-series is currently airing on the CBC in Canada on Mondays at 9pm, and will be released internationally on Netflix on November 3rd.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Camera Support, Lighting Grip, Production Rentals, Expendables and Truck Services
Samuel Engelking shoots the women of 'Alias Grace' for NOW

Toronto photographer Samuel Engelking shot the women of Alias Grace, Sarah Polley's mini-series adaptation of the novel by Margaret Atwood. Along with Sarah Polley and Margaret Atwood, he shot the director Mary Harron, the executive producer Noreen Halpern, and the star Sarah Gadon.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Props and Truck Services

Expert Advice: Releases and Permits

Three of the most important pieces of that paperwork puzzle are model releases, property releases, and permits. No matter how big or small a production is, proper documentation is essential to not only obtain formal permission to shoot in a specific place, but to also ensure your ability to make use of the images you capture that feature people and certain locations for a commercial project.

Expert Advice: Hiring Crew for Photo Shoots

As a photographer, your crew is a group of hand-selected individuals who will help you with aspects of your shoot you cannot do yourself. Your crew can range anywhere from one to more than twenty people.
There's no secret formula for sourcing the perfect crew, but you do need access to the right information and resources to get the ball rolling.

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New Massive ARRI SkyPanel S360-C and Wireless SkyLink

Arri has announced the new ARRI S360-C, which  is twice as bright as a 4000w tungsten soft light or three times as bright as a 12,000w tungsten space light. The surface area of the S360-C is over 5.8 times larger than the S60 and produces beautiful soft light in a wide 105º beam angle.
Built into every S360-C, the CMRX chip allows for DMX and RDM communication without the hassle of cables and distribution equipment. Simply link a compatible LumenRadio transmitter to the S360-C and you're good to go.

GoPro Plunges Deeper into VR Market with Fusion and New Hero 6

Filmmakers have been rigging up multiple GoPros to shoot virtual reality films for years now, but GoPro has been making a more concerted effort to build a more elegant solution. The result is the forthcoming Fusion, which boasts a pair of cameras capable of filming 5.2K resolution spherical videos at 30p with no stitching required.
GoPro is also updating its flagship action camera. The new Hero 6 records 4K video at up to 60p, 2.7K at 120p and 1080 video at 240p. GoPro improved the electronic image stabilization in the camera, stabilizing across six axes vs. four on the Hero 5.

World's Largest Cinema Chain, AMC, Leads $30M Investment to Bring VR to Movie Theaters

AMC Theaters, the largest cinema chain worldwide, and largest in the United States, has announced a strategic investment in Dreamscape Immersive, a firm developing multi-user out-of-home VR attractions. AMC is leading a $20 million investment in the company-aimed at rolling out a number of VR attractions both inside and outside of AMC theaters-and is committing $10 million to a fund to generate bespoke VR content for the facilities.

Apple Acquires AI Tech That Can See a Photo's Aethetics

Apple has quietly acquired a new French technology startup,  Regaind , which specializes in AI and computer vision for analyzing photos. Apple's Photos app is already able to search through images using keywords like "dog" or "tree" and pull out the relevant images, but this acquisition may indicate further AI developments for the app. The technology is able to assess a photo's "technical and aesthetical values" - things like aesthetics, sharpness, and exposure - rather than just determining the subject matter that's featured in each image.

Seagate Introduces a 12TB Single 3.5" Hard Drive

Seagate has increased the capacity in its IronWolf, IronWolf Pro and BarraCuda Pro hard drives up to a whopping 12TB.  The Barracuda Pro delivers 7200-RPM spin speed along with sustained data rates up to 250MB/s and burst data rates of 6Gb/s and is marketed toward creative pros and gamers.

EPICOLOR Uses Artificial Intelligence to Grade Your Footage Automatically

EPICOLOR uses artificial intelligence to manipulate your raw footage into a more pleasing, broadcast legal, final image. To be clear, your computer is likely not powerful enough to run an artificial intelligence engine itself, and definitely can't do so within a plugin. What EPICOLOR is referring to when they say artificial intelligence is that AI was part of the engineering done to create the process that can be run within a plugin.

LED Dimmer (250W Max)

With the rise in LED lighting, specific dimmers for LED lights are needed to attain low output. These LED dimmers will go from 0% to 100% power with no cut off. Each dimmer can power up to 250W of LED lighting. Great when using the Quasar LED Crossfade lamps! ( you can use up to 6 x 4ft LED Crossfade Tubes on one dimmer).

NEW 15" MacBook Pro with TouchBar kit

We have added the new 15" MacBook Pro with TouchBar to our Rental department. With 16Gb RAM, 1TB SSD storage & 4Gb dedicated graphics this thing is blazing fast! Includes USB-C to USB dongles & USB-C to Thunderbolt 2 dongles for legacy connectivity.

MORE HyperJuice 2 Batteries

We've added more of these batteries to Rentals as their size and ability to be taken on a plane have made them quite popular. New kits now include a HyperJuice to USB-C adapter & a USB-C cable to work with the latest MacBook Pro laptops.

WiFi HotSpot

NEW WiFi HotSpots in rentals, 3x a fast as previous WiFi HotSpots. Get your production online! Includes 2Gb of use per day. It can be run on battery or plugged into a computer or wall charger. Simple and easy, and able to move a lot of Data, and you don't use up your personal data on your phone!

ARRI SkyPanel V-Mount Battery Plate

Looking to run a SkyPanel on battery for a shot? These V-mount plates plug into the 18-36V DC outlet on the SkyPanel and allow just that! Tested with our DynaCore 26V 230Wh batteries, it will run a SkyPanel S60 for about 55 minutes @ 5500K full power. The handy mount clamps to any size stand.

SquareBounce Collapsible Lighting Reflector

Improving on the traditional reflector, the SquareBounce is a cross between a portable, reversible bounce board and umbrella. Hold it with the stem to track talent or mount it directly into a grip stand! Made of Neoprene, hold it overhead if it starts to rain. Available in White/Black and White/Silver.

American Grip Roadrunner 220 Crank Stand

Need to light with an M40, M90 or maybe a Sufa 800? This heavy duty crank stand can take up to a 220lb payload 11' 3" high. With a minimum height of 4'2", you can get a range of height for heavy lights.

American Grip Boa 220 Crank Stand

Though this stand may look cute and be the baby of the line of 220 Crank Stands, it can still lift a payload up to 220lbs. With the minimum hight of 41", lifting large lights onto this stand is easy. When you don't need to go high, the max 6' height of the Boa can be just what works.

Doorway Dolly Track Wheels (9" V-Grooved)

Another option for the tried and true doorway dolly, these track wheels fit directly onto the dolly where the standard wheels go. They allow you to roll on and off the track, and keep the platform of the dolly closer to the ground.

Fly By Night on Vimeo

FLY BY NIGHT follows artist Duke Riley as he embarks on his biggest project to date -- training thousands of pigeons outfitted with tiny LEDs to twirl, swoop, and glide over the East River at dusk from a decommissioned naval vessel in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Commissioned by the public arts nonprofit Creative Time, the visually mesmerizing project received acclaim from the art world and the thousands of New Yorkers who witnessed the performances during the spring of 2016.

Advanced Astrophotography Shutter Time Calculator

This calculator goes beyond the basic "500 Rule" to determine the best shutter time for non-tracked astrophotography on a fixed tripod. Rather than just focal length, this calculator also factors in the effects of sensor pixel density, declination and allows for an adjustable tolerance for star trailing. Input your camera parameters and the calculator will output a recommended shutter time that minimizes star trailing depending on where you're pointing your camera in the sky.

Some drone news that includes a new ban on flying drones over the Statue of Liberty and nine other U.S. landmarks and a new legal ruling determining that Federal Aviation Administration drone rules take precedence over state and local laws. There's also an interactive map that will show you drone laws around the world. And there is DJI's new "privacy mode" for flying drones offline.